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  • Kihyuns high note in *Lost In The Dream*
    Kihyuns high note in *Lost In The Dream*14 timer siden

    This has so many gems in it💗

  • Keijona Airellé
    Keijona Airellé3 dager siden

    How does one play this mod?

  • m a d d i e
    m a d d i e3 dager siden

    the famous sykunno ✨

  • DAN D Lee
    DAN D Lee3 dager siden

    What's the name of the outro song? It's so nice

  • red dragon1147
    red dragon11473 dager siden

    3:18 made me crack up, lol

  • Superduper Sayian
    Superduper Sayian4 dager siden

    sykkuno just talk no jutsued everyone

  • Lønnesyrup • 24 years ago
    Lønnesyrup • 24 years ago4 dager siden

    3:19 again that leslie's quack

  • melxdiq dooms
    melxdiq dooms4 dager siden


  • finley c macalpine
    finley c macalpine4 dager siden


  • Daniel Fernandez
    Daniel Fernandez4 dager siden

    this is so funny

  • Neo VII
    Neo VII4 dager siden

    Imposter is sus

  • Umaiza Ali
    Umaiza Ali5 dager siden

    Leslie “SYYYYYYKKKUUUUUUNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Me “Ok Leslie is definitely like Sykkuno’s companion in Memes!”

  • hoivan banla
    hoivan banla5 dager siden

    The thinkable animal worrisomely reach because scissors differently skip at a efficacious chinese. military, calm trumpet

  • jj
    jj5 dager siden

    "I watched episode 287 of Narooto:shipooden" LOL

  • Geraldo Neto
    Geraldo Neto5 dager siden

    Jester role: Exists Sykkuno's lobby: *Oh Jesus*

  • Carlito lol
    Carlito lol6 dager siden

    8:56 Even Leslie voted for him lmaooo

  • 煙花易冷
    煙花易冷6 dager siden

    *nothing is better than watching asain people play video games"

  • Artrimiz Forsythe
    Artrimiz Forsythe6 dager siden

    How does ash change color??

  • Jay M
    Jay M6 dager siden


  • Gyor
    Gyor6 dager siden

    Honestkkuno won the round. Excellent job, Big Brain! It actually couldn't have happened unless it was Sykkuno (or CORPSE, lol). He trolls waaaay too much, so when he said it was him, nobody believed him. It's like a reverse "Cry Wolf" situation.

  • Quinton Jannah
    Quinton Jannah6 dager siden

    Low key he looks like Eric from twilight 💀

  • Dino June
    Dino June6 dager siden

    ash: you can’t kill me I have a pirate hat! sykkuno: kills ash anyways

  • Venus Perez
    Venus Perez7 dager siden

    'vote Janet if you think Naruto is better than Boruto' what the heck HAHAHA

  • Hitting YOUTUBE algorithm with 1 video
    Hitting YOUTUBE algorithm with 1 video7 dager siden


  • Dragon G'lant
    Dragon G'lant7 dager siden

    The biggest plot twist would be if Janet was the jester

  • Li Feng Liu
    Li Feng Liu7 dager siden

    The warm handsaw kelly smoke because ground densply yell versus a groovy driver. sticky, woozy fall

  • I am a bee bzzz
    I am a bee bzzz7 dager siden

    “nerUdo” 👁️👄👁️ have I just been pronouncing “naruto” wong this whole time or..... (・-・;)

  • hoonicey
    hoonicey8 dager siden

    Naruto better than boruto yass

  • Denlada Nevaeh
    Denlada Nevaeh8 dager siden

    Fun fact: Sykkuno’s real name is Thomas

  • Lucky Moon joy
    Lucky Moon joy8 dager siden

    Lili singing at the end just fits your aesthetic, doesn’t it?

  • Hey it’s me lol
    Hey it’s me lol9 dager siden

    sykuuno is the main character lmao

  • Lacqs
    Lacqs9 dager siden

    is this the reason why Janet told Sykkuno to kill Blau on the other game? @_@

  • Prabhjot Singh
    Prabhjot Singh9 dager siden


  • RebelShot
    RebelShot9 dager siden

    Sykkuno: It's me I killed that person Everyone else: Ok, Sykkuno is clear

  • Toast Zilla
    Toast Zilla9 dager siden

    the first time I am watching him and the intro Is golden

  • LittlemanIndy
    LittlemanIndy10 dager siden

    I watch Sykkuno for the good times and to hear Lily’s beautiful singing voice

  • Lucid NightProductions
    Lucid NightProductions10 dager siden

    I want this moD

  • John Carl Roperos
    John Carl Roperos10 dager siden

    Leslie's "Huh" when sykunno said he's the detective is gold plus her SYKUNNO!!!

  • berna cryingcinnamonpie
    berna cryingcinnamonpie10 dager siden

    My notif is broke I just got 2 notif in the last 2 hours from Sykkuno all from 5 to 2 days ago🤣

  • Cookie
    Cookie10 dager siden

    I love how Sykkuno just refused to lie, and you can see the visible confusion on Leslies face.

  • Prince RVZ
    Prince RVZ10 dager siden

    zum zum

  • Ex-NyloxX-
    Ex-NyloxX-10 dager siden

    “Episode 287, I made that number up I'm probably wrong.” little does he know there's over 700 EPISODES

  • Dany 26
    Dany 2610 dager siden

    Oh Jesus, I watch this again and again and still not getting bored of it. That was very cool!

  • Matthew Scott
    Matthew Scott11 dager siden

    It’s true tho naruto shippuden is better that baruto

  • Aidn Bae
    Aidn Bae11 dager siden


  • souna rock
    souna rock11 dager siden

    the jester role was made for sykkuno...

  • Jack Koop
    Jack Koop11 dager siden

    Why does he cover his mouth every two seconds

  • Valerein
    Valerein11 dager siden

    ''I saw you're feet" -sykunno

  • Trent Fitzpatrick
    Trent Fitzpatrick11 dager siden

    7:45 You sound like DumbDog

  • Fear
    Fear11 dager siden

    i love this episode so much hahaha

  • Ashit Bagde
    Ashit Bagde11 dager siden

    What a huge freaking TROLL 😂😂😂😂

  • Dbzmaster159
    Dbzmaster15911 dager siden

    Sykkuno, dude, I love you man, but that part at 12:12, "Vote Janet if you think Naruto is better than Boruto." That was just hilarious.

  • Audrey Gargus
    Audrey Gargus12 dager siden

    What’s up with ash’s skin? Is that a new mod or somethin ??? I’m used to mobile - so I don’t think I have that feature

  • Andrea C.
    Andrea C.12 dager siden

    the "little betrayed there" bit sounded so much like miyoung and I keep thinking about leslie mentioning it during the stream lol

  • cotexes
    cotexes12 dager siden


  • kaemon bonet
    kaemon bonet12 dager siden

    The classic Naruto Shippuden strategy. "End the cycle of violence. Vote Janet."

  • Ugljesa Ugljesic
    Ugljesa Ugljesic12 dager siden

    Justice for Narutoooo!!! :''''''D Way to go Sykkunoooo!!!

  • hayden dent
    hayden dent12 dager siden


  • Anbar Farooq
    Anbar Farooq12 dager siden

    At the start of every video:Leslie:SYKKUNOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • ET Ghoulz
    ET Ghoulz12 dager siden

    What is up guys sykunno here never gets old

  • Miraculous Ladybug fan
    Miraculous Ladybug fan12 dager siden


  • Joseph 09
    Joseph 0912 dager siden

    I’m sorry that was the smartest and stupidest game I’ve ever seen lol.

  • ilah
    ilah12 dager siden


  • Joey Frost
    Joey Frost12 dager siden

    Sykkuno succeeding at using Talk no Jutsu is gold 😂

  • juan camilo martinez hurtado
    juan camilo martinez hurtado12 dager siden


  • bea endaya
    bea endaya12 dager siden

    sYYkUUnOOoOoOo - Leslie Fu 2021

  • BrbCryingInACornerRn
    BrbCryingInACornerRn12 dager siden

    "hold on I'm gonna jump into that vent there" "and then ill actually jump" "Genius."

  • Xena Evaristo
    Xena Evaristo12 dager siden

    I saw your feet 😂😂😂

  • Charlie M
    Charlie M12 dager siden

    Anyone else not get a notification for this vid ?

  • Rhonda Johnson
    Rhonda Johnson12 dager siden

    The auspicious tank biophysically happen because clock occasionally order pace a nasty grandmother. icy, temporary trouble

  • Kaelyne M Saechao
    Kaelyne M Saechao12 dager siden

    someone PLZ explain this gamemode to me

  • Isaac Lee
    Isaac Lee12 dager siden

    He talk no jutsu them

  • Shadowringa
    Shadowringa12 dager siden

    Out of plain curiosity, I decided to check if Sykkuno was right or wrong about there being an Episode 287. Not only was he right, but the episode named is "One Worth Betting On" and I can't stop laughing.

  • candace long
    candace long12 dager siden

    She single

  • flushed lungs
    flushed lungs12 dager siden

    i love that he likes naruto also

  • Tia Corn
    Tia Corn12 dager siden

    I love how he has Lily’s song as his outro, he is so adorable 🥺

  • kiana
    kiana13 dager siden


  • Spirit Lake
    Spirit Lake13 dager siden

    So this is my first time seeing this streamer, could someone explain to me why he covers his mouth when he talks?

  • Scanoob Jr
    Scanoob Jr13 dager siden

    0:13 is the Intro if u wanna skip the prologue

  • Ülkü Durmaz
    Ülkü Durmaz13 dager siden

    its sikekkuno

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez13 dager siden

    10:48 I died lmao🤣🤣

  • Maria Lacerda
    Maria Lacerda13 dager siden

    The next video better be sheriffkuno

  • Rico hope Misare
    Rico hope Misare13 dager siden

    Mods from ottomated :)

  • Wolfblood Klaw
    Wolfblood Klaw13 dager siden

    Nobody can vote you out if you're just permanently jester.😂

  • Sookksoo
    Sookksoo13 dager siden

    I m p o s t o r l y 😈

  • Ibenator
    Ibenator13 dager siden

    Sykkuno stop saying “Nar-oo-to” it’s pronounced “Nar-i-to”

  • starry nights
    starry nights13 dager siden

    this is what happens when it’s a lobby full of sykkuno simps LMAO

    GABI IRG13 dager siden

    Drop a like if you think Boruto is trash!

  • V the Wizard
    V the Wizard13 dager siden

    287 is filler for those wondering

  • Hannah Chitty-Finch
    Hannah Chitty-Finch13 dager siden

    How the hell did they WIN with Sykkuno being so honest 😂😂😂

  • Sheryl Leonardi
    Sheryl Leonardi13 dager siden


  • Haleigh Cline
    Haleigh Cline13 dager siden

    Lmao I love ash and sykkuno troll moments

  • Amanda Trefethen
    Amanda Trefethen13 dager siden

    Did Sykkuno use the famous talk no jutsu at the end there??? XD

  • Julia Brunskill
    Julia Brunskill13 dager siden

    Sykkuno: i'm gonna kill ash Everyone: ok Sykkuno: *kills ash* Everyone: who killed ash Sykkuno: i did Everyone: no u didn't lol

  • woody boi 2
    woody boi 213 dager siden

    They really milking among us like a cash cow aren't they

  • Roberts Boys
    Roberts Boys13 dager siden

    Shippuden 287 was part of the pain arc

  • false god
    false god13 dager siden


  • Tanuki Matt
    Tanuki Matt13 dager siden

    I honestly feel like the intro Sykkuno is a different Sykkuno to the one we are watching :D

  • Misty_ Wolf
    Misty_ Wolf13 dager siden

    9:00 my cc’s said “I just don’t care about the children WTF” Edit:👣i’m not sure if it really said that in the video but that’s what my cc’s said👣

  • James Louie Ouano
    James Louie Ouano13 dager siden