World premiere of the Audi Q4 e-tron models: Celebration of Progress


Your front row ticket to the world premiere of the new, fully electric Audi Q4 e-tron* models.
We are celebrating progress alongside special Hollywood guests Olivia Wilde and Regé-Jean Page, leading athletes Malaika Mihambo and Anna Gasser as well as some of your favorite FC Bayern Munich players. Also joined by innovative Audi thinkers, we unveil the next chapter of electric mobility at Audi.
#Audi #Q4etron #FutureIsAnAttitude #emobility
*Audi Q4 e-tron models:
Power consumption combined: 17.9-15.6 kWh/100km (NEDC); 20.9-16.6 kWh/100km (WLTP); CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km. Further information on official fuel consumption figures and the official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger cars can be found in the guide “Information on the fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and electricity consumption of new cars”, which is available free of charge at all sales dealerships and from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Hellmuth-Hirth-Strasse 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen, Germany (
Please note that while producing the shown content, local health and safety measures were strictly adhered to at all times.


  • Stefan Gabler
    Stefan Gabler9 dager siden

    So when will this be available to order and/ or test drive? In the US, in Europe and other markets?

  • Audi


    9 dager siden

    The availability of each Audi model depends on the country where you want to order it. We suggest you check out the official Audi website of your home country for more information on the release of our new models.

  • Stefan Gabler
    Stefan Gabler9 dager siden

    Forgotten are Dieselgate and ever slow progress in bringing EV's to the market!

  • Pavlikonline
    Pavlikonline13 dager siden

    Perfect job and a wonderful car as well. I guess Q4 will be my wishcar instead of my actual A4. Many thanks to Audi team. Hope to see next e-trons soon)

  • Doc Doc
    Doc Doc14 dager siden

    Insane car

  • Satyam Thakur
    Satyam Thakur14 dager siden

    The reason to watch this ad is Rege, Rege, Rege♥️♥️

  • Amy Vong
    Amy Vong16 dager siden

    How many miles for a full charge ?

  • Milosz R.

    Milosz R.

    11 dager siden

    @Audi Just like my A3 8pa 1.6 from 2004 which got repaired a month ago. Im glad I hit 280.000km this week. 😅

  • Audi


    16 dager siden

    The model has an electric range of up to 520 kilometers (WLTP).

  • Wangan Midnight
    Wangan Midnight16 dager siden

    You know I'd sucker myself into getting the less-utilitarian sportback version.

  • Angela Zayn
    Angela Zayn17 dager siden

    I'm just here for an opportunity to stare at Rege Jean Page.

  • agentjrb
    agentjrb19 dager siden

    Marc Lichte probably moonlights as a professional speed walker dude is fast!!

  • Dschinggeli Ztutsma
    Dschinggeli Ztutsma21 dag siden

    So schade. Warum stagniert unsere Autoindustrie nur so stark und hält an veralteten Formen fest. Schade, das Feld wird wohl mittelfristig den Chinesen überlassen. Ganz Schade.

  • Shane Michael Boland
    Shane Michael Boland21 dag siden

    So choreographed it’s off putting...

  • Michael Wetzel
    Michael Wetzel21 dag siden

    So, Audi, 40 minutes later I'm still unclear about your position on progress. For or against?

    TECH NICHE HD21 dag siden

    you guys are amazing

    KEN LOWE21 dag siden

    Best looking Audi design ever

  • Audi


    21 dag siden

    Thanks for your kind words.

  • Chris York
    Chris York21 dag siden

    I really love seeing how passionate Marc is about the design!

  • waksibra
    waksibra21 dag siden

    Does anyone know if its worth to upgrade the interior packages? Whart does the interior look like if I dont upgrade? Thinking of ordering before the test-models arrive in stores...

  • Keli K.
    Keli K.22 dager siden

    What a Premiere! Well done Team!

  • Helen Morgan
    Helen Morgan22 dager siden

    Mmm... Audi no podía encontrar otro personaje más a tono para promocionar este bellísimo auto!!! Divino Regè!!! 😍

  • Dom Doe
    Dom Doe22 dager siden

    Tony Stark would be proud 😊

  • Combo Jerman
    Combo Jerman22 dager siden

    13:11 carefull mr. marc lichte. this is not your design. this is actually a design from mercedes benz!

  • Sam Bale
    Sam Bale22 dager siden

    Good stuff

  • incipidsigninsetup
    incipidsigninsetup23 dager siden

    They are way too slow for an EV. 0-60 in 5.5 seconds?

  • aperkins07
    aperkins0723 dager siden

    This was the most awkward premiere I’ve seen... car looks good tho

  • LurasXCV
    LurasXCV23 dager siden

    Shame that the panorama roof isnt a big as the competitor :/

  • Abhiraj Jit
    Abhiraj Jit23 dager siden

    The Audi R8 E-tron is the product that I would personally like Audi to launch as there are chances it can become their badass launch as a sports car which is futuristic, advanced and performance oriented

  • agentjrb


    19 dager siden

    It appears the GT is their halo EV taking the place of the R8.

  • Andrey Samoilenko
    Andrey Samoilenko23 dager siden

    Skoda Enyaq EV all day long

  • nevePH
    nevePH23 dager siden

    I like it but the grills makes me wanna die. Guess they didn’t see the bmw memes

    Ralev.com24 dager siden

    It's a nice premium car.

  • Matt Klein
    Matt Klein24 dager siden

    125 kw/h is not particularly fast charging compared to KIA/Hyundai new offerings, relatively slow 0-60 mph time for this price subset, and lacks bidirectional charging. Range is decent, but not groundbreaking. This Audi owner is not impressed, and not surprised since the Q4 is based on the VW ID4.

  • witka89
    witka8924 dager siden

    mercedes glc gle and bmw x4

  • DailyTech Business Computers
    DailyTech Business Computers24 dager siden

    piece of rubbish

  • jandroniol
    jandroniol24 dager siden

    Germans make the most beautiful cars in the world. And they also have the most advanced robots on the planet, proof of this are these presenters, they seem almost real.

    TOM CREATIONS24 dager siden

    Beautiful design..... great work

  • RW 2020
    RW 202024 dager siden

    I'm just here...because Rege is (in my Marshawn Lynch voice).

  • Ingo Mundt
    Ingo Mundt24 dager siden

    Thank you for this beautiful presentation and congratulations on the very successful Audi Q4 e-tron. As a long-standing Audi driver, I will definitely switch to an e-tron in the near future. But I still have one or two questions: I have observed that you have only adopted the electronic rear-view mirrors (e-tron 50 and 55) as an option from the 2017 concept car you presented. I miss the light design (2017) presented by Mr. Lichte a little bit. For example: below the daytime running lights in the study there were two large light fields to the left and right of the single frame, each with around 250 LEDs placed in a spatial arrangement. This should result in a multitude of possibilities, for example to create impressive graphics and concrete communicative signs - even in motion. The four rings were also illuminated and seemed to float on the dark background. The rear, illuminated ring emblem acted as a third brake light. According to the design department, this would have led to the identification of the E-Tron family even more. It's a shame that such great ideas are unfortunately (as always?) Not included in the series. And one more question: When is it possible to choose a solar roof instead of a large panoramic roof? That would also extend the range. Or am I not seeing it correctly? Despite my small criticisms, I would still like to congratulate the Audi team on the Q4 E-Tron. Keep it up.

  • Audi


    23 dager siden

    It is a long way from the first idea in the concept phase to the real model. It leads through thousands of ideas and sketches. As a result, the car is gaining more and more shape in the course of the design process. Many employees from a wide range of departments work closely together to meet our high demands on the new model. We are happy to read, that you are taking your time to think about the design and features of our cars. We regard the ideas of our customers as suggestions, which we incorporate into the continuous process of development and model optimization of our cars. We appreciate creative ideas, but we cannot implement every design proposal that we receive. However, we would be delighted if you continue to be inspired by our cars! We hope your decision gets to one of our e-tron models.

  • Deshan Pethiyagoda
    Deshan Pethiyagoda24 dager siden

    This is the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen. I really want one of these. Well done Audi !!

  • Patrick Lopes Delgado
    Patrick Lopes Delgado24 dager siden

    Bmw x4 and glc their rivals turned electric

  • Wolf Stampede
    Wolf Stampede24 dager siden

    Still waiting for the A3 and S3 hatchback. It's going to take who knows how many years for this to make it to the states. Wah wah wah

  • Dan IRL
    Dan IRL24 dager siden

    More range would put me over the top to replace my SQ5 with the Q4. I want to go electric, but my commute regularly takes me on 260 mile round trips, which, in the real world, the Q4 would struggle to do on a single charge. I think all VAG cars might have very conservative BMS, which hopefully can be less restrictive as the results of more charge cycles are performed on their vehicles. 300 to 350 mile real world range would seal the deal.

  • Daniel Villiers
    Daniel Villiers24 dager siden

    Audi always brings their giant designer which makes all their car look like a compact car LOL.

    NUNO XIV24 dager siden


  • gladys cabezas
    gladys cabezas24 dager siden

    I am not a cars’ girl but the "concept" behind the premiere is very smart. BUT, The marketing behind the Audi was very on point. I really enjoyed all the stories told by different celebrities. I also appreciate the fact the brand tried to bring people who REALLY had something to say. Celebrities that use their platform in order to create a positive impact. LANGUAGE is a powerful mean and ACTIONS a powerful tool to sculpt the future, indeed. Let’s celebrate progress.

  • Juan Alvarez
    Juan Alvarez24 dager siden

    When are we going to see an allroad etron?

  • Audi


    24 dager siden

    We ask for your understanding that we cannot comment on future developments of our models at this point in time.

  • Husseynli
    Husseynli24 dager siden

    you guys produce amazing cars but looks like you are lightyear away from presenting them on a proper way. staged questions, no emotions, no fun, no sharpness. c'mon! you could do better than that.

  • Will Playz
    Will Playz25 dager siden

    8:41 is the part when it starts 15:28 is when a new electric suv is shown

  • Misty Wassink
    Misty Wassink25 dager siden

    Lot of Blah blah blah....more information about the battery please.....

  • P K
    P K25 dager siden

    All the women who tuned in to watch a car launch are here for Rege... smart thinking Audi! Now I want this car

  • Esi Bani

    Esi Bani

    24 dager siden

    You caught us 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex


    24 dager siden

    So true😂

  • Thomas Sommer
    Thomas Sommer25 dager siden

    I would be far more interested in the product than all the marketing around

  • Jake Hammond

    Jake Hammond

    23 dager siden

    Same here. The lead designer getting interrupted to bring in a long jumper Olympian.

  • Maximilian Kraus

    Maximilian Kraus

    24 dager siden

    I was quite disappointed about that performance of the presentation, as if we were living in 1990. I would rather listen to Marc Lichte explaining the car with passion, instead of hearing some Brand ambassadors saying some staged sentences about progess.

  • SnowBoarder&Skier
    SnowBoarder&Skier25 dager siden

    Beautiful car. I can’t wait to test drive one.

  • Shalah Rahim
    Shalah Rahim25 dager siden

    Holy Cow Audi is Absolutely 💯beautiful 😍❤

  • z3bro X
    z3bro X25 dager siden

    Cool !

  • Markus
    Markus25 dager siden

    400kw charging?

  • Audi


    24 dager siden

    Hello Markus, for further information about our new model you can use the following link:

  • Janey Doe
    Janey Doe25 dager siden

    The car looks so good. I think it would have so hot if Rege had taken it for a spin.

  • Saeed Mous
    Saeed Mous25 dager siden

    Really hate touch buttons, I don't get why they gone with the touch buttons and piano black plastics that doesn't look luxury at all, really disappointed, thats something I don't expect from Audi.

  • Munna Bhaiyya

    Munna Bhaiyya

    24 dager siden

    @SnowBoarder&Skier Epitome of Luxury??? In which world you are living? Tesla uses cheap plastics in their interiors. Audis have rock solid interiors with cutting - edge technology. And yes,not only Audi,but all automakers are adapting touch buttons which indeed are very irritating and not at all user- friendly and intuitive

  • SnowBoarder&Skier


    25 dager siden

    Tesla interiors are the epitome of luxury.

  • Ice Ada
    Ice Ada25 dager siden

    Loved the reveal. Regé was outstanding. I guess I know what my first car should be 😍😍

  • mulleygraves
    mulleygraves25 dager siden

    So much cringe.

  • DJ E D'Law
    DJ E D'Law25 dager siden

    Now if you could just come up with an affordable (even by Audi standards) vehicle that's not an SUV! Audi pioneered the idea that you didn't need to get a large tall vehicle to get AWD, but now all the non-SUV electric vehicles they're selling are ones you need a winning lottery ticket to purchase.

  • Audi


    24 dager siden

    Please note, that when such changes have been agreed upon, our Audi partners are the first to be notified. Subsequently, the general public will be informed.

  • Juan Alvarez

    Juan Alvarez

    24 dager siden

    I want to see an A6 etron wagon!

  • weissachpassion


    25 dager siden

    they will also come. But SUV's are very popular and its easier to integrate the batteries... That's why you see so many electric SUV's right now

  • Станислав Б.
    Станислав Б.25 dager siden


  • George
    George25 dager siden


  • cnrkrm
    cnrkrm25 dager siden

    Audi skipped reading the comments after GT show, did the same few weeks later. how can you keep blah so much and forget about the "product"

  • cnrkrm


    24 dager siden

    of course i am back, i love your cars and am always interested in what s coming next. my comment is not related to your product, as the video isnt

  • Audi


    24 dager siden

    And yet you came back. Thank you for joining though.

  • Caren Reynolds
    Caren Reynolds25 dager siden

    Rege looked so handsome and did a great job ❤️❤️❤️

  • alfrredd
    alfrredd25 dager siden

    38:00 A6 e-tron??

  • Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman

    16 dager siden


  • Tanner Miller

    Tanner Miller

    24 dager siden

    I would assume it’s something less expensive then gt but not the flagship sedan yet

  • Tanner Miller

    Tanner Miller

    24 dager siden

    Probably not by the look of it it, it looked like a 2 door

  • Jannikheu
    Jannikheu25 dager siden

    If you are interested in the actual car, jump ahead to 15:27

  • Soumen Banerjee
    Soumen Banerjee25 dager siden

    Who cares to listen to celebrities "blah! blah!" during a virtual live event? Just padding and wasting time.

  • Soumen Banerjee

    Soumen Banerjee

    24 dager siden

    @J L hmm maybe then they are marketing geniuses. I came here because as an existing audi owner they send newsletters and found this presentation pretty lacking. Just my opinion.

  • J L

    J L

    24 dager siden

    That's funny because Rege drew Me in.... now I'm thinking about the new e-tron Audi as a gift for myself maybe next year lol

  • Soumen Banerjee

    Soumen Banerjee

    24 dager siden

    @juju cycy does it need to be part of audi e-tron launch. he can/should talk about progress when he is not being paid also.

  • Jannikheu


    25 dager siden

    @juju cycy okay, fine :)

  • juju cycy

    juju cycy

    25 dager siden

    @Jannikheu l do care !!!l came here to here regé talk about progress

  • mikeann74
    mikeann7425 dager siden

    Hi great show! Would love to have the Audi functions on-demand shop activated for my Audi Q3 sometime soon!

  • cfc on
    cfc on25 dager siden

    Crappiest unveil I've ever seen 😂

  • George


    24 dager siden

    @Audi don’t worry audi I think it was a great unveil these people are just haters

  • Audi


    24 dager siden

    Thank you for joining though.

  • Shivam Mishra

    Shivam Mishra

    25 dager siden

    Perfectly summed up 😂

  • George


    25 dager siden


  • Soumen Banerjee
    Soumen Banerjee25 dager siden

    The digital section was so impressive. Not! German cars just lack in technologies. Forget being Tesla they are no where near Honda.

  • Marcus Bortel

    Marcus Bortel

    25 dager siden

    Which technologies are you talking about?

  • SnowBoarder&Skier


    25 dager siden

    Aside from the Honda e, what electric vehicle does Honda have available in the US?

  • Danin Kurudzija
    Danin Kurudzija25 dager siden

    I like the name Hildegard

  • Danin Kurudzija

    Danin Kurudzija

    23 dager siden

    @Luc Rechenbach Wallah?

  • Luc Rechenbach

    Luc Rechenbach

    24 dager siden

    Very old German name

  • HL HL
    HL HL25 dager siden

    Great livestream! I cant wait to try the car.

  • dog house
    dog house25 dager siden

    Love the design and innovative technology mergers. I think I missed the release and availability dates. When can we expect to see and or take delivery of the Audi Q4 e-tron in the USA?

  • Audi


    24 dager siden

    Both models will initially be offered in Europe, with deliveries to the US and Canada planned from the end of 2021 onwards.