When you accidently road rage on Cowboy Cerrone

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  • XcellentMMA
    XcellentMMAMåned siden

    Dustin Poirier apologizes to Conor McGregor: nolocal.info/have/video/qoeZgNSxsadryZA

  • Adam Lewellen

    Adam Lewellen

    5 dager siden

    @TheFReeFRiesss" I feel fucking magical joe".

  • Adam Lewellen

    Adam Lewellen

    5 dager siden

    A old Man once sed you have two ears and 1 mouth, listen twice as much as you speak...

  • Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin

    6 dager siden

    Connor is a complete and total scumbag human being.

  • Tom Brown

    Tom Brown

    18 dager siden

    @viljamtheninja perfectly said!

  • Kylie Ohler

    Kylie Ohler

    25 dager siden

    gay and fake

  • Justin Curtis
    Justin Curtis21 time siden

    Haha, dude I totally wasn't expecting that at all. And they were both totally joking about it too!! 🤣🤣

  • Brady McKay
    Brady McKay22 timer siden

    Bro. Just show him your shoulders he’ll back off

  • penguins can fly
    penguins can fly23 timer siden


  • J Logan
    J LoganDag siden

    Lol this happened to my brother and me, we are both really big dudes and we accidentally took a parking spot someone else wanted (legit we really didnt see them) and this dude comes up like what the Fuck blah blah and we both get out of the truck not knowing whats going on but the dude legit stops in his tracks and screams "man Fuck yalls sasquatch look in asses" we legit were cracking up

  • RootStriker
    RootStriker2 dager siden

    Man that triangle choke he put on that black dude I forgot his name Ben something Was one of the most vicious chokes I’ve ever seen

  • Alberto Lebron
    Alberto Lebron2 dager siden

    Lmaaaaooo Lmaaaaooo

  • Porter Whitaker
    Porter Whitaker2 dager siden

    And uh uh. Pump pump. Pump yer gas for ya. Oh my god I'd be shitting bricks😂

  • Hoping to be wheat, Not a tare
    Hoping to be wheat, Not a tare2 dager siden

    That's awesome...good clean humor is a big help to this old world in these troubled times...thank you for sharing your fun with us. Great idea for a video. Central Kentucky here, may The Most High God bless you brother.

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy3 dager siden

    I'm sure he would go down with a bat

  • JonO387
    JonO3873 dager siden

    Am I supposed to know who that is?

  • Phouq yuu
    Phouq yuu3 dager siden

    Cowboy Cerrone vs Road Rager....IT'SSSSSSSS TIIIIIMMMMMMMMEEEE!!!!

  • Pittsburgh 412
    Pittsburgh 4123 dager siden

    Any "normal" everyday citizen wouldn't stand a chance against the cowboy lol

  • Calm down fake cop 1
    Calm down fake cop 14 dager siden

    Who cares fuck him

  • Chris Holland
    Chris Holland4 dager siden

    In a King Ranch dually too that definitely matches with his nickname.

  • Bill Harden
    Bill Harden4 dager siden

    Let it go.

  • kaz uma
    kaz uma4 dager siden


  • Larry sant
    Larry sant4 dager siden

    Too funny made my morning

  • Daniel Duncan
    Daniel Duncan4 dager siden

    He should have just knocked cowboy out like everyone else does.

  • Nick Campbell
    Nick Campbell4 dager siden

    He meant beat your ass... like everyone else seems to be doing lately.

  • idomatter nonya
    idomatter nonya4 dager siden


  • Michael Lindsey
    Michael Lindsey5 dager siden


  • Casey Huffman
    Casey Huffman5 dager siden

    My ex brother in law trained him

  • Str8blastn713 Htx south
    Str8blastn713 Htx south5 dager siden

    Nate Diaz would have changed cowboys attitude real quick. Stuck the bird instead of tapping gloves and got handled. Then Nate gave him 2 fingers before second round.

  • Devious One
    Devious One5 dager siden

    Always just let the shit go not worth it to rage, unless you are followed and raged upon then try to diffuse. If those don't work, then well do what you must. I myself am a natural in the violent spaces of this world, most citizens are not.

  • Accurize2 | Survival Gaming Channel
    Accurize2 | Survival Gaming Channel5 dager siden

    Completely staged, but funny nonetheless.

  • Corbin Blanchard Design
    Corbin Blanchard Design5 dager siden

    I don't get it, who is that guy?

  • Tim Gallagher
    Tim Gallagher6 dager siden

    Fake af

  • MamaMoonstone
    MamaMoonstone6 dager siden

    Pump ya gas for you omfg 🤣🤣💯

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker6 dager siden

    Am I supposed to know who this is NOlocal recommended?

  • ajaxmuse
    ajaxmuse6 dager siden

    Life lesson number one, if you see cauliflower ears just smile and wave, smile and wave boys

  • Frank Carlo
    Frank Carlo6 dager siden

    Must be a nice feeling knowing you can take 98% of anyone who try’s to test you...

  • Jae White
    Jae White6 dager siden

    I would still speak up, anyone does something fucking stupid deserves to hear about it. If you almost caused a crash you need to be held accountable. With us being adults and not four year olds no violence would occur. He's a professional fighter, not a fucking animal. Only one thats gonna fight over getting their ass reemed for something that they did and they know they did is fucking pussies.

  • JayDub And the Family
    JayDub And the Family6 dager siden

    Cowboy is Dope

  • Clark _Elite
    Clark _Elite6 dager siden

    People see my ears and then they turn around and run... I guess it's a good thing to have big ears.. 🤣

  • Hector Castro
    Hector Castro7 dager siden

    At the rate they’re dropping him in his fights I wouldn’t mind drunk fighting him 😂

  • Tyler Sowa

    Tyler Sowa

    3 dager siden

    You should not underestimate anyone bro . that's your first mistake..i know from experience

  • Gimbatul
    Gimbatul7 dager siden

    Feels fake. I'd love to have the confidence that comes along with knowing you could beat the shit out of anyone.

  • Mark
    Mark7 dager siden

    Don’t make me stay in my truck 🥺

  • Matthew Behne
    Matthew Behne7 dager siden

    Now that's how every road rage incident should end. Lol. I am not above pumping gas from my neighbor. Got to love it. 😄

  • Thomas C
    Thomas C7 dager siden

    Good humour

  • George Fielder The 2nd Accountant
    George Fielder The 2nd Accountant8 dager siden


  • John Ferrari
    John Ferrari8 dager siden

    Pu pu pu pu pu pu pu pu pump yer gas for ya🤣

  • ArchGBUStanton
    ArchGBUStanton8 dager siden

    I don't know who he is but he seems pretty cool and obviously has earned respect from others.

  • ArchGBUStanton


    8 dager siden

    Ok, I just brought his highlights, so, umm, don't anyone to him I said I didn't know who he was. As a matter of fact let's forget I even brought it up. 🤪

  • Louis Edwards
    Louis Edwards8 dager siden

    Never talk shit to someone with a gasoline nozel in hand , JUST DON'T. O.K.

  • Gaza
    Gaza8 dager siden

    Cowboys a legend 😂

  • Abram Gomez
    Abram Gomez8 dager siden

    Didn’t this guy get his ass beat in like 10 secs by Conor ?

  • john mcdonough
    john mcdonough8 dager siden

    Great save

  • Bmore Mike
    Bmore Mike8 dager siden

    Don’t think it was staffed. Just someone who realized who he was and tried to (successfully) be funny. Cowboy heard him say pump you gas and all was well.

  • Chiefs Coconut
    Chiefs Coconut8 dager siden


  • Ger Yang
    Ger Yang8 dager siden


  • dantz34
    dantz348 dager siden

    That's excellent

  • Srn C
    Srn C8 dager siden


  • Recrat Demopublican
    Recrat Demopublican8 dager siden

    It looks like Gary Brand

  • Heck with the name
    Heck with the name9 dager siden

    Hahahhahaha :)))

  • CrustyCritters
    CrustyCritters9 dager siden

    That's a diesel not gas

  • Ministry of WrongThink
    Ministry of WrongThink9 dager siden


  • Nick M
    Nick M9 dager siden

    Buy AMC theaters stock now 🚀✨

  • GH III
    GH III9 dager siden

    Me being the diesel lover that I am: 👀👀👀

  • John Doe
    John Doe9 dager siden

    --Random dude in a bar: "I know who you are and i'm not afraid of you!" --Mike Tyson: "Shit, i'm going back to jail!" 😂

  • Lil Biscuit10
    Lil Biscuit109 dager siden

    he ain’t bulletprooof

  • Mustang Mike
    Mustang Mike9 dager siden


  • D-NICE
    D-NICE9 dager siden


  • Seth Cain
    Seth Cain9 dager siden

    Who is cerrone and what the hell just happened

  • Seth Cain

    Seth Cain

    9 dager siden

    What did the dude say

    LIQUID FX9 dager siden

    People forget guns exist I guess...

  • Dave Shively
    Dave Shively9 dager siden


  • Tjeppen Blondeel
    Tjeppen Blondeel9 dager siden

    What does he says? "I hope you gas for you"

  • Rob Babcock
    Rob Babcock9 dager siden

    You're probably the only guy in town that hasn't knocked his ass out yet!😂

    10 FEET HIGHER MAGA9 dager siden

    Pretty soon to be Cake Paul apologizing to McGregor!

  • Jeff K
    Jeff K9 dager siden

    Knock the lucky charms out of ya

  • Anthony West Jr
    Anthony West Jr9 dager siden

    How a mumble rapper is born! LMAO

  • Burpo Stockings
    Burpo Stockings9 dager siden

    lmao that was great

  • William kilduff
    William kilduff9 dager siden

    Oh please quite "

  • Bryce Czirr
    Bryce Czirr9 dager siden

    But hasn't he lost more than won?

  • Ivan 23 Caravantes
    Ivan 23 Caravantes9 dager siden

    Broke back mountain in middle America. They some sickos out there.

  • Jestex Garcia
    Jestex Garcia9 dager siden

    Who the fuck is cowboy cerrone??

  • Sound4Sound MMA
    Sound4Sound MMA10 dager siden

    Haha Cowboy kills you with kindness sometimes 😂 BTW I just released an original Music inspired by Cerrone at my MMA channel! Feel free to take a listen 😉 Cheers

  • HodlOn Pig
    HodlOn Pig10 dager siden

    Smart funny man!

  • Poe The Fallen
    Poe The Fallen10 dager siden


  • navyDSM
    navyDSM10 dager siden

    If you a boxer hes done

  • Dean T. Perkins, Jr
    Dean T. Perkins, Jr10 dager siden

    hell yah! cowboy is down with MTB. 🤙🚵

  • ArbitraryLifestyle
    ArbitraryLifestyle10 dager siden

    Ayeee he mountain bikes :D rad!

  • tallll70
    tallll7010 dager siden

    What is Cerrone?

  • aka_just_matt
    aka_just_matt10 dager siden

    If "Don't be a 8itch" was a person

  • Moe A
    Moe A10 dager siden

    FYI Brock Lesnar is the camera man 😂😂

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    Anthony Nathan10 dager siden

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    Eduardo Paul

    10 dager siden

    @Morgan Sebastian Thanks for the info!!

  • Morgan Sebastian

    Morgan Sebastian

    10 dager siden

    += 1= (=7=7=2) 7=7=4=-0=6=1=0

  • Morgan Sebastian

    Morgan Sebastian

    10 dager siden

    His availability is on Wat's ap👇

  • Kevin nobody
    Kevin nobody10 dager siden

    Cerrone is a good guy. I've always liked the way he fights and always liked his style.

  • anooseholay
    anooseholay10 dager siden

    That’s funny!

  • Herps85
    Herps8510 dager siden

    Awesome so he knows he can drive like a jackass.

  • Arc Tan
    Arc Tan10 dager siden


  • Thomas Leader
    Thomas Leader10 dager siden

    Cowboy true legend of the sport

  • KODIAK928
    KODIAK92810 dager siden

    Cowboy is by FAR my favorite dude in mma a REAL DUDE

  • Eric P
    Eric P10 dager siden

    It sound like he said “I hope you’re gay” 😂😂😂

  • Aka_angrygoose
    Aka_angrygoose10 dager siden

    You have a pleasant day sir

  • Michael M McDonald
    Michael M McDonald10 dager siden

    Love cowboy. Last of the real men

  • Karl Hans
    Karl Hans10 dager siden

    "You're lucky im not Khabib".

  • Mage Alva
    Mage Alva10 dager siden

    Bro that guy survival instincts kicked in with that quick response to de escalate it 😂

  • Hello im MR Johnny Cash
    Hello im MR Johnny Cash10 dager siden

    what a bitch.

  • SupraJZA80
    SupraJZA8010 dager siden

    Win or lose , cowboy is the people’s champ!

  • Jutt Rockjaw
    Jutt Rockjaw10 dager siden


  • RichM
    RichM10 dager siden

    That was funny