When the Controller Dies from the NPC's Perspective

Film og animasjon

He made it this far just to do that?
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  • Cole Gibson
    Cole GibsonMinutt siden

    Imagine needing batteries couldn’t be me.

  • trey lorence
    trey lorence31 minutt siden


  • Frizy
    Frizy37 minutter siden


  • KingShady101
    KingShady10140 minutter siden

    I love the uncharted music at the end

  • Syntikal
    SyntikalTime siden

    aaaaand everything will be back after we press load checkpoint

  • Ja Y
    Ja YTime siden


  • stronk man
    stronk manTime siden

    haven't heard the uncharted death music in a long time xD

  • Normal Dude
    Normal DudeTime siden

    The villan is the best

  • DisSoLVed
    DisSoLVedTime siden


  • Adam Richard
    Adam RichardTime siden

    Then The Great Respawning happened.

  • khajiit
    khajiit2 timer siden

    0:24 I heard this enough times to know what it's from.

  • JunkyRamen
    JunkyRamen2 timer siden

    I like when they question their motives after they kill the main character because they had this whole thing set up only to be a waste

  • Aisukyubu
    Aisukyubu3 timer siden

    This the best 2D ,3D channel ever

  • The Milkman
    The Milkman3 timer siden

    0:16 He looks like he has seen some shit ngl

  • Vicenteleon2019v
    Vicenteleon2019v3 timer siden

    The disconnected control bullet appears from xbox The character dies Uncharted's death music plays

  • furqan 3082
    furqan 30823 timer siden

    Me: **keeps dying on the round before boss** The boss: _When is my turn ;-;"_

  • Doonishsan
    Doonishsan3 timer siden

    The boss is so funny and stupid. 😂😂😂

  • TKOB 2417
    TKOB 24173 timer siden

    Reminds me of one moment I had in School Days I was just casually learning stuff from book and then some guy came to me and was like "ay burn that book you don't need that" and I was like "nah bro I like books" and then he took my book, pushed me out of the chair and started smashing me with the book. For a brief moment, he stopped so I took a chance, got up and grabbed him,smashing him against the table breaking it in the process. My health was on about 30% since I haven't eaten and stayed awake till midnight earlier, but I still beat the sh1t out of him. Then as he was on the ground, 2 of his friends came, one of them having a beer bottle in their hand. I dropped the book and upperpunched the unarmed guy, while the guy with beer bottle came behind me. I turned around and hit the guy so hard he dropped the bottle, then I wanted to approach him, but as I came closer, i slipped on the beer bottle and died. (at the time my health was very low, and the fall sorta finished me)

  • Coolgamersonic yes
    Coolgamersonic yes4 timer siden

    They shot him with an rpg in a plane and he fell into the ocean and he did not die but when they punched him he died

  • Pug Noises
    Pug Noises4 timer siden

    Love this

  • StupidCast Gaming
    StupidCast Gaming4 timer siden

    Oh my God the uncharted death sound that's why it was familiar

  • Fuck
    Fuck4 timer siden

    everybody's gangsta till he charges the controller

  • Matthew Ramirez
    Matthew Ramirez4 timer siden

    These guys are gonna come up quick hahaha

  • Jacob Cunningham
    Jacob Cunningham4 timer siden

    Ready player Two is coming out in like a year so YES there IS another guy

  • Chris P
    Chris P4 timer siden

    I love how the controller was a 360 controller and the death sound is from uncharted

  • Isabel Plamondon
    Isabel Plamondon4 timer siden

    I love how they start to notice the game mechanics of the boss fight. “Why do we even have three chandeliers in here? It’s a warehouse.”

  • M.Zulfauzan
    M.Zulfauzan5 timer siden

    He is Thanos son!

  • Sergo
    Sergo5 timer siden

    I just discovered my new favorite video on the internet.

  • Kanden
    Kanden5 timer siden

    I love how chill they are about this.

  • SimperBTW
    SimperBTW5 timer siden

    Uncharted death sound 😔good memories...

  • AbdyNimation
    AbdyNimation5 timer siden

    This animation is realistic

  • The Tsar Tank
    The Tsar Tank5 timer siden

    And you punched him? Yes. The same guy who shot 30 of our helis? Yep, that one And you killed him with a single puch? Yip

  • Kazuki Tsun-chan
    Kazuki Tsun-chan5 timer siden

    Yeah, why would they even have 3 chandeliers there? It's a warehouse... Who adds in Chandeliers on the ceilings? Of a warehouse...

  • websurfer63
    websurfer636 timer siden

    Did they animate this using the rotor scope method?

  • Stoned Puppy 420
    Stoned Puppy 4206 timer siden

    lol omg did u kill the guy 🤣😂

  • Xguest273X
    Xguest273X6 timer siden

    *_"Never should have come here!"_*

  • 자막하는 죠죠러
    자막하는 죠죠러6 timer siden

    That death sound is uncharted 2 death sound

  • JDOT Gaming Entertainment
    JDOT Gaming Entertainment6 timer siden

    They need to do a game that has this flip side. each different scenario and death at that specific time releases a different path almost like chaos theory but inside a game. Would take ages to complete and explore and if you ran it into a game like gta f**k me mind blown...🤯

  • ok
    ok6 timer siden

    This is one of the only good shortfilms ive seen in a long time

  • Brooke Ryzenga
    Brooke Ryzenga6 timer siden

    Just saying you need to pitch this shit to adult swim they will take you up on it in a heartbeat. Guaranteed. This is the exact kind of thing that adult swim is all about. You need this bro. Do it. I will watch every single episode you ever release. You just made a number 1 fan right here right now.

  • EbbOneMint
    EbbOneMint7 timer siden

    “You cannot de-feet me” landmine: “I am about to make a pro claymore move.”

  • Eric Tselovanskyi
    Eric Tselovanskyi7 timer siden

    Their boss sounds like NoHo Hank from Barry.

  • doomzillaX25
    doomzillaX257 timer siden

    This is kind of like classic Adult Swim humor, I love it.

  • MopedMike
    MopedMike7 timer siden

    What tech is he using? And no these aren’t animations...

  • N Word Pass
    N Word Pass7 timer siden

    Ew. Motion blur. Also, Uncharted death music? Nice

  • Stop-motion'cı Ata
    Stop-motion'cı Ata7 timer siden

    nice uncharted death sound

  • Stephen
    Stephen7 timer siden

    Fucking awesome.

  • TheKHfan358over3d
    TheKHfan358over3d8 timer siden

    Sora: dies too early Ansem:

  • Eddie O
    Eddie O9 timer siden

    0:25 where is that music sound effect from? i swear I've heard it before

  • bengia apo
    bengia apo9 timer siden

    Sekiro enemies be like - how many times do i have to kill you

  • The Big Cringe
    The Big Cringe9 timer siden

    Tbh it feels like an Uncharted parody, the shandalia's preparing to hut the boss, the music at the end, the death music

  • RamiCrafy
    RamiCrafy9 timer siden

    Lol the Uncharted 2 death sound

  • Lucio Salazar
    Lucio Salazar9 timer siden

    0:25 Top 10 Animie Deaths

  • Darth Vendar
    Darth Vendar9 timer siden

    How is this not like an adult swim show?

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname10 timer siden

    Adult swim! New show!

  • Jack Budinich
    Jack Budinich10 timer siden

    The uncharted death sound gave me flashbacks

  • Ethan Farve
    Ethan Farve10 timer siden

    Best thing to watch while high. I can tell you RIGHT NOW!!!

  • BRUH
    BRUH10 timer siden

    Is that a new level of animation? You can just track your body and do animations with this.Genius!

  • Kyzer Soze
    Kyzer Soze10 timer siden

    Honestly if a real world mob boss was as dumb as this guy his henchmen would probably think that they were in a video game as well.

  • Durr it me Exe
    Durr it me Exe11 timer siden

    *Xbox controller dies* *uncharted death theme plays*

  • Cheezygui_5
    Cheezygui_511 timer siden

    Is that the sound of when you die in Uncharted 2 or 3🤣 (I think it’s 2 thought)

  • Puupert
    Puupert11 timer siden

    Honestly I can’t tell if these videos are on a filter or all of this is animated

  • Zenendos
    Zenendos11 timer siden


  • Cliff Kasozi
    Cliff Kasozi12 timer siden

    Okay that was funny

  • Enter Toby
    Enter Toby12 timer siden

    This is great

  • YD2BUX __-
    YD2BUX __-12 timer siden

    What game is this

  • potato
    potato12 timer siden

    "Oh jeez!"

  • Voidy
    Voidy12 timer siden

    This was awesome.

  • TheUltrasora
    TheUltrasora12 timer siden

    Was that uncharted death music?

  • Dipster
    Dipster13 timer siden

    Haha love these videos really amazing voices and personalitys

  • random guy -
    random guy -13 timer siden

    The smartest man in the group

  • Damocles
    Damocles13 timer siden

    Is that the uncharted 2 death song that I hear

  • PadSmid
    PadSmid13 timer siden

    The best ending

  • Moose Man
    Moose Man13 timer siden

    That fall was perfect.

  • Reakold Wasnoo
    Reakold Wasnoo14 timer siden

    0:22 his friend on the right just disappears after he hits lol

  • Caffeine
    Caffeine14 timer siden

    What is this style, it's interesting

  • Wikes Strig
    Wikes Strig14 timer siden

    The eyes wtfh did lmao

    XXFPS14 timer siden

    This is.. just.. gold!

  • The Calebrated Archives
    The Calebrated Archives14 timer siden

    "You had something set up?" "C-Can I show you?" *Never have I related to a generic villain more.*

  • Steafy Heaster
    Steafy Heaster14 timer siden

    When John Wick isn't getting paid

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes14 timer siden

    I cannot imagine this in COD

  • TheDolaris
    TheDolaris15 timer siden

    Fun fact: the person actually broke the controller

  • Atomic, Conservative Skunk
    Atomic, Conservative Skunk15 timer siden


  • Eat more Cheese
    Eat more Cheese15 timer siden

    I’ve seen you on tiktok

  • MarcoEnricoTM • 79 years with
    MarcoEnricoTM • 79 years with15 timer siden

    The other question is why this warehouse have installed luxaries chandelier?

  • Matthew Murdock
    Matthew Murdock15 timer siden

    What was that death song when he punched him? It's so familiar. I've heard it hundreds of times. But where?

  • Morpyy
    Morpyy16 timer siden

    *thanks youtube*

  • Pope Francis
    Pope Francis16 timer siden

    You think he do it twice?

  • manga profile picture
    manga profile picture16 timer siden

    1:25 - 1:46 Pretty much the Just Cause series in a nutshell

  • Creepager 15
    Creepager 1516 timer siden

    😂😂😂😂😂 TRUE

  • cragga
    cragga16 timer siden

    I love how the ending is the set up of any generic stage based boss fight

  • Grimsanity
    Grimsanity16 timer siden

    Love this animation style. I wonder what happens when the controller reconnecte.

  • parkey pence
    parkey pence17 timer siden

    I used to think about this in Hotline Miami, like how stoked is that one Russian going to be who finally killed the chicken masked men who's been just blazing through the mafia with nobody being able to stop him

  • JT Hayes
    JT Hayes17 timer siden

    I love how at the end of these animations they break out of character and start laughing. Lmao!

  • Pijja Matauto
    Pijja Matauto17 timer siden

    When the boss said "Oh jeez!" I can't stop laughing. This is comedy!

  • Mac6na6na
    Mac6na6na17 timer siden

    I’m extremely confused and it’s hilarious.

  • Renziie
    Renziie18 timer siden

    Is the soundtrack while they were fighting from uncharted ???

  • deathknife
    deathknife18 timer siden

    I like how they added the uncharted 3: Drake’s deception death sound

  • deathknife


    9 timer siden

    Oh sorry about that, it’s been a long time since I’ve played the uncharted series

  • Fat Boy Genius

    Fat Boy Genius

    13 timer siden

    It’s actually the death sound from Uncharted 2: Among Theives

  • Dongmin Kim
    Dongmin Kim18 timer siden

    Pure genius

    MATYAR SONIC18 timer siden