Who Can Do The Best Burn Out???

Want up upgrade your trucks exhaust check out these guys.

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  • Justin Branen
    Justin Branen21 minutt siden

    Hold down your traction control button and will keep it off

  • Green thumb
    Green thumb33 minutter siden

    Noooooo, I want to see if tractor sells, ugh. Gotta wait for the next video. Everybody will be cranking necks around screen to see if empty spot on floor...

  • Scott Sasser
    Scott Sasser52 minutter siden

    I just watched a video on somebody here on NOlocal on how much NOlocal pays people that put videos out you guys need to put out at least for a week in order to make any good money you two takes a big chunk of it so the more you put out the more you're going to make the more they're going to make too but you need to put at least for a week

  • Robert Valentine
    Robert ValentineTime siden

    What's next - K&N Cold Air Kits?

  • jacob slemp
    jacob slempTime siden

    Time for a cold air on that Ford my 5.0 woke up a lot

  • Lily Welch-New
    Lily Welch-NewTime siden

    Awesome video!!

  • Fixnandfarming
    FixnandfarmingTime siden

    Kids 😂😎

  • Michele kuhne
    Michele kuhne2 timer siden

    Gotta say, it was the Big Swede!

  • Roger Goodrich
    Roger Goodrich2 timer siden

    Chet, you drive a GOAT, not a ram

  • sledstorm1
    sledstorm12 timer siden

    Burns the tires off, bitches how much it cost him. lol

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith3 timer siden

    Ford press and hold the trac control for 10 sec and she will eat harder

  • C Chebuhar
    C Chebuhar3 timer siden

    I can’t believe that Dad is going to let go of the 8520 .....

  • Roger Weber
    Roger Weber3 timer siden

    Bleach burn outs with DOUGO. New NOlocal channel.

  • Travis Whitehill
    Travis Whitehill3 timer siden

    Nothing like a farther and son and best friend playin with loud trucks and burning rubber looks like a good time

  • Jason Kath
    Jason Kath3 timer siden

    Do you guys like that desk chair? what brand?

  • Donald Triumph
    Donald Triumph3 timer siden

    Sparks ⚡️ ****

  • Donald Triumph
    Donald Triumph3 timer siden

    Just can’t beat welding overhead in just a shirt 👕 those soaks hurt like a proper Bitch

  • Big Johnson
    Big Johnson3 timer siden

    !!!!!!!Attention Really like your videos they are very entertaining and or provide good content to learn new things around the farm. I would also like some info on your pit that you were working in?????? Would like to know how deep? and wide? and approximately how long it is as well? Is it wide enough for most jobs? I see it has something that is able to roll over the top is that something to jack off of or just a oil pan sump? Is there anything you would change on it to make it better. I am looking to put one in and would like to do it right the first time. Thanks for you comment answers in advance!!!!!!!

  • Maxwell Rattunde
    Maxwell Rattunde3 timer siden

    Go to custom offsets from Wisconsin they got the biggest rim selection and there from Appleton wisconsin

  • Robert Webb
    Robert Webb4 timer siden

    It's a FORD what did you exspect , You knew that when you perchased it LOL..

  • Big Bro
    Big Bro4 timer siden

    Fixing the Ford

  • Arthur Ferreira
    Arthur Ferreira4 timer siden

    Chet Let us know how Nicole is doing

  • Harvey Bauer
    Harvey Bauer4 timer siden

    Chet? Prudent way of spending Nichole’s GoFundMe? You the Man!

  • James B.
    James B.5 timer siden

    Few months ago your asking for money to help pay medical bills for your wife. You spend money on your truck , burn rubber , you guys have the biggest garage newest equipment. I believe you guys are not true and do not consider those that have less.Losssing interest in your channel.

  • Benton Gardner
    Benton Gardner5 timer siden

    Ford sounds better

  • Amos Soma
    Amos Soma5 timer siden

    Boys and their toys!!

  • glen morrissey
    glen morrissey5 timer siden

    I remember way back when you can only get about a dozen different styles of rims

  • Benton Gardner
    Benton Gardner5 timer siden

    Still 2 to 1 back to 2.

  • Tyler Closson
    Tyler Closson5 timer siden

    Bleach does great Smoky burn out I used have a s10 I put window wash just from under hood in bed of truck hooks to switch so when burning out flip the switch and smoke would linger in road for almost a hour after done I got few tickets from it to much fun for the cops and usly was other people calling me in but beach was the best for most smoke

  • Aaron
    Aaron5 timer siden

    At least Chet got both tires to spin! LOL!

  • Steve Neal
    Steve Neal6 timer siden

    great video, but I would hate to have to buy new tires...

  • kevin crile
    kevin crile6 timer siden

    You need a Crusher for your oil filters you'll get the oil back and you won't take up so much space on your oil filters

  • niels motmans
    niels motmans6 timer siden

    Larson you should hold the traction controll button 6sec then the system shutsdown traction completely ;) just pushing it will do half but holding it for 6sec will shut it down 100% ;)

  • Ronnie Davis
    Ronnie Davis6 timer siden

    These boys and their antics!

  • Dry Roasted
    Dry Roasted7 timer siden

    Boys and their toys.

  • Redeemed Farmer
    Redeemed Farmer7 timer siden

    The Three musketeers........you guys have the same chemistry

  • David Gallagher
    David Gallagher8 timer siden

    “Dollars on roads” there you have it.

  • Doug Sigman
    Doug Sigman8 timer siden

    You can’t make this stuff up!!👍✌️🇺🇸!!

  • Peter Moller
    Peter Moller8 timer siden

    Volvo was first nolocal.info/have/video/oqmVjLWmz6OY2Ws

  • Jean Louis Binchet
    Jean Louis Binchet8 timer siden

    Superbe travail sur l’échappement et quelle sonorité, 👍😍 Et un train de pneus, un 😂😂😂

  • Larry Thompson
    Larry Thompson8 timer siden

    It’s nice people post video of themselves breaking traffic laws. Just watch some jealous neighbor will complain. And you provided video proof. Once it’s complained about the Police almost have to do something. Don’t give so much location info. I likely could find those skid marks. Wear your seat belts.

  • Mark Hoare
    Mark Hoare9 timer siden

    Awesome video

  • narelle sandstrom
    narelle sandstrom9 timer siden

    new channel sounds good

  • WestIsBest
    WestIsBest9 timer siden

    Pickup needs under body seal badly

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown10 timer siden

    It’s just a Ford that’s a problem it’s not a ram

  • Michael McBride
    Michael McBride10 timer siden

    And the next video will be the best place to buy new tires.

  • Sandra Clark
    Sandra Clark10 timer siden

    Boys and their toys!😎😎

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom11 timer siden

    You should contact Deboss Garage on NOlocal and get him to tune the engines

  • Austin Beimers
    Austin Beimers11 timer siden

    Both the fiat and the ford are still to quiet

  • budlvr
    budlvr11 timer siden


  • Farm Boy
    Farm Boy11 timer siden

    Nice job fellas!!! Next up for the new sounding exhaust,.....the Semis, QuadTracs, John Deere RX. (With burnouts please)(Ha!Ha!)

  • Tricky Dicky
    Tricky Dicky11 timer siden

    I'm almost 70, and my biggest fear is waking up one morning to find I've grown up.

  • spike Landman
    spike Landman12 timer siden

    Oy vey! I'm starting a tire store close to the shop! With LOTS of stock. Lol

  • kam08479
    kam0847912 timer siden

    Two quick taps on the traction control button puts that Ford into Sport Mode

  • Farming - Firefighting and Fun with Big John
    Farming - Firefighting and Fun with Big John12 timer siden

    Looks like you all had a fun day! Thanks for sharing!

  • framfull
    framfull12 timer siden

    Looks great with Steiger green!

  • Chris Purvis
    Chris Purvis12 timer siden

    Cool video Chet! Now I want to put a new exhaust in my 07 GMC lol

  • Aaron Rexius
    Aaron Rexius12 timer siden

    lmao the ford has no locking diff.. no wonder it can burn one tire.. lol

  • Ethan Langseth
    Ethan Langseth12 timer siden

    LOL - Your Exhibition Driving citations are probably in the mail.

  • thebohemianfarmer
    thebohemianfarmer12 timer siden

    ATF works as well as bleach. Time for a locker on the Big Swede's Ford!

  • Bart Noone
    Bart Noone12 timer siden

    Fun video

  • Steve Adams
    Steve Adams12 timer siden

    The only difference between men and boys is the amount of money spent on their toys! I love the new sounds!!!

  • Erik Laxy
    Erik Laxy13 timer siden

    Nice video, and fun to see "the kids" smile when they get the new toys :)

  • Jodi Honsey
    Jodi Honsey13 timer siden

    Sounds like a dodge....standard

  • Matt Tipple
    Matt Tipple13 timer siden

    The F-150 has officially destroyed the Fiat.

  • Karrie Falon Johnson
    Karrie Falon Johnson13 timer siden

    i build mostly big tractors and tillage equipement but needed a grain truck

  • Karrie Falon Johnson
    Karrie Falon Johnson13 timer siden

    if you guys seen my grain truck i built on my vitualreality game i waste my days on, Mr. Larson would wannt one so badly

  • CamBreBet3 v
    CamBreBet3 v13 timer siden

    Loved the video . Trucks sound great .

  • Daniel Lane
    Daniel Lane13 timer siden

    When you've been watching too much whistlin diesel 😂😂😂

  • Randy Frenette
    Randy Frenette13 timer siden

    Gezzz turn the advanced trac off sweed. What the heck man

  • B H
    B H14 timer siden

    Chinese steel will rust easily. Salt or no salt. All manufacturers use Chinese steel.

  • AltairRules
    AltairRules14 timer siden

    If you guys wanna swap out your lights to LEDs, check out superbrightleds dot com. That’s where I got all of mine for my wrx including the led flasher relay. I even put LEDs in my JD mower. Lol.

  • Nicholas Hartsock
    Nicholas Hartsock14 timer siden

    My dad has on his 1996 Chevy pickup and he has turbo tubes with it out the sides, and it bounces off of everything possible, but it doesn’t have that degree pointing down enough so it don’t give you that awesome bridge sound when your going over a bridge😂😂

  • roger frank
    roger frank14 timer siden

    way to go Dougo clorox works

  • roger frank
    roger frank14 timer siden

    70's exhaust was awesome

  • roger frank
    roger frank14 timer siden

    2 kids having fun sounds nice

  • Dean Webster
    Dean Webster14 timer siden

    SO Awesome! This was a really great video!

  • Ryan Jensen
    Ryan Jensen14 timer siden

    The smile on a man's face after a burn out is gold.

  • Josh Swyers
    Josh Swyers14 timer siden

    This was fun for you and for us! Thanks!

  • Tim Winiarski
    Tim Winiarski14 timer siden

    Let that ole dog hunt

  • Alex Drake
    Alex Drake14 timer siden

    " Hello... Is this Mrs Dougo? This is the Highway Patrol. You need to come down to the barracks and bail out Dougo. Yes.. YOUR Dougo. Well, ma'am, he was leaving his rubber all over the road. No ma'am, not THAT rubber. It was from his tires. Anyway, we picked him up as he was parked in front of the church getting ready to launch it. He kept yelling, " Hey God! Watch this!" No ma'am. You can't just leave him here. He keeps on sweeping our floor. The other inmates are getting upset with him. What's that ma'am? No ma'am. I don't know if the Big Swede has come out of orbit yet. He was asking for a landing pattern last we heard from him. Excuse me ma'am? No ma'am, if you bail him out and don't like him, you can't bring him back. We are the Highway Patrol. We aren't Walmart"

  • Mary Lou Mulloy
    Mary Lou Mulloy14 timer siden

    Love it, Love it, always young at heart and love watching you guys goofing around. A good winters day to do it on also as when spring comes you won't be having time to mess and goof around but funnnnnnnnnn today. Thanks for the memories and the fun! Still young at heart here! Blessings and stay safe guys............ :-)

  • Bobby Fisher
    Bobby Fisher14 timer siden

    Add a Pedal Commander, it will be the best mod you could do, it will wake that RAM up, plug and play two minute install

  • big burt
    big burt14 timer siden

    Muffler man is stylin with that stash.

  • richard sirvio
    richard sirvio14 timer siden

    any one can do that on below zero asphalt and cold tires

  • JohnDeere Walz
    JohnDeere Walz14 timer siden

    One day you will decide to blow the black smoke and not only in in tractors!!!

  • Alan Wilcox
    Alan Wilcox14 timer siden

    Nicole: I have to say once again” The only difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys”. AND YOUR boys have the world’s BEST toys. Captain Al from Tampa😎 BTW....... What’s all that white stuff all over the ground?

  • Colten Childers
    Colten Childers14 timer siden

    Eric has to hold down the traction control button button off till it says advance Track off and it will rip

  • Glen Laughlin
    Glen Laughlin14 timer siden

    Boys will be boys! Tsk Tsk Tsk.

  • Oliver77
    Oliver7715 timer siden

    Andy from Farming, Fixing and Fabricating has a bigger floor sweeper.

  • Michael Dietsch
    Michael Dietsch15 timer siden

    It’ll have to wait till spring. ( See profile picture )

  • stirlingfromla
    stirlingfromla15 timer siden

    Why don't farmers wear seatbelts?

  • joe volk
    joe volk15 timer siden

    Their all good videos but this one does stand out. Good time !!!

  • Andrew Hammes
    Andrew Hammes15 timer siden

    Man i wish you gave it the title I commented on Instagram

  • John Grabbe
    John Grabbe15 timer siden

    It’s hard to tell from the video, but how was they cab noise? I know they said there shouldn’t be any drone but what do you think?

  • James Jones
    James Jones15 timer siden

    Send me your drivers license and registration what court date do you want. lol. The FORD gotcha.

  • Mark C
    Mark C15 timer siden

    That’s awesome......

  • Ronald Boake
    Ronald Boake15 timer siden

    Lol enjoy

  • Truck Jones
    Truck Jones15 timer siden

    I miss my GMC Typhoon. 😞

  • Chet O
    Chet O15 timer siden

    Let me get this stright that Ford won't even squeal the tires at all. What a hunk of chud