Why the Future of Cars is Inevitably Electric

This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates, inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here: gatesnot.es/2ZnYVXS
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  • Thenuka
    Thenuka4 timer siden

    Why are there so many disklikes?

  • Jeremy Howell
    Jeremy Howell5 timer siden

    *coal powered cars

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung12 timer siden

    That awkward moment when the electricity production that charges my EV accounts for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions. Ok job cherry picking data for those Gates Foundation dollars though.

  • Jonny Garcia
    Jonny Garcia13 timer siden

    I'm gonna miss SRT

  • Lance Dooley
    Lance Dooley16 timer siden

    😂😂. They are forcing it with bs epa policies and fake climatechange. Its not inevitable. Thats stupid. It's called UN Agenda 21 and 2030. Just more crap to control us to turn us off the grid.

  • Mohammad Danish
    Mohammad Danish18 timer siden

    Unless US and China have a concrete policy, nothing will change. They are the biggest polluter. However, we can see which companies might benefit from this & where our future jobs will be generated. Pick your stocks now. Batteries will the powermaker and minerals like Lithium or Copper used in the making of these batteries will be the new Oil.

  • Adarsh Kurisingal
    Adarsh Kurisingal20 timer siden

    I think hydrogen is the future for heavy vehicles like aeroplanes, ships, even trailer trucks and buses

  • Adarsh Kurisingal

    Adarsh Kurisingal

    18 timer siden

    @9 BANANEN SCHALEN exactly 😊😊



    18 timer siden

    The smaller the more electic the biggrr the more hydrogen

  • Vloggiiee Alif
    Vloggiiee AlifDag siden

    Sponcer is Bill Title says Electric Cars ELON laughs in Mars

  • Dermott
    DermottDag siden

    How was the video inspired by the book if you worked in colab with the gates foundation promoting the said book.

  • Kurumi cheu
    Kurumi cheuDag siden

    Nisson? It is nis-san like "an" not American "a"

  • DeathDragon1432
    DeathDragon1432Dag siden

    The problem with the Paris climate accord is that they say China is a developing nation

  • Meganoob BG
    Meganoob BGDag siden

    Ofcourse they're the future.... if they start giving them out for free. The majority of the world still drives 20-30-40 year old cars.

  • Krombopulos T
    Krombopulos TDag siden

    Buy Tesla stocks

  • Arthur Zanolli
    Arthur ZanolliDag siden

    What about the other 84% emissions? Why aren't we touching them?

  • Sam Sung

    Sam Sung

    12 timer siden

    Hard to sell you a new car if I focus on the other 84%

  • JeremyWK
    JeremyWKDag siden

    You failed to mention the toxic waste created from manufacturing batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines. We are at least 5 decades away from majority electric cars. We cannot produce enough electricity to power all personal EVs, battery technology (EV range and charging speed) cannot accommodate most vehicle uses, and there is not enough electrical charging infrastructure.

  • Robert Stone
    Robert StoneDag siden

    Value of a Ferrari 250 GTO today: tens of millions of dollars Value of a Ferrari 250 GTO in 30 years: whatever roughly about 2000 lb worth of aluminum can bring in scrap. I have a supercharged mustang GT that I try to keep miles off of that I think I'm about to just go start driving.

  • Clueless Valkyrie88
    Clueless Valkyrie88Dag siden

    Reallifelore: Electric cars is the future Porsche: Laugh in Synthetic fuel Glickenhaus: Laugh in Hydrogen Malaysia or any country: Laugh in Biodiesel

  • ClickThwackRicochet
    ClickThwackRicochetDag siden

    It needs to happen a lot faster than the goals are set

  • The Observer
    The ObserverDag siden

    The Earth has been warmer. Why not just let it warm up again and adapt and innovative? To stop it is a lost cause anyway. You'd have to wreck economies, many of those are developing countries.

  • Squeezingbren
    SqueezingbrenDag siden

    This will take a toll on the economy

  • An Atheist
    An AtheistDag siden

    That's why corona happened. Humans just can't sit at home.

  • malenaboy
    malenaboy2 dager siden

    I think that as we transition we should definitely adapt our public infrastructure in the United States getting those who can away from cars so that the overall produced, natural resource heavy countries are given a subsidy in the purchasing of these vehicles and building their public infrastructure as well, eg Bolivia 🇧🇴, using material from already produced items and ending the endless creation/consumption cycle until absolutely needed, I want to people driving 15/20+ year old EVs in the future/components being easily fixable or repairable outside of priority dealerships. The whole Tesla recycling. Also in developed countries class divides shouldn’t be exacerbated by this transition.

  • Dragonite
    Dragonite2 dager siden

    Umm going vegan would cut equally the same amount of emissions, (equally to all kinds of transportation combined) soo yeah, go vegan 😂! Kim K would be proud of you!

  • Lucas Leonardo Carvalho Lopes
    Lucas Leonardo Carvalho Lopes2 dager siden

    electric cars are not green unless their energy suply is green as well

  • eric yun

    eric yun

    2 dager siden

    Even if the energy supply isn't green factories are far more efficient and have a much smaller carbon footprint. That's why it's way cheaper to charge then to fill up gas.

  • Jordan Tusant
    Jordan Tusant2 dager siden

    The main problem with every car being electric in the future is not everywhere has the infrastructure for electric cars so it's going to take a huge investment to get the world up to that. Also we had to find more sustainable materials to mine and use in car batteries. Another problem with EV vehicles and then being better for the environment. Is the fact that in some countries they're not in on renewable energy so that's another investment countries are going to have to make.

  • Mike Quick
    Mike Quick2 dager siden

    Perhaps decades in the future, all cars will be electric. Countries and states have to solve their energy supplies first before it is realistic to ban gasoline powered vehicles. In a state like California where rolling blackouts in the summer is norm, a lot of people won’t be able to get anywhere if there are no more fossil fuel powered vehicles.

  • thomas aquinas
    thomas aquinas2 dager siden

    A perfect blend for the future would be controlled highways where your car is actually charged. Thus, when you take over on the side streets, you not only have full command, but enough power to guarantee you don't run out of charge...

  • Joshua Rasmussen
    Joshua Rasmussen2 dager siden

    Ill get an EV when they aren't overpriced garbage

  • Grey Area
    Grey Area2 dager siden

    The Lithium-ion batteries do not recycle very well. Are we going to end up with like a nuclear stockpile of lithium ion batteries

  • Brendon K
    Brendon K2 dager siden

    If the entire worldwide automobile infrastructure is geared towards purely electric cars- this is guaranteed to be more environmentally friendly for sure? What about all the power/precious metal mining that goes into creating/charging the batteries of purely electric cars? Isn’t there still heavy reliance on fossil fuels in this regard?

  • NoosPulsar
    NoosPulsar2 dager siden

    Sponsor of RealLifeLore: Bill Gates Bill Gates, the "creator" of the virus Windows or the virus for Windows! Amazing!!

  • Football Nerd
    Football Nerd2 dager siden

    Typical United States, having to be dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world by everyone else. And of course is states like California and Massachusetts who are the most progressive. You'd never seen Alabama or Wyoming be so forward thinking. They still think it's the 1950's......

  • Mihnea Mihalcea
    Mihnea Mihalcea2 dager siden


  • lairpain
    lairpain2 dager siden

    this is good but what would happen to all the vintage and maintained old cars :(

  • Daniel Lenney-Barber
    Daniel Lenney-Barber2 dager siden

    This channel has really lost its egde.

  • John Moloko
    John Moloko2 dager siden

    Wait just a minute... what about the increased emissions that its going to take to generate all that additional electricity to power these cars? You do realize we’re going to have to burn a lot of coal and natural gas to meet the increased demand for electricity when everyone starts plugging their cars in every night at home, and likely while parked during the day. How will we produce all that additional clean electricity when we’ve ceased to commission nuclear plants and given the obvious lessons we’ve learned recently about wind and solar in Texas? By the way, how much mining are we doing to have to do to obtain all the rare earth minerals to produce all those batteries? What are we going to do with all the hazmat as these batteries diminish in performance (they always do). If global climate change is really an existential threat, why doesn’t anyone know the answer to the question “what is the earth’s temperature supposed to be?” Do we have some mechanism to control the worlds temperature? Is there a thermostat somewhere in the halls of the UN? Or maybe perhaps the earth’s climate has always been in flux, and maybe mankind has evolved and innovated to adapt though technology, as we have with for instance, more efficient farming that feeds more with less hectares of land, or desalinization that provides potable water in places never considered livable before? Maybe a lot of this climate hysteria is an overreaction being foisted on the nations of the world as a power grab (gasp).

  • Empire State
    Empire State3 dager siden

    Bill Gates videos have a lot of dislikes because people are jealous of his success

  • Big Boss Quarantine Version

    Big Boss Quarantine Version

    Dag siden

    Lol dudes got like over 5 private jets and he is one of the most air polluters.

  • Snek
    Snek3 dager siden

    Bill Gates, one of the biggest polluters of our lifetime, writing a book about how to avoid climate change. That's cute.

  • BroliYTwins
    BroliYTwins3 dager siden

    Mankind: Yeah a lot of EV Earth: Oh no how they will recycle the Batteries ? Hydrogen Vehicles seems more ecological to me.

  • Jacob Penton
    Jacob Penton3 dager siden

    This is such a dumb idea to force your citizens to buy things they don't want or need. It's absurd. Not to mention, in rural areas power goes out often.. so what of I can't charge my car?.. or if I can't afford my power bill one month, there goes my ability to get to worry to be able to pay that bill. It's such a stupid pipe dream.

  • Blame USA
    Blame USA3 dager siden

    Bill gates partnership..... UNSUBED OMFG

  • gaudetjaja
    gaudetjaja3 dager siden

    You do realize that there are not enough rare earth metals in the world to even convert a small fraction of all automobiles to electric, right? Like not even 10 %. Simply due to the sheer lack of those rare earth metals that are needed in the batteries.

  • 19klemc94
    19klemc943 dager siden

    Thankufully, we have unlimited source of electritity from the universe, to power all of these EVs...

  • Michael Devaney
    Michael Devaney3 dager siden

    I would just like to take a moment to say fuck Bill Gates.....thank you!

  • Rapunzel 1701
    Rapunzel 17013 dager siden

    Hysterical much? Let the developing world have the petro cars so they can develop faster and afford electrification. Oh, yeah, Leftists want them to stay poor and enslaved. Got it.

  • Danila Solovjovs
    Danila Solovjovs3 dager siden

    Ok petrol and diesel is no more used but the plastic that has to be used to make those cars to billions of people

  • Danila Solovjovs
    Danila Solovjovs3 dager siden

    If petrol and diesel are not good enough you can always power your car on hydrogen gas it never pollutants

  • Seybertooth
    Seybertooth3 dager siden

    It's entertaining to read all the confused comments by climate change deniers and backwards people spewing long since debunked nonsense. I smile to myself, knowing that the dead-enders and backwards ignoramuses are going to have some very tough years ahead as the world changes around them and they can't change with it. Lovely.

  • Big Boss Quarantine Version

    Big Boss Quarantine Version

    Dag siden

    We are not climate change deniers. 97% percent of scientist believe that climate change exist. But 46% of scientist are not sure that green powers and paris climate change would dp something. Paris agreement is the one of the most bs deals. Scientists are not sure that the climate change is human's fault. Maybe it's the nature's cycle.

  • Aleksei Corleone
    Aleksei Corleone3 dager siden

    CO2 emissions or no, hydrocarbons are never going away. The energy density of a simple explosive fuel will always be simply too high compared to batteries to ignore. What we're likely to do in future is just capture CO2 from the air and turn it into gas.

  • Danila Solovjovs

    Danila Solovjovs

    3 dager siden

    Ok you separate oxygen gas from carbon dioxide but where will the carbon go I mean it can go to a manufacturing plant to make products but there is too little use of carbon

  • Cosaky
    Cosaky3 dager siden

    the japanese stoped making cool cars a while ago

  • Big Boss Quarantine Version

    Big Boss Quarantine Version

    Dag siden

    But they are making cool cartoons.

  • Balázs Molnár
    Balázs Molnár3 dager siden

    Inevitably? Where? When? 3:44 This is simply a lie. There is no such grid in the world. I'm fed up with this elec. car hype without any base. And the "renewables" using a justifiable word to any bullshit idea.

  • flare 156
    flare 1564 dager siden

    If they made charging only a minute and cheaper than gas and run well in -40 weather I would trade my car in immediately.

  • Raghavendran T B
    Raghavendran T B4 dager siden

    Have Vs Have Nots : EVs Vs ICEs

  • Carl Ginland
    Carl Ginland4 dager siden

    Or just rely less on cars, use your bicycle more instead, the solution is not for every family using 2-3 petrol dependant cars to switch to 2-3 EVs since all those EVs, as you said, are pollutant to build, so the ideal solution is to stop polluting by building some many cars

  • Danila Solovjovs

    Danila Solovjovs

    3 dager siden

    Kerosene doesn't give that much pollutant the only source of carbon dioxide is the disgusting oily residue in petrol and diesel kerosene is much nicer because it's more refined

  • Crunchy
    Crunchy4 dager siden

    i love cars and will always have an ICE car, but i will accept electric cars for the sake of the world

  • pepe the frog poops on right wingers
    pepe the frog poops on right wingers4 dager siden

    i tend to think that cake power is the future of transport, that is if the crabs haven't taken over...

  • Wassal
    Wassal4 dager siden

    Imagine just buying a brand new ferrari and not be able to drive it because it has an engine

  • Jacob
    Jacob4 dager siden

    I disagree, it's not all individuals responsibility to combat the climate crisis. There's a portion of us who worked through black lung so that the tycoons could have their mountains of gold. Let them solve this one, after all they're the ones who would literally exploit children if they could.

  • bhavesh kadukar
    bhavesh kadukar4 dager siden

    Bro, stop using distorted map of India!

  • ?
    ?4 dager siden


  • ?
    ?4 dager siden


  • Forrest Charles
    Forrest Charles4 dager siden

    How could it be possible for, say, Sri Lanka to COMPLETELY eliminate ALL combustion-engine vehicles from the country? they'd be confiscating private property?

  • Juan DGM
    Juan DGM4 dager siden

    Austria annexed Slovenia I see

  • devin bradford
    devin bradford4 dager siden

    How does anybody plan to remove over a billion gasoline vehicles and replace them with new ones? How is that going to happen, if you want this video to be taken seriously you need to follow up on these very bold statements

  • VintageToiletsRock
    VintageToiletsRock4 dager siden

    Only problem I have is that the electricity charging your EV will more than likely have been generated by coal or natural gas. In areas with really dirty electric grids, hybrid type vehicles can actually have a smaller carbon footprint over EVs in the long run. We need to eliminate the emission, not shift it upstream.

  • The Dude
    The Dude4 dager siden

    Electric cars are important, but the priority should be public transportation. Electric trains, subway trains, and buses, both within cities and connecting different cities. That's the answer to the environmental crisis as well as other urban problems such as traffic jams: electricity-powered public transportation in addition to electric-powered personal vehicles.

  • MikeL
    MikeL5 dager siden

    Nah I will keep using a car with diesel engine. I am a man, I love it sounds, I love it smell, I love to get dirty in garage while working on it. These new ev cars are for men who f*ck with inflatable dolls and drink nonalcoholic beer

  • Kubilay Mendi

    Kubilay Mendi

    Dag siden

    @MikeL ?

  • MikeL


    2 dager siden

    @Kubilay Mendi as you say kid xD xD xD

  • Kubilay Mendi

    Kubilay Mendi

    2 dager siden

    @MikeL don’t need to be progressive to know that the world need evs🤔

  • MikeL


    2 dager siden

    @Kubilay Mendi I am not mad at evs or try to be alpha. Evs have a lot of problems in winter time. Just expensive toys. And infrastructure is not done for them. Stay calm, progressive pleb ;)

  • Kubilay Mendi

    Kubilay Mendi

    2 dager siden

    @MikeL you’re trying so hard to look alpha when you’re just a beta person. Stay mad at evs :)

  • Tahiruz Zaman
    Tahiruz Zaman5 dager siden

    Delhi government will be using EV vehicle only very soon

  • Big Boss Quarantine Version

    Big Boss Quarantine Version

    Dag siden

    @Erga Ster still doesn't have renewable energy.

  • Erga Ster

    Erga Ster

    4 dager siden

    Delhi is one of the places that needs it the most, I am glad to hear about this!

  • Dav Rodney
    Dav Rodney5 dager siden

    What really guarantees financial security is having multiple streams of making consistent passive income

  • Jenny Alex

    Jenny Alex

    5 dager siden

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    Mitch Rolland

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  • Emily Sophia

    Emily Sophia

    5 dager siden

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  • Emily Sophia

    Emily Sophia

    5 dager siden

    @Brenda Collins Seeking for her WhatsApp contact details

  • Bo Randolph
    Bo Randolph5 dager siden

    Couple of things. 1. Norway had massive incentives for buying electric vehicles and it's a small country with well developed alternatives to cars. The upcoming ban on petrol vehicles did not cause 60% of people to buy an electric vehicle. 2. The comparison of an electric sedan on renewable energy power sources to an gasoline SUV is an ideal scenario. Most electricity is not renewable made meaning it will take much longer to see the benefits. Mining the material for the batteries destroys the environment and is largely unregulated. Battery disposal is also a problem. Finally, the batteries have a limited shelf life. Most current ones only last 8-10 years before they need to be replaced, regardless of mileage. The average vehicle lasts about 20 or more and the average vehicle age on the road in the US is 12 years. 3. Used cars have been exported to developing countries for decades. It's nothing new.

  • Ralnyx
    Ralnyx5 dager siden

    You guys are going to miss the smell of gas when your car is getting gas.

  • Maximiliano De Habsburgo
    Maximiliano De Habsburgo5 dager siden

    Holy shit! Bill Gates? Thats enough to unsubscribe. The Afghanistan war Is for lithium. So just imagine the blood on the hands of Gates. Like he cares of climate change, he wants to monopolize Technology Thats all It Is...

  • Steve Hall
    Steve Hall5 dager siden

    63% of the electricity in the US is made from fossil fuels!

  • Game Dolphin
    Game Dolphin5 dager siden

    Let’s see what Porsche has to say.

  • Wendylcs
    Wendylcs5 dager siden

    Ridiculous. There is no need to phase out internal combustion engine cars. It would be like thinking we all should live in condos. Condos are perfect for some people and their situations. But the same goes for Single family homes, or Townhomes, or Apartments. The one size fits all idea is ridiculous. The internal combustions can exist along with electric cars; they each have their place. Oh, and Bill Gates should be arrested.

  • Kirandeep Chakraborty
    Kirandeep Chakraborty5 dager siden

    Couldn't agree more. 👍🏻

  • 365alby
    365alby5 dager siden

    bill gates

  • Kubilay Mendi

    Kubilay Mendi

    4 dager siden

    Bill gates

  • Speculations Perceived
    Speculations Perceived5 dager siden

    Australia will never go electric. It just can't. It's not convenient for me to ride it across the outback

  • Kubilay Mendi

    Kubilay Mendi

    4 dager siden

    So what youre saying is that an entire country cares if you feel like using a fossil fuel car?

  • K-Man Sports
    K-Man Sports5 dager siden

    I think we should mainly concentrate on the remaining 84% first and in case of transportation, we should make ecological friendly cars more affordable to the average Joe and save the entire remaining fuel on supercars and motorcycles only, so we can still have V12 sounds for hundreds of years, because we got rid of the majority of oil-consuming energy sources in all the other areas.

  • Tomasz Przeor
    Tomasz Przeor6 dager siden

    I know that electricity that you power your EV with is no polluting but the way it was generated, is. So if you compare greenhouse footprint of the two, (EV and Combustion engine) you have to add the footprint that the powerplant had on the atmosphere to constantly recharge the car. You also have to take into consideration battery lifetime and the recycling footprint and new battery as well. Then the comparison will be fair. Phasing out Petrol/Diesel engines will create a huge spike in electricity production, which will just move the emissions from transportation to powerplants. Of course, the powerplants are much more efficient than internal combustion engines but still, you cannot say that once the EV car is produced it doesnt have any impact whatsoever.

  • Alex Van de Riet
    Alex Van de Riet6 dager siden

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for EVs, but wouldn't the carbon footprint of EVs after production vary greatly based on where that electricity is coming from, whether it's clean or dirty energy?

  • Jesper B.
    Jesper B.6 dager siden

    "This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates" Into the trash it goes

  • Den Tchas
    Den Tchas6 dager siden

    The last thing I think in my day to day life is global warming.

  • blackspirit94
    blackspirit946 dager siden

    It's absolutely wrong to consider that all EV's will be charged with electricity coming from renewable energy sources. That's simply not true since the vast majority of that electricity will come from oil, coal or gas plants (currently roughly a 10% of energy consumption comes from renewables), so the example shown in the video is pretty far away from reality.

  • md helal Uddin
    md helal Uddin6 dager siden

    Your toyata Corolla... 10 years later: the new electric Toyota Corolla coming and it's environment friendly!!

  • Gintaras64
    Gintaras646 dager siden

    Will we have enaugh materials to make that much batteries?

  • Dylan Collins
    Dylan Collins6 dager siden

    There is no climate crisis

  • Big Boss Quarantine Version

    Big Boss Quarantine Version

    Dag siden

    Yes it is. It's nature's cycle.

  • mondoman712
    mondoman7126 dager siden

    Electric cars are barely better than ICE cars wrt emissions, and don't even attempt to solve any of the other issues caused by cars. What we actually need is to start building cities which don't require, and actively discourage people from owning and using cars.

  • That Typical Electro Bolt
    That Typical Electro Bolt6 dager siden

    Most the world: we will eliminate oil and diesel The Middle East: *our job here is done then goodbye*

  • Hector Cruz
    Hector Cruz6 dager siden

    As someone who has lived in Italy and currently along the border with Mexico; People who barely make ends meets are going to be expected to buy a brand new Tesla? Okay.

  • John Moloko

    John Moloko

    2 dager siden

    Gonna need some more stimulus checks! Cash for clunkers, anyone?

  • X3C


    3 dager siden

    But think how good the rich people will feel

  • Kristian Vassilev
    Kristian Vassilev6 dager siden

    EV's are definitely leaving a smaller carbon footprint IF they are powered by 100% renewable energy. Unfortunately my Leaf needs to charge with electricity made by burning oil&gas or coal in Canada. Hopefully that will soon change.

  • .
    .6 dager siden

    yeah, electric cars powered by fossil energy power plants. Good. Non recyclable batteries when they die. Good. Really hope there will be progress in those fields, just switch to EV is not enough.

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton6 dager siden

    I'll wait until an electric car can do London to Edinburgh and back again on a single charge.

  • sirnik84
    sirnik846 dager siden

    intensives to scrap cars, only requires you to make new ones, thus making more pollution during production Remember, Recycle, Reduce, REUSES

  • sirnik84
    sirnik846 dager siden

    Just curious, you stated that "over time" the internal combustion car pollutes more. What are the lifespan of an EV? I've got 480,000 miles on my car 36yo car I drive daily. Would an EV go that far? at what point do you "reset" the EV an have to make that manufacturing pollution all over again? because I plan on driving my car forever. I know I'm the exception to the rule.

  • P. Zeller

    P. Zeller

    5 dager siden

    There‘s a EV in Europe that has run almost a million miles. (And many EV taxis in the netherlands beyond 300‘000miles)

  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds6 dager siden

    Blah blah blah. It will never happen! Climate change freaks

  • GlockMat
    GlockMat6 dager siden

    Brazil with Ethanol powered chariots: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHA more 100hp pls

  • amonrei
    amonrei6 dager siden

    Meanwhile in Malaysia: EV? What's that? I just want that Honda e man...

  • Joao Paulo
    Joao Paulo6 dager siden

    I think the big question about this is the way in which power is generated. What is the use of the all-electric car fleet when electricity is generated from coal or diesel?

  • Melvin Mathew
    Melvin Mathew6 dager siden

    The real solution is to massively reduce our dependence on cars, especially in cities where it is feasible to have quality public transportation, and whatever remaining cars r there should be electric

  • Ryan


    3 dager siden

    Cars are needed for essentially everything. The transition into electric vehicles will take at least another 40 or so years. Not everyone is willing to take public transport.