When Time Became History - The Human Era

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For the fifth time, we present to you the Human Era Calendar for the year 12,021 - this time it is all about the journey of humanity, beginning tens of thousands of years ago, leading into the revolution of agriculture, to ancient high civilizations and the beginning of modern times, culminating in a vision for our future. You can get the limited Edition now until we sell out and then never again. As always the calendar features 12 illustrated pages printed on high quality paper in Europe and the US. And this year the cover is especially shiny. The calendar will look great on your wall and let you dream about a glorious future. We truly have come far as a species!
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell16 dager siden

    ** UPDATE: Calendars are sold out on the US-Shop but you can still get them from the EU-shop: shop-eu.kurzgesagt.org/ ** For the fifth time, we present to you the Human Era Calendar for the year 12,021 - this time it is all about the journey of humanity, beginning tens of thousands of years ago, leading into the revolution of agriculture, to ancient high civilizations and the beginning of modern times, culminating in a vision for our future. You can get the limited Edition now until we sell out and then never again. As always the calendar features 12 illustrated pages printed on high quality paper in Europe and the US. And this year the cover is especially shiny. The calendar will look great on your wall and let you dream about a glorious future. We truly have come far as a species!

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    Lydia Steine Bendiksen

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    Why does the more modern looking half in the thumbnail also look more white? Is that deliberate?

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    Dear Kurzgesagt- I recently went to look for the video your channel did about conservative and liberal brains (or novelty adverse vs novelty seeking), but cannot find it. was it switched to be a private video?

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    This makes me feel like I’m part of some kind of legendary fantasy species. Then I looked at all the memetards and retards in the comments and I lose my faith in humanity.

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    AJAX HForHotBoi7 timer siden

    I'm pretty sure it's just Hunter Gathers not being as effective at reproduction as Farmers. Even if the farmers life is arguably more painful and sad they definitely had and kept more kids on average then Hunter Gathers. Kinda like how the bird with the longer beak gets the deeper grub, and the ones with the shorter beaks get nothing. evolution marches on.

  • SwaggerSnail
    SwaggerSnail8 timer siden

    "Hopefully in another 12,000 years our descendants will look back on us today with gratitude for the amazing world they are able to inhabit" Press x to doubt

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  • wazza33racer
    wazza33racer18 timer siden

    except for the Koranderthals...........they are stuck at 600AD. But oh my god, here we have the ridiculous grain/seeds theory.......................that people thousands of years ago selectively bred useless grass seeds, with no meaningful results for hundreds of generations until they had grain seeds that actually had productive calories...........what utter bollocks. The sumerian history clearly explains where grains, and mankind came from. Homo sapiens is not millions of years old..............its only about 200,000 years, go read the human genome project results that align with the sumerian history.

  • Naman Jain
    Naman Jain20 timer siden

    Yuval Noah Harari: 'Hold my Sapiens!'

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  • Joshia Edward Gamaliel
    Joshia Edward Gamaliel22 timer siden

    how do you know that our ancestors use old technologies and have a same life? do you ever met them? how do you said that we started from 2 million and 80.000 generations ago? do you ever count them?

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    Such garbage

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    Hi sir. You are requested to make a video on this: 1. When does the sun's magnetic polarity get reversed? 2. What impact will it have on the Earth? 3. Recently in 2020, the sun's polarity has been reversed, for the 25th cycle. When was the first cycle occurred? 4. Approximately when will the 48th (final) cycle occur? 5. What will happen, when the final 48th cycke occurs? 6. Whenever the first cycle had occurred, before that had no polarity reversal cycle ever occured on the sun? 7. Will the sun never ever change its polarity, after the 48th (final) cycle? 8. If the answer to question 7 is that the polarity will stilll be changed even after that, then why is the 48th cycle considered as the final cycle? 9. If after the 48th cycle, any new fresh cycle starts, then what will be different in the cycle? Why will be a fresh new cycle and not the 49th cycle?

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  • Last Day on Earth
    Last Day on EarthDag siden

    I don't agree with 10k thousand history of humans. There are strong evidence which suggest the opposite. It's kind of biblical. I got no problem with research done by Kurz team. But I think Kurz should research a bit more by including some latest researches.

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    Knowing humanity in our days, I really do think hunters and gatherers have been persecuted over time and either became farmers or died of starvation. Just look at how indigenous populations are treated today, their lands being stolen or poisoned, their food source killed, etc.

  • Quentin T
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    I've been so bummed out about somebody but watching this, all my worry feels meaningless (which is good to remember lol) and as though my experiences are most definitely shared through history.

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    Zack Livestone

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    @Mathew Wang Few books really get you to step outside of a paradigm and question it that you didn't even know you were stuck in. Sapiens and Homo Deus are such books.

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    Mathew Wang

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    Ahh yes, that was a good book.

  • nathandrake26800
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    SPOILER ALERT: In 12000 years, our ancestors (if they exist) will find that in the begenning of the 21 century we stupidly killed ourselves as a civilisation because we were enable to see the limits of our ressources and some people found it funny to add some zeros to their bank account by destroying the whole planet we live in.

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    @Dawidek I will not criticize God. Because I do not believe in God

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    When humans started asking questions they had no good answers for.

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    o o3 dager siden

    This video is completely wrong and unscientific right from the first 35 seconds. 1. The longer humans live, the less children they have. Our population will not grow that much more. 2. On top of this, humans will not become an interplanetary species. We will eventually force evolution on ourselves with things like genetic engineering, biomechatronics, neural networks etc. Creating a new species beyond homosapien that can actually learn more and do more as well as live far longer. Humans will begin to go into decline and we will likely become bear extinct at some point. This new super human will be leaps and bounds ahead of us technologically and we will be left in the wind. Like an animal on the side of the road. We'll see the advanced world around us. But we won't comprehend most of it.

  • drahosek
    drahosek3 dager siden

    Why do people exchanged the freedom of living in nature for agriculture? Beer

  • Aaron M. Lambert, Ph.D.
    Aaron M. Lambert, Ph.D.3 dager siden

    *As a Harvard Neuroscientist, the wonders and achievements of the human mind are built upon abstractions of the sensory-motor interface, of which language has been the most foundational. I'll elaborate on that later but, first, let's take a trip back in evolutionary history.* Much of the evolutionarily older parts of our brain - aside from dealing with homeostatic control of internal states (e.g. heart rate, respiration, satiety, digestion, wake-sleep, hormonal flux) - are explicitly wired to receive real-time sensory inputs and transform them into adaptive motor outputs. Even invertebrates, such as worms and insects, have nervous systems that exquisitely fulfill these critical tasks. For vertebrates like us, our spinal cord, hindbrain, and midbrain are largely dedicated to these real-time sensorimotor transformations, in addition to autonomically regulating our internal states. This comprises much of the brains and functionalities of simpler vertebrates, such as fish and reptiles. The advent of mammals brought about an expansion of subcortex conferring more complex emotionality in the service of caregiving, and a cerebral cortex for more flexible learning & strategizing for solving problems. Our cats and dogs, of course, are endowed with these capacities. But even they lack the formidable human capacity to abstract and transcend the sensorimotor interface. Language is our most foundational abstraction of the sensorimotor landscape. We look at an object and associate it with an arbitrary label - a word - and construct arbitrary vocalizations and other abstract motor outputs (writing symbols and letters) in relation to the sensory stimulus (the physical object). In so doing, we are able to take these associations - words with objects - and build more and more associations upon them to make sense of the world. We first dichotomize the world of word-objects into big/small, light/dark, fast/slow, and good/bad. From there, we can categorize the constellation of word-objects into convenient bins for comparisons and interactions. Beyond space, we can perform the same abstraction with time by categorizing it, binning it, and even discretizing it into infinitesimal points in the service of calculus and elaborately precise computations. In so doing, we can make accurate predictions of the future for many purposes. Speaking of the future, and also the past, our ability to think outside of our current physical space and time is another key ingredient to our dominance over the rest of the animal kingdom. But all these human-specific wonders of our minds often go awry and undermine our optimal functionality. Yes, our cerebral endowments of hindsight and foresight expand our cognitive landscapes beyond the linear sensory-motor interface known as the present. But this often makes the present elusive, yet all the more vital to embrace. Otherwise, we're just living in the memories of our future selves. Consider getting present to the moment more often, which is still possible even if you need to reflect on the past or plan for the future. Do those activities in the present as well. It's where all your power lies. Vids coming soon.

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    Sw Gaming lol

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    Jesus Christ that’s a lot of reading can someone sum it up for me

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    Cloud Sephiroth

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    @Zachary Brooks I read the whole thing and understood it just fine. Sorry to hear that you were too inept to do so. This is by far the best comment on this video. Also there was no flex. Just cool info and insights. You're simply projecting your insecurity my dude. I sincerely hope you feel better later on my man cause I can sense your deep hurt and sense of inferiority.

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    Zachary Brooks

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    Typical Harvard guy trying to flex on the general populace. No one read that comment, and those who did were more confused.

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    7:16 That's a good question, especially when the indigenous peoples of North and South America proved you could use the same knowledge to turn the whole ecosystem int

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    Against the Grain: How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization

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  • Anthony Skidmark
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    There are 10.000 lost cities under the surface. We have had many global civilizations. Mud Flood is just a few hundred years ago.

  • Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    Dag siden

    @Anthony Skidmark Well, yeah, of course there are some cities under the ocean. Not in the deepest parts, but for example there was Doggerland between the UK and the european mainland. Those were villages though, not vast sprawling high technological cities.

  • Anthony Skidmark

    Anthony Skidmark

    2 dager siden

    @Hm Grraarrpffrzz Every continent and the oceans have major ancient cities on them/under them and they are discovering them more and more with satelites. Look it up.

  • Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    4 dager siden

    @Anthony Skidmark That some pyramids exist is without a doubt. That pyramids of tenthousand losts cities exist under the surface is doubtful until you provide evidence.

  • Anthony Skidmark

    Anthony Skidmark

    4 dager siden

    @Hm Grraarrpffrzz Yes, my eyes and the web is all you need. If you need a data sheet from me to know if the pyramids exist... that would be silly wouldn't it :)

  • Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    4 dager siden

    Do you have evidence?

  • Fay Anne Aura Arts
    Fay Anne Aura Arts4 dager siden

    7:16 That's a good question, especially when the indigenous peoples of North and South America proved you could use the same knowledge to turn the whole ecosystem into a massive garden and thus have both agriculture AND hunting/gathering at the same time, in a system that was far more sustainable, still encouraged population growth, and made everyone happier.

  • Tecumseh Zacateco

    Tecumseh Zacateco

    Dag siden

    Gábor Rigó lol I’m not gonna argue about the Aztecs anymore but 30 million-50 million Mexicans are pure native Americans that practice their languege and carry the culture they had prior to Columbus. The rest are mestizos with predominant Native American genes. Plus the native Americans weren’t asslimated, the Spanish were. Most Mexican culture and traditions were practiced before the arrival of the Spanish. Even the Mexican Spanish launguage have a lot of it words stemming from the azteca language. Mexicans are native Americans.

  • Gábor Rigó

    Gábor Rigó

    Dag siden

    ​@Tecumseh Zacateco One more thing: they incorporated the other tribes mostly by military subjugation, so while they were paying tributes and participating in flower wars, it's hard to say that they were actually happy about it.

  • Gábor Rigó

    Gábor Rigó

    Dag siden

    ​@Tecumseh Zacateco I agree that they had been more developed than Europeans in the fields of astrology and medicine, mostly because the Europeans were horribly backwards in those. However, they did not have domesticated beasts of burden, ergo they did not use the wheel, ergo no developed and efficient land infrastructure. They did conduct most of their trade on small boats, which was certainly impressive, but how was that even comparable to the ship building expertise of the Europeans? It wasn't. Also no advanced metalworking, which means their weapons were literally worse than bronze age weapons from the old world. They basically had what was comparable to the ancient Mezopotamian empires. They did not impact nature greatly simply because they did not have the industrial capacity to do so. As for their social structure, they might had some interesting/efficient systems, but it's not really my cup of tea so I won't go into that.

  • Gábor Rigó

    Gábor Rigó

    Dag siden

    ​@Tecumseh Zacateco They only banded up against the conquistadors when they were specifically targeted by them. However, they were more than happy to aid in the subjugation of rival tribes, and that pattern was pretty much exploited by the europeans ad infinitum.

  • Gábor Rigó

    Gábor Rigó

    Dag siden

    ​@Tecumseh Zacateco Why were they poor if they lived in an awesome utopia?

  • Fay Anne Aura Arts
    Fay Anne Aura Arts4 dager siden

    Don't you think calling the post-agricultural revolution era "the human era" is a bit condescending of you?

  • Fay Anne Aura Arts

    Fay Anne Aura Arts

    4 dager siden

    @Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Well it is.

  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    4 dager siden


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    I wanna time travel to the future now 😕

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    Wait humanity is evolving? *Always has been*

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    i wonder what they'll think about loss

  • candiidoggie
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    i want the calendar so bad but my wallet says no

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    Future archeologists can have all my stuff. Except my web history

  • Ryan
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    I don't think we give our ancestors enough credit. Like creating Beer? To be creative enough to ferment yeast, ect. Like fuck! Bloody smart.