Who Will Be In The Next Sidemen Tinder?

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Song Name: Fire
Artists: Shystie feat. Jme & Double S
Album: Shystie: Blue Magic
Producer: Elicit

Shystie: iamshystie
Jme: JmeBBK
Double S : doubleSmusician
Elicit: ThisIsElicit


Video uploaded by:
Zerkaa | ZerkaaHD | ZerkaaPlays


  • Thabi sibandole
    Thabi sibandole10 timer siden

    Niko on tinder plz

  • A1_Nero
    A1_NeroDag siden

    Logan Paul, Tommyinit (when he’s of age), Joe Weller, Deji, and other siblings of the sidemen

  • Drew Byam
    Drew Byam2 dager siden

    Where the next vacation

  • Roopinder Benipal
    Roopinder Benipal4 dager siden

    try get this youtuber called Rampz in one of the tinder videos becuase he's a savage

  • OllieAdams7
    OllieAdams74 dager siden


  • Noah Willems
    Noah Willems4 dager siden

    guys, HONEY SAVES YOU SOOOO MUCH MONEY!! If you don't have this - take literally 1 minute to set it up!

  • Noah Willems

    Noah Willems

    4 dager siden

    Yes, I am replying to my own comment- I am not a bot KEKW It is worth getting HONEY

  • Konzaking
    Konzaking4 dager siden

    10:40 josh: “how do I stop her from stealing my girlfriend?”.... make her your wife?

  • BentStudios
    BentStudios4 dager siden

    Get tommyinnit in the tinder video!

  • Gelani Akhluev
    Gelani Akhluev5 dager siden

    Do niko omilana and darkestman that would be sick

  • Jamie McGrogan
    Jamie McGrogan6 dager siden


  • Beth’s Bain
    Beth’s Bain6 dager siden

    I think tgf should be in the next sidemen tinder that would be sickk

  • mason challinor
    mason challinor7 dager siden

    I’d say get in pie face, niko and reload a Stephen tries 2.0 for the tinder

  • Ollie Cole
    Ollie Cole7 dager siden

    3:53 Zach and Jay?

  • Reflex- Deadeye
    Reflex- Deadeye7 dager siden


  • TheBlue Assassin
    TheBlue Assassin7 dager siden

    Why dont you guys do another calorie challenge since those bang, but this time its only fast food franchises, so u can compare the calories and the food with the american guys. pls help him to see this

  • esshaje
    esshaje8 dager siden

    we need TGF in tinder

  • YxngAdam
    YxngAdam8 dager siden

    Mikescomedy please

  • Salah Siraj
    Salah Siraj8 dager siden

    He should get Big Shaq (Micheal Dapaah) in a tinder

  • Flow
    Flow9 dager siden

    nelk plsssssssssssss

  • ellie gilbert
    ellie gilbert9 dager siden

    put WILLNE in the next sidemen tinder!!!

  • John Connor
    John Connor9 dager siden

    I would love to see Mo gilligan in the next sidemen tinder

  • Ivan Nemet
    Ivan Nemet9 dager siden

    Do sidemen the wheel for sidemen sunday

  • ulanchique
    ulanchique9 dager siden

    jme, niko and randy in the next sidemen tinder

  • Liam Wheeler
    Liam Wheeler9 dager siden

    Beta squad would be class

  • Jerred Farmer
    Jerred Farmer9 dager siden

    Niko, Phil, JME, Stephen Tries, Callux, Freezy, Randolph, TrueJordie, Deji, Logan Paul, Manny, Josh

  • James
    James9 dager siden

    Josh speaking facts as usual. Leave the poor lasses alone. They are helping them make us content

  • Memuna Mansaray
    Memuna Mansaray10 dager siden


  • Emily Appleby
    Emily Appleby10 dager siden

    I was in the Sidemen Tinder 2 video!! Would love to do another video with you guys - was a proper laugh!

  • Arian A
    Arian A10 dager siden

    18:32 imagine freya hearing him😂

  • Arian A
    Arian A10 dager siden

    Big up big josher

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba10 dager siden

    Vikram should be😂 and randy, freezy, lux and stephen

  • Iz44n H
    Iz44n H10 dager siden

    Please get darkest

  • Max Dickson
    Max Dickson10 dager siden

    I loved harry pinero

  • Kieren M
    Kieren M10 dager siden

    do a tinder with jimmy chris chandler and karl!!

  • Harry Flanagan
    Harry Flanagan11 dager siden

    Get Yung filly, JME and Niko

  • Aaa Ggg
    Aaa Ggg11 dager siden

    After covid they need to go to the US and do a bunch of collabs

  • Abigail
    Abigail11 dager siden

    Romell and Jay need to be in a Tinder Video

  • Moonek123
    Moonek12311 dager siden

    More Sweet Anita she was hillarious

  • Oreo _Kitten
    Oreo _Kitten11 dager siden

    Tommyinnit should be in sidemen tinder Lmao

  • Tom Blowers
    Tom Blowers11 dager siden

    Get Logan Paul and Mike Maljak in the next sidemen tinder

  • Theopower Lol
    Theopower Lol11 dager siden

    Pewdipie in tinder

  • Clanciee
    Clanciee11 dager siden

    Get darkest man

  • It’s Yaboi
    It’s Yaboi11 dager siden

    Get jay romell and phelan from tgfbro

  • Kalisha-Mia Quantock
    Kalisha-Mia Quantock11 dager siden

    Have your girlfriends come on and be in the videos, we also need to see a celebrity one please!!!

  • Yamzie Moyo
    Yamzie Moyo11 dager siden

    The Filly, Pinero & Chunks was the best one so far!

  • Waffle Cat
    Waffle Cat11 dager siden

    3:53 Gordon Ramsay 100%

  • AgentCurry4521
    AgentCurry452111 dager siden

    I think we need Niko on a Sidemen Tinder. like to agree 👍

    LAKSHYA VERMA11 dager siden

    Aitch Anthony joshua and chunkz

  • Liv Key
    Liv Key11 dager siden

    they need to do a TikTok sidemen tinder

  • jdwallace23
    jdwallace2311 dager siden

    TGFBro in a Sidemen Tinder would be quality

  • Aaron 4
    Aaron 411 dager siden

    Niko TGF joe weller would be so good

  • Thomas Davies
    Thomas Davies11 dager siden

    Hunted isn’t fake or staged

  • Yoloboy8 Yes
    Yoloboy8 Yes11 dager siden

    Me: Sidemen Tinder but its with gays Josh: it’s already in the list.

  • Bihbebbihb Wpjoeijw
    Bihbebbihb Wpjoeijw11 dager siden

    Why not Randolph in tinders

  • Damhan Mc Garrity
    Damhan Mc Garrity11 dager siden

    I think tgf,niko and willne would be jokes

  • Kashful Haqq
    Kashful Haqq11 dager siden

    The Eboys in sidemen tinder HMMMM

  • Fradders
    Fradders11 dager siden

    You should get the TGF group in, if not, just Jay and Romell, that would be a banging video

  • Dylan Burger
    Dylan Burger11 dager siden

    Ayo i beg please can i win for once like oms the clothing from these stores are on point like.

  • Salman Ehsan
    Salman Ehsan11 dager siden


    IRFAN ALI11 dager siden

    Zerk terk

  • Salman Ehsan
    Salman Ehsan11 dager siden

    my ex gf used to call me 'honey'😢😢😢

  • mg6
    mg611 dager siden

    Have mattfosefittnes in tinder

  • eoinc gmf
    eoinc gmf11 dager siden

    We need phil

  • Toby Vaatstra
    Toby Vaatstra11 dager siden

    Logan and some of his mates for the American team

  • LED had an idea
    LED had an idea11 dager siden

    Wilbur Soot. And his guitar. Y does a not-so-little voice in my head immediately think Wilbur, and the rest of it agrees. I wanna c him go up to a girl and sing "and did u no I've also got depression, self-diagnosed, thought I should mention, I thought u could b the 1 2 fix me" lol. Genuinely tho, I do wanna c Wilbur lol

  • Fishy Plays
    Fishy Plays11 dager siden

    In sideman tinder you should ask tgfbro

  • S7_MUSIC
    S7_MUSIC11 dager siden

    get pieface23 in the next sidemen tinder

  • Jake Wright
    Jake Wright11 dager siden

    Should play ufc4

  • Lil Wad
    Lil Wad11 dager siden


  • Pedro Cruz
    Pedro Cruz11 dager siden


  • Nazu Barik
    Nazu Barik11 dager siden

    I want to see Mr Beast in nxt sideman tinder

  • Montero Montero
    Montero Montero11 dager siden

    Should do a sidemen showdown road trip with two teams across a country or continent. You use that app you used for the 10,000 holiday video, to see who gets a head start or who gets a better car for example. And whoever gets to the finishing end the first wins something. What that something is though I dont know.

  • Eamonn
    Eamonn11 dager siden

    Back on trending for gaming😔

  • k
    k11 dager siden

    Belle delphine should be in the next sidemen tinder

  • Conscious
    Conscious11 dager siden

    Get Harry out of his comfort zone more 😂 Ik 20vHarry is already recorded

  • Dedsq
    Dedsq11 dager siden

    Get tgf on next tinder vid

  • nugget 06
    nugget 0611 dager siden

    Joe and jasper

  • LonelyNinja157
    LonelyNinja15711 dager siden

    You guys must do sidemen tinder with porn stars . The video will explode

  • nadhir _hunter
    nadhir _hunter12 dager siden

    darkest man in the next tinder video

  • Jake Wosser
    Jake Wosser12 dager siden

    Tinder video: sidemen+filly/chunkz/HP/Niko/Darkest man/Mo Gilligan/Jack Whitehall

  • Kenneth Van Olderen
    Kenneth Van Olderen12 dager siden

    Maria Azuniga in the next sidemen tinder

  • Kenneth Van Olderen
    Kenneth Van Olderen12 dager siden

    Would love to see the sidemen make a video with de bankzitters

  • Emerich Jing
    Emerich Jing12 dager siden

    Pls get darkest man in the next sidemen vid

  • Noa Strömer
    Noa Strömer12 dager siden

    lando norris in sidemen tinder imagine

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah12 dager siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Osaid Khan
    Osaid Khan12 dager siden

    Faze Kay’s ex girlfriend, charlotte

  • Miki ?
    Miki ?12 dager siden

    MoreSidemen play secret hitler?

  • Ben Cameron
    Ben Cameron12 dager siden

    sidemen Mario kart, go go-carting with nerf guns, have paper cubes on the track to run over, your car gets hit you have to break to a stop before you can accelerate, wear stupid costumes, have dumb forfeits. and you could probable film it in lockdown cause cart tracks will be cheap as chips right now

  • whorecity
    whorecity12 dager siden

    put Isaac H.P in sidemen tinder pls

  • yisroel chapper
    yisroel chapper12 dager siden

    Genius idea u have to do that would bemaassive

  • Jamie Beattie
    Jamie Beattie12 dager siden

    Can you get honey on an iPad

  • Lemuutje
    Lemuutje12 dager siden

    Try to get darkest man on sidemen tinder

  • Wyatt Bedford
    Wyatt Bedford12 dager siden

    you could do sidemen go carting with landon norris

  • Hughesy Games
    Hughesy Games12 dager siden

    Pie face for tinder

  • #7x3 Smoke
    #7x3 Smoke12 dager siden


  • TOMMY Dean
    TOMMY Dean12 dager siden

    Dream smp members should be in one

  • Username


    3 dager siden

    Fuck no

  • JGM-GaMErZ
    JGM-GaMErZ12 dager siden

    Ngl i would like to see tgf jay and romell in a sidemen would be jokes

  • dominic marsden
    dominic marsden12 dager siden

    Tomminnit for the next sidemen tinder

  • Chadin Hadin
    Chadin Hadin12 dager siden

    Hey add josh from explore with josh .. it can be funny 😄

  • Hayden ,
    Hayden ,12 dager siden

    Imagine the eboys in a sidemen tinder video