Where is Peter McKinnon?

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  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnonMåned siden

    Hi Everyone! I have missed you! Feels so good to be back into uploading - The ball is rolling now folks, no stopping!

  • onsome stuff

    onsome stuff

    19 dager siden

    Hey Peter i just wanna thank you for making videos non stop. Couple days ago i borrowed some money to buy my first camera which is the M50. And when i got it, i just kept looking for people who's also looking for a photographer. Today I'm in business with girl model. My first time doing this, no experience. Just a knowledge that I've learned from u. From you're videos. Thank you for inspiring people. Don't stop. Just don't stop! Hahaha, wish u the best Pete! ♥️

  • Ssp ssp

    Ssp ssp

    Måned siden

    Then it stops rolling for another 2 months



    Måned siden

    Editing your photos again? *PLEASE*



    Måned siden

    Love ur new intro Pete!!! 😊😊

  • Mukisa Elijah

    Mukisa Elijah

    Måned siden

    Oh we missed yah😳

  • Sid Dasalla
    Sid Dasalla5 dager siden

    That COD intro!

  • Dakota Broskie
    Dakota Broskie10 dager siden

    Layton Utah just brought me back i lived in Brigham for 7 years and was like taken back!

  • V.S.M.O CH
    V.S.M.O CH12 dager siden


  • Keaton Habeck
    Keaton Habeck16 dager siden

    Heck yes please let there be a nomadic v2! Hope it’s a bit cheaper too

  • Kepoin T-Sipil
    Kepoin T-Sipil17 dager siden

    To another level. New intro? YEAH... I like this...

  • Escape to Thailand
    Escape to Thailand17 dager siden

    Brian G Johnson Put me onto you , cheers.

  • Tisovcc
    Tisovcc20 dager siden

    omfg that new intro tho

  • Danilo F. Martins
    Danilo F. Martins20 dager siden

    0:56 Geoffrey, bring Lucille

  • Waqas Ali
    Waqas Ali20 dager siden

    Pete you intro tutorial please many people whats the truth search on youtube peter mckinnon's intro pleaseeee

  • Sean Vargas
    Sean Vargas22 dager siden

    thank you for being such an inspiration 🙏🏽

  • Sean Vargas
    Sean Vargas22 dager siden

    focused on the new intro🔥

  • Dark Man Kpakpo
    Dark Man Kpakpo23 dager siden

    I totally want to learn how to create an intro like Pete's for my channel. This is amazing.

  • Jaeden Moore
    Jaeden Moore24 dager siden

    This has Vat-19 vibes

  • Roam Bearded
    Roam Bearded26 dager siden

    If you actually make it to Layton, hit me up in Ogden, coffee on me!

  • Billy Morgan
    Billy Morgan27 dager siden

    I think it would be awesome to do a montage of all your intros, you have come so freaking far!

  • Ricky Ng
    Ricky Ng29 dager siden

    2021 Linus Tech Tip Canadian Collab? time for server upgrade XD

  • Berk Rowland
    Berk Rowland29 dager siden

    If you do come to Utah, I run sales at the largest Centurion Boats dealership in the country here. If you want to catch a surf set, hit me up!! Could be a really fun edit.

  • kim e. powell
    kim e. powellMåned siden

    ladies and gents, pete’s back. 🔥

  • Elly Brian
    Elly BrianMåned siden


  • Nick Rozzell
    Nick RozzellMåned siden

    How is Peter McKonnin?

    MEMORIES STUDIOMåned siden

    What is the name of that classic music

  • Matt W
    Matt WMåned siden

    Dude I love the song choice for "another level". I was planning to use it for a promo video ive been working on. Great minds!

  • Matthew mashford
    Matthew mashfordMåned siden

    how much grams of coffee you use for the aero press?

  • Rush Mills
    Rush MillsMåned siden

    Dude!! You’re coming to Layton Utah??? If you ever need to know of some good places to go here, let me know! My buddy and I just started a NOlocal channel a few months ago and was inspired by your work. Love it!

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa NiMåned siden

    Damn the intro 🔥😱

  • Darian Michaud
    Darian MichaudMåned siden

    Love you Peter! So nice to see you again ☺️

  • Mike Lunc.
    Mike Lunc.Måned siden

    Missed this!

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    Måned siden

    this was awesome hahaha

  • Rob Sambles
    Rob SamblesMåned siden

    Oh man - I am mentioned sooo much in the comments! 🤣

  • Rob Sambles
    Rob SamblesMåned siden

    Kinda thinking I shouldn't have pressed the like. button before watching the video now.. 😃

  • Jordan Chou
    Jordan ChouMåned siden

    Can I tag along when you come to Layton?? 😅 @jordanchouphoto

  • Quantay Peoples
    Quantay PeoplesMåned siden

    Hey Peter, can you give my latest video a shoutout please.

  • John Drummond
    John DrummondMåned siden

    Are you going back to the pony tail? Got that Covid hair going on...

  • SayChizTV
    SayChizTVMåned siden

    The intro is killing it

  • Savannah on Film
    Savannah on FilmMåned siden

    Keep the great content coming in 2021!!!!

  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb BrownMåned siden

    Layton, Utah? What the heck would bring you there? I live in Utah and Layton definitely hasn't been an area I've thought has much.

  • Eric Cavazos
    Eric CavazosMåned siden

    I have a feeling Peter will be upgrading to a RAM TRX in 2021 🤪

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuytMåned siden

    Damn the intro 🔥😱

  • Sean Kerno
    Sean KernoMåned siden

    This has to be the best Q+A video.... super quick and straight to the point.... of course production was off the chain as always

  • kaden Galloway
    kaden GallowayMåned siden


  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    Måned siden

    The new intro really is to another level! Well done 👏

  • Kelley Schulberg
    Kelley SchulbergMåned siden

  • Donovan Lee
    Donovan LeeMåned siden

    Welcome back my dude!

  • JC Salcedo
    JC SalcedoMåned siden

    this was awesome hahaha

  • droneandroam
    droneandroamMåned siden

    Love that neon sign! 120fps

  • TheRealLex
    TheRealLexMåned siden

    I'm smiling at the intro already. I LOVE YOU

  • Gracey Freeman
    Gracey FreemanMåned siden

    Peter is in Julie Nolke's vid - What's in My Camera Bag 2021 😂😘

  • Cauchemars Production
    Cauchemars ProductionMåned siden

    Watched the intro several times. X 0.25 was a bit helpful tho. 😂 Creativity buff (in Peter's style) 🤯🤯🤯

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiuMåned siden

    Damn the intro 🔥😱

  • kel
    kelMåned siden

    1:52 i heard rattlesnake sound :D

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos FloresMåned siden

    Why the hate on Tacomas? Lol 😂

  • Conjuring Rock
    Conjuring RockMåned siden

    Peter talking in front of a camera. As awesomely entertaining as usual. Much Love dude 🇨🇦

  • Hayley Coleman
    Hayley ColemanMåned siden

    Ha! You made me laugh so many times in this one. Happy 2021.

  • Warren O Dowd
    Warren O DowdMåned siden

    new intro!!

  • bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    Måned siden

    Hi Everyone! I have missed you! Feels so good to be back into uploading - The ball is rolling now folks, no stopping!

  • Mubashir Ahmed
    Mubashir AhmedMåned siden

    Do you just feel the energy just by looking at this guy? 🔥❤

  • Julian Boe
    Julian BoeMåned siden

    The new intro really is to another level! Well done 👏

  • Jared Stanger
    Jared StangerMåned siden

    Would love be to show you around SLC when you come to Utah!

  • Jared Stanger

    Jared Stanger

    Måned siden

    Specifically top tier coffee!

  • HDS YT
    HDS YTMåned siden


  • Pluto
    PlutoMåned siden

    Song for coffee montage??sounds nice anyone know it? If so please tell me

  • Álex Sobrino
    Álex SobrinoMåned siden

    “Don’t get Covid-19 “ 😂😂😂 late😫

  • TechMyLifeVideo
    TechMyLifeVideoMåned siden

    Casey’s in a taComa. Hope he’s ok. Never skateboard in sambles.

  • Rob Sambles

    Rob Sambles

    Måned siden


    KYOTOMåned siden

    Damn that intro be poppin 🔥

  • Rab Tech
    Rab TechMåned siden

    Great app for

  • MrMatthew1301
    MrMatthew1301Måned siden

    Everyone asks where is Peter McKinnon. Nobody asks how is Peter Mckinno.

  • Andreas Kapl
    Andreas KaplMåned siden

    arg, slomo what's up man!

  • Rock girl
    Rock girlMåned siden

    Damn the intro 🔥😱

  • rufex2001
    rufex2001Måned siden

    I remember MKBHD saying "Why not make NOlocal videos be like movies in terms of quality?" Peter McKinnon is certainly making that a reality!

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby DooMåned siden

    Whats going on my Mann

  • Ashad Uz Zaman
    Ashad Uz ZamanMåned siden

    Yay let's gooooooo

  • Christopher McKenzie
    Christopher McKenzieMåned siden

    Peter, why Layton? That is in my neck of the woods.

  • Austin Christensen
    Austin ChristensenMåned siden

    Why Layton Utah? I live in salt lake!

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Måned siden

    Hi Everyone! I have missed you! Feels so good to be back into uploading - The ball is rolling now folks, no stopping!

  • Terry Koutinas
    Terry KoutinasMåned siden

    Great content as always Pete!

  • J L
    J LMåned siden

    That’s the best intro ever

  • Bosse S
    Bosse SMåned siden

    Loved it! So much good energy! Much needed in these times:) Keep up the spirits everyone!

  • Ming
    MingMåned siden

    billiards! love seeing some pool b-roll haha

  • jean emma
    jean emmaMåned siden

    this was dope! loved it!

  • Paul Compton PDphotography
    Paul Compton PDphotographyMåned siden

    You really are the top man at this nice one

  • Nancy Leicht
    Nancy LeichtMåned siden

    How do you store all your photos and videos, don't want to pay Google anymore already 200GB but not sure best option is to download all to external devices and potentially lose my footage in 2,5,10,50 years time??? I've lost heaps of childhood memories due to incompatible or old devices, not sure if I can trust external. Trying to start our utube channel, keep getting more GB by the day...your opinion please. Thanks and happy new year dude!!!$

  • Raheel Prasad
    Raheel PrasadMåned siden

    Why is Peter McKinnon?

  • Erik Wait Whisky Studies
    Erik Wait Whisky StudiesMåned siden

    There is a new format on NOlocal called shorts. Have you considered doing # shorts video? I’d be interested to see how you’d do them. Creatively they can be quite challenging. I’m posting 5 per week in addition to 2 full length videos and 1 livestream.

  • DW Films
    DW FilmsMåned siden

    Love the video, what I would have loved more if Tom's video started with "Peter...WHERE ARE YOUUWWWWWW"

  • Korrze
    KorrzeMåned siden


  • Laura Martin
    Laura MartinMåned siden

    Dude!! Feliz año nuevo!.. and also.... you have white hair!!.... sexy!!

  • Ralph Dayot
    Ralph DayotMåned siden

    When are you going to bother Matti again? 🤣

  • MrAlwaysOnTen
    MrAlwaysOnTenMåned siden


  • Gianni Mura
    Gianni MuraMåned siden

    Ngl, I prefer the previous intro. This is the same level of epic, but I preferred the tune

  • Joseph O.
    Joseph O.Måned siden

    Bruh, the background music(s), love em! 💯 Especially the one with the bass guitar

  • John Maksym
    John MaksymMåned siden

    Toyota Tundra TRD Black out edition.....

  • Jason Prgs
    Jason PrgsMåned siden

    Efren Bata Reyes

  • austyn thygerson
    austyn thygersonMåned siden

    How come you’re coming to Utah this year?!

  • Daniel Clarke
    Daniel ClarkeMåned siden

    Oh wow! David Boreanaz form Seal Team made and appearance!

  • Abdurrahman Farhan
    Abdurrahman FarhanMåned siden

    A banger of a video, thank you pete

  • Reepa Media
    Reepa MediaMåned siden

    how did i miss this upload? i be waiting on those notifs

  • Scyfox
    ScyfoxMåned siden

    When Covid is contained I really hope you get the chance to visit my country. A lot of people overseas come here cause you have deserts, ice, beach, snow, forests, big cities and a lot of cool things to see in a long but thin piece of country: Chile You are most welcomed here :p

  • Randy Gerdes
    Randy GerdesMåned siden

    Layton UT??? Just moved near there, what should I see?

  • Star Voyager
    Star VoyagerMåned siden

    Hey Pete 📷 welcome back! Could you please do a segment on the best camera gear (Canon of course) to shoot sports, and wildlife? Under every condition possible, no matter the global 🌎📷 location! Think of the possibilities 🤔📽🎞 It's fun waiting 2 happen! Thx bruh! 🤟🤩🤟

  • Varun 37
    Varun 37Måned siden

    Just a simple video with a lot of efforts ❤️

  • Arindam Chowdhury
    Arindam ChowdhuryMåned siden

    What an intro 😍🙌🏻

  • Carlos Veloz
    Carlos VelozMåned siden

    I live 2 miles away from Layton, Utah!

  • Peter Lindblom
    Peter LindblomMåned siden

    That new “Another Level” intro is amazing! I’d love to see a matching outro for that one as well, just an idea:)

  • Олег Буланов
    Олег БулановMåned siden

    Thank you for your energy! pumped to start filming and a channel because of you! thank you! And I will start it, let it be my 2021 resolution! Just want make it happen and desided to write it down here. you’re awesome! Your vids always make me feel better!