Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain?


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  • Jay Foreman
    Jay Foreman9 dager siden

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  • yfelwulf


    4 dager siden

    @Jimbob Robob Exactly how would control hundreds of millions of people even the Germans found it near impossible.

  • yfelwulf


    4 dager siden

    @Influence08 Australia never entered Europe other than providing pilots.

  • Jimbob Robob

    Jimbob Robob

    4 dager siden

    Planning for an invasion is a bit of the usual paranoid middle class overreach about the USSR. As if a conventional bombing campaign might not have preceded a nuclear one or sabotage and special ops by agents and special forces wouldn't have been a thing. Invasion indeed! How paranoid. It's as if the anxiety over Putin has pushed aside the collapse of the USSR under it's own deficiencies when it was revealed to be almost certainly incapable of such a thing and had been for decades.

  • yfelwulf


    4 dager siden

    @thats not your bussines Unlike America that is about to become a 4th World Country.

  • yfelwulf


    4 dager siden

    @Raged Ape evo Russia had Germany on the run before the Allies entered Europe they actually captured Berlin. They also at Americas request defeated Japan in just 2 weeks. America only fought 20% of the Japanese Army that had no equipment and had to steal food to operate. They used the A Bomb to stop them surrendering to Russia. FYI the British Army outfought and captured more territory than America in Europe you must have seen the movie version where America won.

    HRTBRK16 minutter siden

    The way I was caught out by the “don’t watch it now, watch it later” spooked me😭

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt20 minutter siden

    The Soviet maps warmly recommends the 123-metre spire of Salisbury.

  • -Lightning Will-
    -Lightning Will-Time siden

    It's bc they know who to be scared of

  • daviduribe004
    daviduribe0042 timer siden

    lol russia "won" ww2

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    20 minutter siden

    0:49 excuse me? i am a native polish speaker and have absolutely not an ounce of a clue what you were trying to say

  • Sergio Juan Membiela
    Sergio Juan Membiela3 timer siden

    OTOH, I did read a story about Western made maps of Moscow being the best ones. That because the Russian messed with their official maps to avoid giving away intelligence (www.nytimes.com/1988/09/03/world/soviet-aide-admits-maps-were-faked-for-50-years.html). IIRC, it ended being so bad that diplomats in Moscow needed to use the maps provided by their own intelligence agencies (mainly the CIA) to do their routine functions, and the maps being leaked to everyone (including Russians with the right connections!) who needed to travel through Moscow.

  • Generic Rants
    Generic Rants4 timer siden

    Why are people surprised that Russians can make good maps, if it was the US that made these maps of USSR nobody would bat an eye

  • some dude
    some dude4 timer siden

    The WWII comment could be debated

  • icumsriracha
    icumsriracha5 timer siden

    Very good.

  • mrcellophane99
    mrcellophane996 timer siden

    Where can we see a Russian map of Area 51 ?

  • Úna Parkinson
    Úna Parkinson6 timer siden

    Great as always

  • Sprint955ST
    Sprint955ST6 timer siden

    Well, either I’m mistaken or I just heard Jay’s distinctive tones doing a voice continuity on top telly channel Dave??!!

  • Jay Foreman

    Jay Foreman

    4 timer siden

    You’re not mistaken, I have done some voiceover work for Dave.

  • Barry Scott
    Barry Scott7 timer siden

    I'm just glad someone else identified the true victors of the 2nd world war

  • René Larsen
    René Larsen7 timer siden

    Well Arnold Schwarzenegger let the cartographer go together with Jackie Chan from the jail in Tayna pechati drakona so im sure thats why..

  • Filu
    Filu10 timer siden

    Russian didnt made vodka

  • Łukasz Pawłowski
    Łukasz Pawłowski11 timer siden

    "Kolczyste" (Colchester) and "Sendłycz" (Sandwich) are my favourite on that map :) . "- Two kolczyste sandwiches pliizzz" would be like "Two spiky sandwiches please" ;) :D

  • Pelena STRW
    Pelena STRW12 timer siden

    So many subtitles in different languages and no russian...

  • KJV only
    KJV only12 timer siden

    Turn to Jesus Christ!

  • KJV only

    KJV only

    10 timer siden

    Isaiah 13:11 KJV And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

  • Jay Foreman

    Jay Foreman

    12 timer siden


  • KJV only

    KJV only

    12 timer siden

    Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

  • Ред стоунер
    Ред стоунер12 timer siden


  • audrien
    audrien12 timer siden

    0:49 excuse me? i am a native polish speaker and have absolutely not an ounce of a clue what you were trying to say

  • audrien


    10 timer siden

    @Jay Foreman ohhh, i'll assume that was dobrze zrobione, meaning "well made" or "well done", is that right?

  • Jay Foreman

    Jay Foreman

    11 timer siden

    Dobre zdrobione. (Sorry I did such a terrible job pronouncing it!)

  • JustAPolishAmerican
    JustAPolishAmerican13 timer siden

    0:50 What he meant to say: "Dobrze zrobione!" What he actually said: *"DOBRE ŻRONIE!"*

  • Łukasz Pawłowski

    Łukasz Pawłowski

    11 timer siden

    If not for the subtitles in Polish - I would have no idea what he said :) . Not to mention, that they just 1:1 translated Enlish phrase "well done" - which no Polish person would have used in such a situation :D . So..., wcale NIE "dobrze zrobione" ;) Still, they tried - an Polish language is no joke for foreigners co props for them! :)

  • DieMimik
    DieMimik15 timer siden

    As a german I am amused by "Saufend-on-si" bc "saufend" means "getting drunk" in german XD

  • Łukasz Pawłowski

    Łukasz Pawłowski

    11 timer siden

    Jawohl! I guess being saufend on see makes one much amused ;) .

  • JonatasMonte
    JonatasMonte15 timer siden

    Transliterated. I gotta remember that one.

  • JonatasMonte
    JonatasMonte15 timer siden

    0:00 You didn't mention Tolstoy!!!!

  • J MJ
    J MJ16 timer siden

    "Polish allies" is a bit of a stretch.

  • Erik H—N
    Erik H—N18 timer siden

    Thanks again 👍Who’s the jazz pianist on the soundtrack in the end of the video?

  • William
    William22 timer siden

    6:25 is an oil field in California near Bakersfield.

  • Seikleiner
    Seikleiner22 timer siden

    Очень нехорошо: выпустили ролик, касающийся России, однако перевели его на все наречия, которые только возможно, кроме русского :(

  • Seikleiner


    15 timer siden

    Thank you very much, I will wait :)

  • Jay Foreman

    Jay Foreman

    18 timer siden

    Sorry! I guess the Russian-speaking volunteer is taking longer than everybody else. I’m sure the Russian translation is coming soon. Hopefully no more than just a few days!

  • Michal Lewandowski
    Michal Lewandowski22 timer siden

    New vid noice one lads. This reminds me of that bimig bang show when Sheldon reviews maps

  • Jacques Mertens
    Jacques Mertens23 timer siden

    Polish allies? Are you off your trolley? Since when does being occupied by the Russians mean you're on their side?

  • Jeremiah Carr
    Jeremiah CarrDag siden

    Polish Allies SHIT a brick poles if anything hated their soviet oppressors.

  • Alexandr Moroseac
    Alexandr MoroseacDag siden

    Ю ар вэлком!

  • marlboro9tibike
    marlboro9tibikeDag siden

    In the soviet russia, you dont need maps, the maps need YOU!

  • Pat Reilly
    Pat ReillyDag siden

    The comment about expecting Russian maps to be defective is such a good illustration of latent anti-communist ideology clouding our understanding

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiouDag siden

    Amazing video man

  • Саша Кумылганов
    Саша КумылгановDag siden

    Secret? I've got officer atlas literally at home from my father's day in the red army as a tank officer, and considering the size of the damn thing there is quite a lot of maps in there

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    Dag siden

    2:24, aha the Russians didn't use pens in space comrade. LOL 🤣

  • ninad pathak
    ninad pathakDag siden

    I like your new old look. old new look wasn't working as much.

  • Dan Dart
    Dan DartDag siden

    The lack of excitement in "What's Skillshare?"

  • Interplanetary Reconnaissance
    Interplanetary ReconnaissanceDag siden

    You guys make some of the best content on NOlocal

    JOHNNY MYTHODag siden

    It's good to see Britain was actually an half interesting country back at the time and not a shithole only known for a pretty terrible series of books made for grown-up kids where you can get arrested for having a swiss army knife in your pockets.

  • Phillipa Kemi
    Phillipa KemiDag siden

    Just found out there's a secret bunker for the regional government in my hometown.... That's unexpected

  • Ash Ackroyd
    Ash AckroydDag siden


  • A M
    A MDag siden

    "... until no matter where you lived in the world, you were always at least ten thousand miles from a russian spy" That got me lmao.

  • WestCoast Trainspotting
    WestCoast TrainspottingDag siden

    Dont watch it now, Watch it later. - Mark, 2020

  • Bojan Bojovic
    Bojan BojovicDag siden

    First time here, you two are brilliant.

  • Zenek Ragdoll
    Zenek RagdollDag siden

    5:41 I like how everything is in Polenglish, but they left ,,Przyl." for przylądek (cape), I mean like ,,excuse me do you know where is przylądek Łodm-Point?"

  • Mattness Pl
    Mattness PlDag siden

    Link to polish map, please, pretty please🙏

  • Ethan Nevermore

    Ethan Nevermore

    7 timer siden

    images.jomidav.com/M-31_Polish.html redatlasbook.com/topos_polish

  • jakey1995abc
    jakey1995abcDag siden

    I thought the Polish did take over the UK though?

  • Dennis Cambly
    Dennis CamblyDag siden

    it all started with beep, beep, beep, beep in 1957

  • Ivan Renov
    Ivan RenovDag siden

    How did they do it!? Answer: “they be the best at *I spy*

  • Klara
    KlaraDag siden

    well......... why does snapchat have the best map overall?

  • Youtube Comment
    Youtube CommentDag siden

    FUN FACTS: - Stalin: Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize This is correct, in 1945 and 1948 for his efforts to end the second World War, he didn't win the Prize though. Hitler was also nominated (although the nomination was intended as sarcasm) for the Prize, in 1939. He didn't win it either. - Malenkov: Was known by the nickname "Two Jags" No evidence of this. British politician John Prescott did have this nickname, because he owned two Jaguar cars. There is a resemblence between Prescott and Malenkov in this picture - Khrushchev: Unsuccessfully tried to patent a self-boiling egg No evidence of this, nor for the existence of a self-boiling egg (patent). He was mostly bald (at least when he was in power), and a bald head can be referred to as an egg-head. - Brezhnev: His hands were superglued together throughout the 1970s No evidence of this, but the picture makes it look like this is the case - Andropov: He doesn't know who you are either This is probably true, depending on who you are. Andropov may be the least-known poast-war Soviet leader, possibly together with Chernenko, both due to their short time in office. - Chernenko: Was a huge fan of Catchphrase, and had every episode on VHS This is demonstrably untrue, as the first episode of the game show Catchphrase aired after Chernenko's death - Gorbachev: Did an advert for Pizza Hut in 1998. (Look it up!) This is true, you can find it on NOlocal. In the advert, Gorbachev is seated in a Moscow branch of Pizza Hut with his real-life granddaughter while other customers argue about his legacy.

  • Jay Foreman

    Jay Foreman

    Dag siden

    I absolutely love this comment!!!

    LOSERFACEDag siden

    But would they include Thameslink on their tube map?

  • Your No Beater
    Your No BeaterDag siden

    2:24, aha the Russians didn't use pens in space comrade. LOL 🤣

  • sonofbulldozer
    sonofbulldozerDag siden

    Ive seen the Russian map of Barrow-in-Furness with the shipyard marked in very good detail

  • Quiet Corner
    Quiet CornerDag siden

    I like your Russian secret agent at 3:43. Trigger Happy TV, "you're not grey squirrel?"

  • Fr00ter
    Fr00terDag siden

    Just stumbled upon this 😂 wtf those guys are so weird and funny

  • Rick Jason Obrero
    Rick Jason ObreroDag siden

    You missed the last 'men' on the song.

  • James Burton

    James Burton

    Dag siden

    Well, Hayley Cropper is officially a woman, so in reality there is just one man.

  • Tomek
    TomekDag siden

    PotatoeS? :)

  • Oliver and Rory O'Neill
    Oliver and Rory O'NeillDag siden


  • Suðringa o
    Suðringa oDag siden


  • raney150


    3 minutter siden

    You mean stop acknowledging reality?

  • Гуглеслав Ютубов
    Гуглеслав ЮтубовDag siden

    Кошмар... То есть, круто).

  • Phyarth
    PhyarthDag siden

    Hungarians also made a spam a lot :) spam anagram maps.

  • Chavdar Naidenov
    Chavdar NaidenovDag siden

    But why would Polish pilots - or American, for that matter - be interested in the British pronunciation of British place-names? In order to ask local air-control for permission to bomb? Or to ask for their way to the target-city? Oh, I know. Foreigners are stupid. Otherwise, they would be British.

  • Eleyvie


    14 timer siden

    If they're downed, they might need to ask the locals for the directions to the nearest frontline so they can get back in action faster. :-)

  • Andrew Hine
    Andrew HineDag siden

    How many Russians fought in the Pacific Theatre in WW2? Zero. Russians didnt win WW2

  • Aussie Aus Deutschland
    Aussie Aus DeutschlandDag siden

    To These blokes.... Didn't you know, Education shouldn't be funny and that, while having a laugh it might actually sink in to audiences memory... Thats wrong wrong wrong Wrong. Its supposed to be BOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNNG🥱🥱😴😴😴😴 Nah just stirring yas. Some of your videos reminds me of Monty Python's skits, and I end up waking up the missus or the baby from my laughter late at night. Keep Up The Good Shit 👍 ya Funny Fuckers👍🤣👍

  • Rex Holes
    Rex HolesDag siden

    LOL whats laughable is thinking the Polish troops would have tried that hard for the USSR.

  • cd6xc
    cd6xc2 dager siden

    1:21 I mean, Andropov is dead, but if he was alive, he would DEFINITELY know who we all are, that was basically his job.

  • Maciej Manna
    Maciej Manna2 dager siden

    OMG These Polish-pronunciation names on maps made my head hurt. And I am Polish... OMG, Roczyste... :)

  • SMGJohn
    SMGJohn2 dager siden

    So Soviets wanted to turn the world to Communism through massive invasions supported by highly detailed maps just so they could colonise Mars and Venus in 1999, but Gorbachev and American CIA prevented it all? Damn, I really do live in the wrong timeline!

  • Caper Dz
    Caper Dz2 dager siden

    Me a russian watching this video: Кажется меня раскрыли...

  • Cos Its 167
    Cos Its 1672 dager siden

    Guys I...don't know how to tell you this but...the Communists won.

  • Cos Its 167
    Cos Its 1672 dager siden

    Yuri was right™️

  • Simon Kyrö
    Simon Kyrö2 dager siden

    The Soviet Union had mapped out the Swedish and Finnish archipelago far better than Sweden and Finland They had also mapped out Swedish/Finnish rivers/streams if they were suitable for their tanks to traverse

  • Neil Jakeman
    Neil Jakeman2 dager siden

    My father in law is Russian, and he told me the story of how ships going down the Volga River had pilots come on board at certain times during their voyage armed with special maps dating back to Stalin times to assist in the safe navigation. These maps were jealously guarded as 'secret' by the pilots, so you imagine their horror when after peristroika and the opening of borders with the West, a Captain produced a Michelin map of the Volga which was far more detailed than that held by the official pilots! The advantages of satellite photographic topography!

  • Mr Paulie Fenners76
    Mr Paulie Fenners762 dager siden

    I saw a Russian kill a wolf with his bare hands in the news last week.... I did.

  • wolfgang amadeus gokart
    wolfgang amadeus gokart2 dager siden

    not to be a dick but I'm Polish and I had to turn on CC to see what Jay said around 0:50 lol

  • Louis Vanden Broucke
    Louis Vanden Broucke2 dager siden

    i prefere russian spies to american corporations

  • James Burton
    James Burton2 dager siden

    I never thought Hayley Cropper would become a cartographer.

  • Peter Mallia
    Peter Mallia2 dager siden

    Why do people use that phrase, "destroyed many times over"? Because surely by the first time it's destroyed, there's nothing left to destroy, so one can't destroy something many times over unless they first rebuild it before once again destroying it. Sorry lads, my just Brainworks that way, I can't help it, it's like fir eg, when one has long hair, they go get it cut short And Someone says, have you had you hair cut, or when you're putting your coat on and someone always says "what are you looking out then". Enjoyable video.

  • ChaddlingK
    ChaddlingK2 dager siden

    Map Men: check out the Red Atlas it’s great Online shopping: unavailable Me: may as well buy the map men mug then.

  • Henry Webster Plays Violin
    Henry Webster Plays Violin2 dager siden

    Where did that second, slightly off-beat, “men” go from the end of the title music?!

  • James Burton

    James Burton

    Dag siden

    Well, Hayley Cropper is officially a woman, so in reality there is just one man.

  • Ephodix
    Ephodix2 dager siden

    Yeah, so, I have no idea what you said at 0:50. Care to explain?

  • Ephodix


    2 dager siden

    @Jay Foreman oh, ok! That a literal translation and it doesn't really mean "well done" as in a complement. It means something is done well. More like a "-Hey, are you sure this translation is correct? -Tak, to jest dobrze zrobione".

  • Jay Foreman

    Jay Foreman

    2 dager siden

    “Dobre zdrobione” when pronounced properly (which I didn’t do) means “well done”.

  • Vitali Abadal
    Vitali Abadal2 dager siden

    Why is this video always in my reccomendations?

  • Jade Nagi

    Jade Nagi

    2 dager siden

    Always? It’s not quite a week old yet.

  • Andreas Kristensen
    Andreas Kristensen2 dager siden

    1:24 - That's a nice topografisk kart over Norge. 👍

  • saledin2012
    saledin20122 dager siden

    If i ever got spied on, I'll let them know who's the best Japanese Porn Actress of the year Thank you

  • Joshua Chin
    Joshua Chin2 dager siden

    Don't forget spreading communism 😂

  • Towshif E Rabbi
    Towshif E Rabbi2 dager siden


  • Der Meester
    Der Meester2 dager siden

    When he said dont watch it now.. watch it later I for looking up gorbachevs pizzahut commercial.. I watched it Later.

  • twenty one cries for help
    twenty one cries for help2 dager siden

    Jay (I think I dont recall): Dont watch it now Watch it latee Me scrollimg to find it:.fuck

  • João Nuno Lourenço
    João Nuno Lourenço2 dager siden

    So the plan was to send polish soldiers to invade UK? Is there any way to see a complete picture of all these plans, or any alternate fiction based on this?

  • R. J. Lombardi
    R. J. Lombardi2 dager siden

    Vodka is poison... Also WW2 was a combined effort. But you know what the Russians did? They took care of the Grand Armee and Napoleon. They also sent the first satellite into orbit, (ok, ok all the former Soviet countries get a credit for the last one). Also what about Pushkin? Lermontov? Shostakovich? Solzhenitsyn? Yesenin? Gluhowski?

  • Mezelf Om dat hetkan
    Mezelf Om dat hetkan2 dager siden

    Russians fly unnanounced thru europe airspace with bombers and fighters they dont give a shit but if we do that in their airspace we get shot down after 1 min

  • Erie
    Erie2 dager siden

    Hey, first take is slightly offensive, we appreciated Sir Conan Doil works way to much back then so make our own version of Sherlock Holmes

  • yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy

    2 dager siden

    I bet the Russians have a map of this room right now!!! Gah! 😣...

  • Shahin Tajeri
    Shahin Tajeri2 dager siden

    Russians scare me.

  • yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy

    2 dager siden


  • Darius Tiapula
    Darius Tiapula2 dager siden

    Fun fact: Even MCU Hydra has Soviet spies in their ranks.:v

  • Sebastian Wolski
    Sebastian Wolski2 dager siden

    Greetings from Poland my fellow map-mans

  • HauntedPancake
    HauntedPancake2 dager siden

    Mhhh, Getting nuked or ruled by Communists, Getting nuked or ruled by Communists ... . Tough choice.

  • Wyatt Epp
    Wyatt Epp2 dager siden

    Congratulations, Uncle Colin.

  • armstrong germany
    armstrong germany2 dager siden

    '' secretest'' go and learn english and while you are at it.. Real history. ps. Russia made a huge contribution to winning WW2... almost as much as the UK. They didn't win it on their lonesome for us.