When you're late for work


happens to the best of us


  • Fairbairn Films
    Fairbairn FilmsMåned siden

    we know this land well and we have lots of experience with vehicles. Fucking around with cars is how you get killed, don't try and copy us please

  • Ruby Foster

    Ruby Foster

    13 dager siden

    I don't have an AU-I have a TJ, so wouldn't even try.

  • Cameron Chatfield

    Cameron Chatfield

    26 dager siden


  • Cpt_Kick_A_Hoe _

    Cpt_Kick_A_Hoe _

    27 dager siden

    Hey mate can you please return my nan's car ?

  • FlamingBull


    27 dager siden

    Instructions unclear: I died after watching this video

  • Daylemur


    27 dager siden

    Oh im so doing this........... when im 18 only 8 years away

  • Spankerswithcars
    Spankerswithcars3 timer siden

    who needs fourbies when we have AU FALCONNNNSSS

  • Big Cazza
    Big Cazza22 timer siden

    my au has a v8 so i was 4 hours early

  • Lee Oakes
    Lee OakesDag siden

    How unrealistic, an AU would have made it in 5 minutes.

  • The King04
    The King042 dager siden


  • Nathan Donohue
    Nathan Donohue2 dager siden

    What do you mean your late. Never late in an AU

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay2 dager siden

    Mighty barra

  • Angus
    Angus3 dager siden

    Is that an au falcon

  • Ellis FourThirty
    Ellis FourThirty3 dager siden

    I love how he arrives at "work" and it's just like, a private domestic residence.

  • The Telk
    The Telk4 dager siden

    He's just completely damaging the car in the making 😂

  • Miller Perini
    Miller Perini4 dager siden

    Only way to drive an AU

  • hectic habib
    hectic habib4 dager siden

    the mighty au falcon in her glory

  • Da Jed
    Da Jed4 dager siden

    But you boys havent worked a day in your lives

  • Sainthuck
    Sainthuck4 dager siden

    Go the AU things are just made to punish

  • Hunted
    Hunted4 dager siden

    1:13 tokyo drift

  • David Ostrander
    David Ostrander5 dager siden

    I gave the video a like as soon as I realised they were probably destroying a car for it.

  • Conference87
    Conference875 dager siden

    Is the Ford Falcon the new Dodge Charger?

  • TheNismo1969
    TheNismo19696 dager siden

    And in 50 years time that falcon will be worth $100000

  • Tobias Zmitko
    Tobias Zmitko7 dager siden

    They just wanted an excuse to show of there shit box skillz

  • Truck Nutz
    Truck Nutz7 dager siden

    Wreck the Camry's and shit not the Holden and fords

  • ken duncan
    ken duncan8 dager siden

    Fuckin okies really digem

  • hemieMONSTER
    hemieMONSTER8 dager siden

    Mate love what you're doing. My brother and I were doing fun shit like this in Townsville in oonooba. We got all that shitty fence up that everyone In a 4×4 would run over and let us back in too do more stuff like this but in a XL. We called it the death machine 3. Never mind about one or two. Which were street legal cars? Don't know how. Ha Townsville. WOO THE BUSH BASHER!!!!!!

  • Jakub Paradowski
    Jakub Paradowski9 dager siden

    "ah, the land" - best opening scene in the whole cinematography

  • William Kypreos
    William Kypreos9 dager siden

    Up the Au

  • Thomas .Gilliland
    Thomas .Gilliland10 dager siden

    You know you could have gotten like 7 to 10 grand for the au in the condition. Not now unfortunately.

  • Sandro
    Sandro11 dager siden

    Jackass style

  • TampseyLp
    TampseyLp11 dager siden

    where did u buy these jeans jackson?

  • Flow Lyrics
    Flow Lyrics11 dager siden

    Appreciate the damaged he caused on the car just for a vid

  • Travis Lift
    Travis Lift11 dager siden

    This was just an excuse to buy a paddock basher and get the tax back wasnt it?

  • Fladdyator 4201
    Fladdyator 420111 dager siden

    Surely i come around one day and show yous how to really drive that falcon 😘

  • Christian M
    Christian M14 dager siden

    You guys trying to be whistlin diesel?

  • Dad Dy
    Dad Dy14 dager siden

    Up the mighty falcon

  • Sam Ross
    Sam Ross14 dager siden

    Uppa the au falc


    This video costs about $2000 for damage repairs

  • Jæ Š
    Jæ Š17 dager siden

    Afterwards he became a member of the MexicanHoonCartel

  • unknown youtuber
    unknown youtuber17 dager siden

    Respect to these people They almost broke there whole car just for a video

  • Danbo42
    Danbo4217 dager siden

    mad skids

  • Hey Im Kayo
    Hey Im Kayo18 dager siden

    Hey look it’s Darcy(he is the car)

  • Daniel S

    Daniel S

    18 dager siden

    Canonically true

  • Goose God
    Goose God18 dager siden

    Do ‘when your late on your homework

  • Nicole Vincent
    Nicole Vincent19 dager siden

    The poor axis 😢😂

  • damo dazza
    damo dazza19 dager siden

    1:03 still more flex that a 79

  • Nuwater Nu
    Nuwater Nu19 dager siden

    When you wanna write the weekend bush bashing car off on tax

  • Richie Demo
    Richie Demo19 dager siden

    Keep this up and you'll be the new rackaracka

  • Zach Woodyard
    Zach Woodyard19 dager siden

    He should just get on the cameraman’s back

  • Lobster with Mustard and Rice
    Lobster with Mustard and Rice19 dager siden

    "selling my car. Low mileage, driven by grandpa, good condition"

  • E Re
    E Re20 dager siden

    He's like Australias own Jackie Chan doing his own stunts - uninsured I'm guessing.

  • Mountainbike monte
    Mountainbike monte20 dager siden

    Congratulations your not dead

  • Perilous Pancake
    Perilous Pancake20 dager siden

    More capable than a stock 79

  • I have a Payne in my Ass
    I have a Payne in my Ass20 dager siden


  • Ashley Wootton
    Ashley Wootton20 dager siden

    Why do I want that to be my first car?

  • Jacka 101
    Jacka 10120 dager siden

    *Ford Advertising Music Intensifies*

  • SimonOpsi
    SimonOpsi20 dager siden

    Too bad he had a bad contract. In sweden you have at least 14 days left if you get fired and you can't get fired for any random reason. It has to be legit.

  • Ezra Lbs
    Ezra Lbs20 dager siden

    I wanna go to Australia and hangout with these dudes on the farm hah

  • My Name
    My Name21 dag siden

    Did you guys do the jump twice to get both camera angles?

  • Cookie TWB
    Cookie TWB21 dag siden

    Is that an au the God among cars?

  • privateer1812
    privateer181221 dag siden

    When u rush to work and speed like crazy... Only to get there and realise u have not been rostered on 😐

  • James R
    James R21 dag siden

    Isn't that normally how you drive a falcon?

  • bob jenkins
    bob jenkins22 dager siden

    you lads are crack-ups

  • Captain Zoll
    Captain Zoll22 dager siden

    he just couldn't handle the sheer power of the AU falcon

  • ROCKnROLL 17
    ROCKnROLL 1722 dager siden

    Uppa the mighty au 😂

  • steve anton
    steve anton22 dager siden

    "Ah the land" got me bad.

  • Stacey McNae
    Stacey McNae22 dager siden

    When you're late to work and gotta pop a doughy real quick

  • Qwer Tyu
    Qwer Tyu22 dager siden


  • Dave Bennett
    Dave Bennett22 dager siden

    if i remember correctly, he's a crack mechanic. he'll get it fixed up in no time.

  • Sparsh Mecwan
    Sparsh Mecwan23 dager siden

    The "films" in Fairbairn films makes sense now just a little though

  • Chris Kugler
    Chris Kugler23 dager siden

    clearly 3d graphics and photoshop. they put the steering wheel on the wrong side of the 3d model.

  • Zackeroo HQ
    Zackeroo HQ23 dager siden


  • That one dude You don't know
    That one dude You don't know23 dager siden

    Lmaooo that's the only kind of use I've ever seen a Ford fulfill but as usual just like most ford's it let ya down by miles in the end

  • richard
    richard23 dager siden

    Up the au

  • Anna Darko
    Anna Darko23 dager siden

    I'm not a car person, but I felt the shock absorbers.

  • Nasu
    Nasu23 dager siden

    Sacrificed the mondeo for the video.

  • Baking Bad
    Baking Bad23 dager siden

    Ahh the land

  • Fish Eat Repeat NZ
    Fish Eat Repeat NZ23 dager siden

    "How can we do skids in this car and claim against the damages "... "I know!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

  • Cry Havoc
    Cry Havoc24 dager siden


  • Bada Bing
    Bada Bing24 dager siden

    Imagine being so big time you get to f*ck up a Falcon

  • StalePancake
    StalePancake24 dager siden

    WA commuters be like

  • RundellMinecraft
    RundellMinecraft24 dager siden

    The thumbnails are getting better

  • KroneYT
    KroneYT24 dager siden

    We all know that you made this video just to justify thrashing a Ford Falcon around in the dirt.

  • isaac looi
    isaac looi24 dager siden

    "ah the land" Me: hmm yis the land

  • GREENACEx009
    GREENACEx00924 dager siden

    Love the detail that he left the windows down the whole ride even when dust was pelting him in the face mid-donut lmfao

  • Person Random
    Person Random25 dager siden

    He said 3 hour hike and it took 4 hours to drive?

  • Donna Tello
    Donna Tello25 dager siden

    Ahh yes, good ol' paddock basher

  • Idroid Solid
    Idroid Solid25 dager siden

    Gta driving in reality

  • Vaicy
    Vaicy25 dager siden

    This is literally the best video i've ever seen 🤣😂

  • qwerty
    qwerty26 dager siden

    darcy's acting as the car was amazing

  • rahib
    rahib26 dager siden

    Jackson's like 12 though.

  • Esteban Hetland Arizaga
    Esteban Hetland Arizaga26 dager siden

    tokyo drifting intensifies 0:45

  • Hazzaboy987
    Hazzaboy98726 dager siden

    Kids in Africa could’ve ate that car

  • Zach Brenner
    Zach Brenner26 dager siden

    It's a good thing Jackson is a certified mechanic

  • Anna Wensley
    Anna Wensley26 dager siden

    this vid is just for the burnouts aye boys

  • Squicx
    Squicx26 dager siden

    The budget on this one.. oh boy.

  • Austin 199
    Austin 19926 dager siden


  • T W
    T W26 dager siden

    Often companies will dock you half a day's pay if you're even just 15 minutes late, so employees don't even bother coming in if they know they're going to be late.

  • Alicia Miller
    Alicia Miller26 dager siden

    This is so Aussie it hurts...

  • boom chuchu
    boom chuchu26 dager siden

    Love me a falcon

  • Rhys Prosser Productions
    Rhys Prosser Productions26 dager siden

    The stunts in this were incredible.

  • Jordan Missaglia
    Jordan Missaglia26 dager siden

    up the au

  • wadeo1980
    wadeo198026 dager siden

    This is funny on so many levels

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan26 dager siden

    Best advertising Ford has done in ages.

  • Conner Coon
    Conner Coon27 dager siden

    This needs more likes...Right Away