WHAT WE EAT IN A DAY *couples edition*

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  • Emily Leshe
    Emily Leshe33 minutter siden

    How do y’all eat standing up without getting the hiccups?

  • Apple Seed
    Apple Seed49 minutter siden

    I'm so appreciative with how descriptive she is with her instructions and why she does certain things It gives me such an understanding of why the process is the way it is when she was cooking

  • hellokittylover
    hellokittylover4 timer siden

    they’re so cute omg

  • Kiara Rivas
    Kiara Rivas6 timer siden

    Omg y’all so cute ahhhhhh

  • Ana López
    Ana López8 timer siden

    Claudia in one day: eats healthy, has a healthy relationship, has a job, literally saves te world (your know, normal stuff) Me in one day: *cries*

  • maddy yie
    maddy yie9 timer siden

    put vegan mayo on the bread instead of butter! it crisps up so much nicer

  • Deeter
    Deeter10 timer siden

    i don't wanna be in a relationship if it ain't like this

  • TheGanjaGroove
    TheGanjaGroove10 timer siden

    That's alottttt of sugar first thing in the morning! Looks yummy though.

  • Ola Szmajkowska
    Ola Szmajkowska10 timer siden

    Are you polish? 😳🤠

  • Nehal Tiwari
    Nehal Tiwari16 timer siden

    Is it normal for Americans to have everything from packet? like chopped garlic? or is it a common trend among new younger couples? what is it?

  • Lauren Beaudoin
    Lauren Beaudoin18 timer siden

    I love you two together 💗 it's beautiful 💕

  • adriana barry
    adriana barry18 timer siden


  • adriana barry
    adriana barry18 timer siden

    Claudia, Finneas and Billie = THE BEST FRIENDSHIP EVER

  • adriana barry
    adriana barry18 timer siden

    Finneas: 'burps' Claudia: Thank you

  • adriana barry
    adriana barry18 timer siden

    you gotta admit, Claudia's editing is THE BESTT

  • Adsız
    Adsız19 timer siden

    You should sit down be humble

  • Aaron Bynum
    Aaron Bynum19 timer siden

    This is the goal honestly

  • Molly Rose
    Molly Rose19 timer siden

    no one: claudia: M A S H B A L L S

  • B i l l i e i l i s h
    B i l l i e i l i s h19 timer siden

    If they don’t have a baby in the end of the year

  • Danya
    Danya21 time siden

    um gonna use the trick at 3:27 from now on

  • Sawyer
    Sawyer22 timer siden

    How old is she now because she still looks 19 😩

  • Tahnée Chung-Lawrence
    Tahnée Chung-Lawrence23 timer siden


  • dootsey
    dootseyDag siden

    Rao's pasta sauce is some of the best i've ever had. It's definitely a treat sauce.

  • flipwarrior
    flipwarriorDag siden

    Your father really loves you!

  • Batubuaya Family
    Batubuaya FamilyDag siden

    Tetap semangat dan utamakan kesehatan semuanya 😇🙏🏻 Salam dari Pulau Belakang Padang, BATAM #RumahDiAtasLaut

  • Pauline Gener
    Pauline GenerDag siden

    where is her green top from?

  • Leah Kartsonakis
    Leah KartsonakisDag siden

    I wish dailymail had a comment section like NOlocal videos do because they spelled claudias name wrong in their most recent snap news and I really wanted to go off on them

  • Madison Feehan
    Madison FeehanDag siden

    Wait, what movie was it?

  • Brittany Bailey
    Brittany BaileyDag siden

    Oh my gosh... I'm used to seeing double jointed people but i swear thought Finneas' arm was gonna snap at 1:18.

  • Leela Rasa
    Leela RasaDag siden

    Your body absorbs and digests your food better when you eat while sitting down 😁

  • sahasra
    sahasraDag siden

    Claudia: Eats healthy Zomato: *pizza*

  • 10Sabahat Fatima7-A
    10Sabahat Fatima7-ADag siden

    You guy's food is so bland... Come to India there is where the taste is .

  • Amanda Morrison
    Amanda MorrisonDag siden

    You should do a video where he cooks all your meals lol

  • Anna VanKannel
    Anna VanKannelDag siden

    The day Claudia stop filing NOlocal videos, I’d the day I die

  • Lilia .Nguyen
    Lilia .NguyenDag siden

    it's a pain au chocolat not a croissant :)

  • İpek Aydın
    İpek AydınDag siden

    you guys are so cuteeeeeee.love you both

  • Maddie Gheesling
    Maddie GheeslingDag siden


  • Blk Barbie
    Blk BarbieDag siden

    she sounds like such an experienced cook ngl i’d follow any recipe she gave

  • Emmaly Naz
    Emmaly NazDag siden

    you guys are sooooo cute! i want a relationship like this too!

  • Emma Laval
    Emma LavalDag siden

    Chocolate croissant is actually à pain au chocolat in france

  • Laura Bermudez
    Laura BermudezDag siden

    Does anyone know where her green cami is from ? :-)

  • Bibi Holding
    Bibi HoldingDag siden


  • Keeshia Esguerra
    Keeshia EsguerraDag siden

    I was eating while watching this but my mouth was still watering 🤤😍

  • Hazel George
    Hazel GeorgeDag siden

    I like seeing Finneas in Claudia's videos than interviews when he is trying to put a face on for us. Its like Finneas in the wild.

  • brisley brisley
    brisley brisley2 dager siden

    I’ve been really bad this week BUT this video just make me feel better

  • Rebeca Radut
    Rebeca Radut2 dager siden

    8:36 him voice 👁👄👁

  • Tin Bernas
    Tin Bernas2 dager siden

    Potatoes are my favorite!

  • Natalie Karim
    Natalie Karim2 dager siden

    pasued the video so i could order from that bakery!

  • kiara zelada quiroz
    kiara zelada quiroz2 dager siden


  • Emily Mae
    Emily Mae2 dager siden

    i love this so much

  • Eugene 55
    Eugene 552 dager siden

    I don't know why but I really want to know what movie they are whatching!

  • Janice Delgado
    Janice Delgado2 dager siden

    U SEEE IT 🥺💍💍

  • Victoria Ortega
    Victoria Ortega2 dager siden

    Why are you two the cutest lol Finneas in the beginning is the epitome of morning mood

  • fer bs
    fer bs2 dager siden

    Please do more cooking videos

  • Lily Anne Kachikis
    Lily Anne Kachikis2 dager siden

    It's not too late for you to delete this, queen! :)

  • Carly Terese
    Carly Terese2 dager siden

    Oh my gosh, the Rao’s Arrabbiata is my FAVE - so good!

  • Jair Felipe
    Jair Felipe2 dager siden

    this is how you do a sponsored video go claudia

  • tessa doran
    tessa doran2 dager siden

    im 14 and barely know how to cook but i still love these videos

  • Bre Christine
    Bre Christine2 dager siden

    But what was the Disney movie that they started to watch

  • Juliet Sanders
    Juliet Sanders2 dager siden

    Have we never made grilled cheese before? Lol so many instructions for something so simple.

  • Angel Slack
    Angel Slack2 dager siden

    Claudiaaaaaaaaaa.......... I need a podcast! Checking more then I'd like to admit. I love all things Claudia. 😍😍😍

  • Juicy Hallin
    Juicy Hallin2 dager siden


  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert2 dager siden

    i’m underage so i can’t legally drink but she sold me on that wine 😂

  • alexia b
    alexia b2 dager siden

    you eat better then all of us

  • Halle Balcirak
    Halle Balcirak2 dager siden

    The growth over the years is impeccable, honestly. I remember watching you when you first started out 😭😩 I’m so happy for you!!!!!!

  • May's Lifestyle
    May's Lifestyle2 dager siden

    Gonna need more cooking by Claudia this is epic

  • Oskar Marie
    Oskar Marie2 dager siden

    garlic salt on grilled cheese is rlly good, y'all should try it

  • Elizabeth P.
    Elizabeth P.2 dager siden

    Hey Claudia! Would love a video about your vegan story! Why you became vegan, how long it took you, and any go to recipes you love!

  • Lillian Frances
    Lillian Frances2 dager siden

    Who else loves the way Claudia says potato? 8:45

  • Lillian Frances
    Lillian Frances2 dager siden

    "this is the best herbs de provence... my mom gets it from... I wanna say.... Marshalls? Payless?" lol who knew.

  • Eslyn Myla
    Eslyn Myla2 dager siden

    I’ve made the potatoes and they are so goood!!!!!

  • Cynorgi
    Cynorgi2 dager siden

    I appreciate claudia's editing being very chill and aesthetic based but not boring. There arent many vloggers who aren't loud and obnoxious but also aren't uninteresting.

  • Zu’Anna Stansbury
    Zu’Anna Stansbury2 dager siden

    You both give me Mary and Tim vibes from the movie about time and I’m living for it

  • Ali C
    Ali C2 dager siden

    take a shot a milk every time she says vegan.

  • Alicia Donnelly
    Alicia Donnelly2 dager siden

    Claudia, myself and my friend who always watch your videos at home during dinner how ironic haha just realised peaches is on the couch now!? What happened !?! Explainnnnn

  • 00Kristyna00
    00Kristyna002 dager siden

    I LIVE IN ITALY, in the exact region that Acquaforte wine came from. Kinda random, huh? Anyway, *socially distanced hugs* from here!

  • Rubi Mejia
    Rubi Mejia2 dager siden

    I loveee claudia who remembers her as beyond beauty star?

  • Emine Boz
    Emine Boz2 dager siden

    wine is not vegan ?

  • Vorya Doni
    Vorya Doni2 dager siden

    To a comfy chill life like this 🥂

  • Leah
    Leah2 dager siden

    I love how you edit your videos. It makes it so much more fun to watch them!

  • Pictures by Kathy
    Pictures by Kathy2 dager siden

    Please please this is not a croissant, it is called a chocolate bread (pain au chocolat in french). YOU'RE WELCOME

  • Anna
    Anna2 dager siden

    Why did you use two pans for the grilled cheese sandwiches? :D

  • Hylah Owen
    Hylah Owen2 dager siden

    Why does she kinda look like Billie?

  • M M
    M M2 dager siden

    "is this a comedy?" i lovvve ittt

  • nancy bradham
    nancy bradham2 dager siden

    Do you track your sugar intake? I have too 😩

  • Aaliyah Arceo
    Aaliyah Arceo2 dager siden

    I’m getting innnnnspired to go back To not eating meat!! ❤️ I needed these easy recipes! More please!!!!

  • Evie Gavr
    Evie Gavr2 dager siden

    omg just realised! Does phineas reminds of kurt cobain to anyone else? lol

  • Sofia Belchiorinho
    Sofia Belchiorinho2 dager siden

    I love love loooove Claudia's videos so much but these "what I eat in a day" from americans always make me wonder: do you guys ever eat a meal 100% from scratch? Like making your own tomato soup, or meatballs from mince, or marinara from real tomato? Pleeeease don't take this as a hate comment xoxo

  • Malika Tungidwar
    Malika Tungidwar2 dager siden

    Does she always cook or finneas does too?

  • Ray
    Ray2 dager siden

    1:19 FINNEAS’S ARMS?!😭😭😭

  • Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk NYC
    Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk NYC2 dager siden

    I watched your diet journey video and I am so jealous that you can eat pasta and bread without gaining any weight!!! I'm the same when it comes to red meat though so I guess to each their own :)

  • Daxn Tea
    Daxn Tea2 dager siden

    I'm sorry but I still ship you with Amy

  • Plant Based Nutrition Support Group
    Plant Based Nutrition Support Group2 dager siden

    You both rock - great vid, thanks for sharing how easy and delicious vegan can be!

  • Ludovica Marra
    Ludovica Marra2 dager siden

    This is not how you're supposed to cook pasta!! Please that hurts (I'm Italian)

  • Saumya Saurabh
    Saumya Saurabh2 dager siden

    3:49 finneas with the finesse (also excuse me that necklace?! im dead)

  • Vardagsvegan
    Vardagsvegan2 dager siden

    eating that cheese right now in sweden. I LUV THAT ONE.

  • Nadia Tebbs
    Nadia Tebbs2 dager siden

    Claudia needs her own cooking show

  • Finn Wu
    Finn Wu2 dager siden

    I‘ve read that eating your food while standing up isn’t good for you bc your body doesn‘t realize, it’s time to eat/digest. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Mermaid Moon
    Mermaid Moon2 dager siden

    Can we have some more cooking videos please???🥺

  • Asmaa K.
    Asmaa K.2 dager siden

    She looks a bit like Billie