WHAT'S NEXT?! New Garage and New Shmeemobiles


Three new cars and a new garage, there's lots on the horizon to update you about! Back at home, there are many exciting things coming up including the Shmuseum, which will be coming soon on a brand new dedicated channel: nolocal.info
To use the time productively, I've been preparing a lot of the items I'm going to be showcasing at the garage including my fast growing LEGO and model car collections; the latter of which features 1:18 scale replica models of nearly all the Shmeemobiles and cars I've owned to date. You could certainly say it's very nerdy, but it's taken a lot of time building up over the years and is a very personal memory of each car that I've owned since my very first; a Renault Clio about 15 years ago.
I've traveled to the UK in line with the current regulations which require a test before travel, arriving and going immediately into isolation at home with tests on day 2 and day 8, with the option day 5 Test to Release. Fortunately all are negative so normal content resumes imminently, but in the meantime I wanted to make the most of the enforced time at home.
With both works on the garage fully underway, the coming weeks will include a number of new additions to the garage; with the arrival of the new BMW M3 Competition of course but a surprise addition will be touching down first! In theory the AMG GT Black Series will also follow soon but I'm still waiting for news about that.
My new The Shmuseum channel is going to bring you behind the scenes of the development of the garage, as well as the ongoing stories that take place within from myself and the team. We've got some big plans and really excited to bring you along for the journey: nolocal.info
Our Close Friends subscription on Instagram will also continue (as it does now) to bring you a first look at new additions to the garage, exclusive behind the scenes content, giveaways, private Q&As and more. Next up will be a giveaway of one of my LEGO Technic Senna GTR kits! Found out more here: www.soclose.me/cf/shmee150
As always, the latest designs and merch can be found in the Cheers by Shmee150 shop: cheers.shmee150.com
A thanks also goes to @noahl.lego for the help to design and build a bespoke Shmeemobile G63 LEGO MOC! noahl.lego
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:20 LEGO and Display Items
03:15 Model Cars
09:16 Organising
09:57 Shmuseum Plans
13:22 3 New Shmeemobiles
14:44 Wrap Up
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    It's finally time for The Shmuseum to become reality! Subscribe to nolocal.info to catch all the behind the scenes of the build and upcoming antics as it comes together very, very soon

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    Thinnesh Muniandy21 dag siden

    Shmee looks good with some moustache and beard. Thats for sure.

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