Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.


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Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.
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Have you ever wondered why I left ROBUST? This video will tell you why JELLY SLOGO and I are no longer recording! I hope you all can understand my point of view. :)
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  • Tiger
    Tiger8 dager siden

    Hello, I’m Hassan/Tiger. Jordi, not only did you help me out with my channel but you also gave me a lot of life changing personal advice. I promise I won’t take this chance for granted and I will grind out the best possible content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ❤️ Maybe all 5 of us should make a video together one day, that would be pretty epic 😎

  • daewoo3690


    7 dager siden


  • john guia

    john guia

    8 dager siden

    That would be awesome 😃

  • bahthearenterprise mimi

    bahthearenterprise mimi

    8 dager siden

    :3 Awesome

  • game boy

    game boy

    8 dager siden

    That so awesome for you guys and If you guys are planning to have an another NOlocalr Can it be a girl plz. :)

  • Andrew Nesko

    Andrew Nesko

    8 dager siden


  • Sirenjaw
    Sirenjaw3 minutter siden


  • Christoffer Olsson
    Christoffer Olsson15 minutter siden

    Plase go back

  • tyler plant
    tyler plant16 minutter siden

    I cried wen i heared this

  • Erin Burton
    Erin Burton38 minutter siden

    Poor guy ;-;

  • Ebenezer Suresh
    Ebenezer Suresh42 minutter siden

    watched you when you played GTA V

  • Nelson Hustler
    Nelson HustlerTime siden

    I miss the old days

  • 衛大
    衛大Time siden

    “Suffering in Silence” ☹️

  • joy dioquino
    joy dioquinoTime siden

    I am a big fan Jordi

  • Daniel Salim W
    Daniel Salim WTime siden

    Why don't u play again with them

  • John Gilbody
    John GilbodyTime siden

    They work hard but Jeromeasf does 4 videos a day

  • ALPHA m
    ALPHA mTime siden


  • sandman games
    sandman gamesTime siden

    Hey can you give me advice bc I am starting a channel and I am play on my phone until I get a gaming laptop

  • Denise Komoda
    Denise KomodaTime siden

    The thumbnail was misleading for me lol.

  • Yonder Nickel
    Yonder NickelTime siden

    I have been watching jordi for 4 years and I was so sad to hear about his depression:(

  • gh0st turnt t3ch
    gh0st turnt t3chTime siden

    Bro i remember when i was here when i was a little kid im always going ti be here jordi i remember hit a stunt

  • Bode M
    Bode M2 timer siden

    play with them in one vid. Pls

  • AJ PH
    AJ PH3 timer siden

    Ahhh that touch me

  • Nate Buxton
    Nate Buxton3 timer siden

    wow i never knew this...hope u have an awesome year! covid ima, hoping, is ending in early spring/late summer of next year! (as in a vaccine will be created, and administered to people (not sure how many) and then hopefully we can see our friends again! so yea G’LUCK HAVE FUN YA’LL!

  • bose licker
    bose licker3 timer siden

    YOU ARE THE worse youtuber

  • F.M.E Nito
    F.M.E Nito3 timer siden

    Look at Jordi so inspirational

  • Subrat Paudyal
    Subrat Paudyal3 timer siden

    Why do the first 3 comments verified channels?

  • Skateboarding Belcher
    Skateboarding Belcher4 timer siden

    Your my favorite NOlocal you keep me going when I’m down

    MAUREEN LAL4 timer siden

    My friend said that you are craner

  • Ghostt
    Ghostt4 timer siden

    Dude, you were my CHILDHOOD. I watched you through the toughest times, and hearing you have been through depression but have gotten through it is crazy. I've been there as well, but got through it. I wish the best for you and your channel.

  • mohamed adam
    mohamed adam5 timer siden

    Wait tiger you Muslim I am my name is Mohamed Adam asalamualekum.

  • Carol Pesce
    Carol Pesce5 timer siden


  • Hitakshi Lahrani
    Hitakshi Lahrani5 timer siden

    What do you mean by fairy tale?

  • Ğeehø 0318
    Ğeehø 03186 timer siden

    Boys is soo good at hiding depresstion

  • Gappy ̔̏̊

    Gappy ̔̏̊

    4 timer siden

    More like good at faking it

  • darklord kai
    darklord kai6 timer siden

    Are you dutch?

  • T1G
    T1G6 timer siden

    When he only hearts verified people lmfao

  • Will Barbour
    Will Barbour7 timer siden

    Why does he sound Theodd1out

  • Szilarrd
    Szilarrd7 timer siden

    i havent watched you since 2017 , u changed alot dude :D

  • Pqyton
    Pqyton7 timer siden

    Dang😌 keep ur head up

  • Semaj Spencer
    Semaj Spencer7 timer siden


  • Turtle
    Turtle7 timer siden

    GGs to you Jordi. You went through a depression, which some people commit suicide over, and came out on top and enjoying every day. Well done man. You ought to be given an award.

  • CaptainDuku
    CaptainDuku7 timer siden

    I remember he said youchube

  • AmongAustin
    AmongAustin7 timer siden

    Thanks for firing my friends uncle dumby

  • AmongAustin
    AmongAustin7 timer siden

    Your gayyyyyyy

  • Ari Marku
    Ari Marku7 timer siden

    Well that’s a good explanation but it’s good your okay now

  • TheWeirdOnesHere
    TheWeirdOnesHere8 timer siden

    He said “I don’t care about making an extra buck one NOlocal” and then an add cane lol.

  • Amanda Barajas
    Amanda Barajas8 timer siden


  • Pickle rick
    Pickle rick8 timer siden

    It’s okay we all love u ty for sharing with us I really hope u stay positive live u bro

  • king craft
    king craft8 timer siden

    Pls jord pls

  • Bredfann Bred
    Bredfann Bred8 timer siden

    Can you go back to playing with them in the future

  • Luca Nardi
    Luca Nardi8 timer siden

    Real quick what happened to jelly’s toothbrush in New York

  • Creepingdoor 7619
    Creepingdoor 76198 timer siden

    see this is the problem with click baiting how am i suppose to believe him

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear8 timer siden

    How was I never subscribed to you jordi I’m sorry

  • Myka Hill
    Myka Hill9 timer siden

    yo Jordi it is ok man u inspired me to have a chanle.

  • Saywahサイワ


    8 timer siden

    Nice spelling

  • Jeen Garcia
    Jeen Garcia9 timer siden

    Hello you probably won’t ever look this but still it’s worth sending to you , my name is Jeen my birthday was the 26th of November I was wondering if you could make my dream come true I help me buy or get a OnePlus8t is a cell phone that I want too get to start making video on the mobile game called PUBG mobile on this phone the game runs awesome with a 120hz display and the 90 FPS and 65 fast charging it would be the best phone for what I want it for so please me help me out its under 1000 dollars iré like 850 sum I try to put half so please be my Santa and make my Christmas amazing I been in love with this phone and it’s the only I thing I ask for 🙏🏼 THANK YOU

  • Chris Landry14
    Chris Landry149 timer siden

    Can I shout me out in a vid and tell your subscribers to sub to me plzzzzz and have a good rest of the day

  • Ahmad Sarmad
    Ahmad Sarmad9 timer siden

    If you watch trimix isnt tiger sneep

  • 8123 Jerwin Arul Prakash
    8123 Jerwin Arul Prakash9 timer siden


  • boss bacon
    boss bacon10 timer siden


  • Vicy Sungh
    Vicy Sungh10 timer siden

    :) you and tiger are really good friends

  • Sheffield Wednesday Fan シ
    Sheffield Wednesday Fan シ10 timer siden

    Pwease get back together 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I miss the old times ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞

  • Teresa Velakis
    Teresa Velakis10 timer siden


  • iSxll4fun -
    iSxll4fun -10 timer siden

    Few, sweet releaf

  • John Kelley
    John Kelley10 timer siden

    I’m glad to hear that you are fine :)

  • Austin Nelsbach
    Austin Nelsbach11 timer siden

    I actually hate you, I haven’t seen you in a while so maybe NOlocal caught on but I’m here to say I hate you cause of that dumb thumbnail. I haven’t seen a single video of yours and that includes this one. Every time I accidentally get onto one of your videos your voice is the fuel the close the whole damn app and restart it. Thank you

  • Richboyisdope
    Richboyisdope11 timer siden

    If you could please teach me to become a good NOlocalr

  • Lyze_Revenge
    Lyze_Revenge11 timer siden

    ive been waiting for like an year but you guys were sooooooooo good together.

  • Richboyisdope
    Richboyisdope11 timer siden

    Pls teach me to became a good NOlocalr

  • Bluster Gaming
    Bluster Gaming11 timer siden

    Please help me out Jordi. I really need support.

  • Ntrovert HD
    Ntrovert HD11 timer siden

    I love when youtube recommends these type of videos even though I'm not subbed

  • Magsud Rahviom
    Magsud Rahviom11 timer siden

    Who does he play white then

  • Oscar Birkeland
    Oscar Birkeland11 timer siden


  • ANT Mcmahon
    ANT Mcmahon11 timer siden

    Chose girlfriend over friends quite simple

  • シJohnnylol


    3 timer siden

    never. i will always keep my friends over some girl (unless my friends are toxic as hell.)

  • bloodwolfrules
    bloodwolfrules12 timer siden

    I wish all 4 of them would start making videos again. I remember watching them 3 when i was 8 and the videos were so charming to me.

  • Scott_brad plays
    Scott_brad plays12 timer siden


  • B Seldes
    B Seldes12 timer siden




  • Nick Bell
    Nick Bell12 timer siden

    I always wanted the 4 of you to make a video.

  • Jorven animations
    Jorven animations13 timer siden

    6:47 is that sneep?

  • Andre Avila
    Andre Avila13 timer siden

    this video was long overdue but thank you for this Jordi I always wondered what happened thank you for sharing your side and I hope you do well and continue to grow as a person and always be strong mentally and physically always been a supporter and will continue to be a supporter love u Jordi❤

  • MTKnite
    MTKnite13 timer siden

    Jordi: "I don't care about making an extra buc-" - Unskippable ad plays -

  • Jeter SpaceMan

    Jeter SpaceMan

    4 timer siden

    Same bro same

  • HelloAngels


    10 timer siden

    That happened to me as well.

  • Rusher OP
    Rusher OP13 timer siden

    Leeets dooo thisss❤❤❤❤

    LUCID_ SLB13 timer siden


  • Prįßm
    Prįßm13 timer siden

    Jordi how did you fix your depression because I can’t fix mine:(

  • Lightcer


    6 timer siden

    lol get rekt kid

  • Username ThreeNineZero

    Username ThreeNineZero

    6 timer siden

    lol get rekt kid

  • Exo_clan 123 Zay
    Exo_clan 123 Zay13 timer siden

    Have a safe time Your good a good NOlocal Nice to here

  • Jayden Moreno
    Jayden Moreno14 timer siden

    Go back

  • Thomas Reed
    Thomas Reed14 timer siden

    Well I hate school.Thats all. It sucks

  • Jayden Moreno
    Jayden Moreno14 timer siden


  • warcat 324
    warcat 32414 timer siden

    Im sorry Jodi but nothing nobody can replace what u 3 had i miss u guys playing together ive been around since u guys started all i can say is dont lose that bond u will regret it i promise u like if u agree

  • iploggin ت
    iploggin ت14 timer siden

    who else loves him? ᴀʟsᴏ sᴜʙ ғᴏʀ sᴜʙ ɪᴍ ᴛʀʏɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴀᴄʜ 200!

  • Chaos EDOG
    Chaos EDOG14 timer siden

    Respect ✊🏻

  • jeremyplayz Games
    jeremyplayz Games14 timer siden

    Tiger look like sneep

  • Deco Canelo
    Deco Canelo14 timer siden


  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha15 timer siden

    I’m sorry ur dad passed way jodi

  • Kyle Cock
    Kyle Cock15 timer siden

    Hi big big fan

  • Lonely Uzumaki
    Lonely Uzumaki15 timer siden

    I remembered their gameplays ;(

  • Lonely Uzumaki
    Lonely Uzumaki15 timer siden


  • Adrianos Mallossis
    Adrianos Mallossis15 timer siden

    I am sorry for your dad

  • Twistedgamer
    Twistedgamer15 timer siden

    How do people dislike this video?

  • Noridomi Ai
    Noridomi Ai16 timer siden

    Jk lmao mad respect

  • Noridomi Ai
    Noridomi Ai16 timer siden

    Great time togheter 1:00

  • Nelex
    Nelex16 timer siden

    Hi you already said that in 2018 and your sending us here for your new fans:)

  • Boris The Flasha
    Boris The Flasha16 timer siden

    Kweb is very hard working man he has a big story im very happy for him he deserves 13m subs

  • come faget
    come faget16 timer siden

    Please join the group again

  • Blake Couchman
    Blake Couchman16 timer siden