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This Tungsten Cube is pretty much the heaviest 4” cube you can get here on earth. It’s one of the densest elements which makes it insanely weighty for its size. You literally can’t make sense of it when you see it then try to pick it up haha. We’ve been wanting to KO stuff with it at our drop tower for ages so it was epic to finally get it done! We got the cube from here:
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A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous3 dager siden

    200,000 likes on this vid and we’ll drop our 300kg solid steel fist on the cube!! 😳🤯

  • B Berg

    B Berg

    7 timer siden

    Tungsten cube will dent the fist

  • Rising-Phoenix


    8 timer siden


  • Edgar Poretti

    Edgar Poretti

    11 timer siden

    Everyone thumbs up for how ridiculous to make that vid happen

  • Andrew


    15 timer siden

    @Kyle YT me too for any now else who don't know, just search it up

  • Valkyrie Games

    Valkyrie Games

    15 timer siden

    2500 bucks! thats my guess love yall!

  • Landonmanbc
    Landonmanbc4 timer siden

    2,500 dollars usd

  • Roberto Santiago
    Roberto Santiago4 timer siden


  • NoVaKane
    NoVaKane4 timer siden

    It costs enough to momentarily regret

  • Jack Annetts
    Jack Annetts4 timer siden

    The cube vs bullet proof glass

  • Derek Hayles
    Derek Hayles4 timer siden

    Hear Me Out.... the Tungsten Cube vs. Oobleck !!! With that much density plummeting towards earth, that would be a fantastic slowey !!

  • Nomad 789
    Nomad 7894 timer siden

    anyone else see the bug flying in front of camera at 11:38

  • J Emma
    J Emma4 timer siden

    3399 AUD for the cube?

  • Sam Holt
    Sam Holt4 timer siden

    Tungsten cube vs Tungsten cube! That would be interesting

  • Steven Fredrickson
    Steven Fredrickson4 timer siden

    2499 was the cost of the cube

  • Cort Vantress
    Cort Vantress4 timer siden

    why not grab a 42lbs weight LOL it would make the video more interesting :)

  • Nomad 789
    Nomad 7894 timer siden

    i think the cube cost about 2,500 dollars

  • Thayne Quiner
    Thayne Quiner4 timer siden

    a lot of money

  • Monkey9712
    Monkey97124 timer siden

    $2,499 / A$3402

  • phoenix6969zerotwo onlyonpsn
    phoenix6969zerotwo onlyonpsn4 timer siden

    2500 to 2550

  • Ahmad Rasheed
    Ahmad Rasheed4 timer siden

    3,560 aussie dollars

  • adri1021
    adri10214 timer siden

    About $200

  • Uiy Yiu
    Uiy Yiu4 timer siden

    I think it cost 5

  • Uiy Yiu

    Uiy Yiu

    4 timer siden


  • Zeino Madikizela
    Zeino Madikizela4 timer siden

    Everyone is just ugly

  • MRnautilus9
    MRnautilus94 timer siden

    I reckon tungstène is sold at approx 28 USD/kg. If it is 19 kgs, it makes the price around 530 USD. Converting those to AUD, we obtain a total of approx. 720 AUD. As the numbers are rounded up, it should probably cost between 730 and 710 AUD.

  • Mailbox
    Mailbox5 timer siden

    Hacksmith could make one three times heavier. Because it would be made of Osmium.

  • Claw juicz
    Claw juicz5 timer siden

    copy and paste baby

  • Claw juicz
    Claw juicz5 timer siden

    "That's not in one piece anymore" T-shirt who wants it?

  • J k McPherson
    J k McPherson5 timer siden

    You fellas need to take a rock breaker ,hydraulic hammer whatever y’all call the attachment for a excavator that hits things to break them into little pieces the tool that slides in for the impacts and get one that just fits down the water balloon tube prolly 4 to 600 lbs we used a 7 inch or right around 177 mm was right about 550 lbs or so and we dropped it from 400 ish feet needles to say we needed a excavator to get to it the best part all of us had smart phones and not a one of us filmed it the bit was actually stuck in the sandstone keep on doing what you fellas do my grandkids love it not educational but yet it is if that makes any sense you need to or may I suggest finding away to capture and measure the energy and do the math separately see who’s closest still it’s cool just to drop things also

  • Connor Jackson
    Connor Jackson5 timer siden

    Possibly get the cube etched to look like the Transformers cube?

  • larrrygee
    larrrygee5 timer siden

    3:30 4:25 6:08 9:24 10:45 12:19 13:36

  • samuel hartin pasco
    samuel hartin pasco5 timer siden

    2,499$ usd

  • Nicole Graham
    Nicole Graham5 timer siden

    428 dollars

  • jonny Macbean
    jonny Macbean5 timer siden

    That cube was about 2,000 dollars

  • Brandon Craft
    Brandon Craft5 timer siden

    $2,500.00 dollars is how much it cost. for commtest

  • Zowi and Luigi
    Zowi and Luigi5 timer siden

    $789.99 American dollars

  • Philipp Saul
    Philipp Saul5 timer siden

    whats that song after the 10 concrete slabs got hammered?

  • Alex
    Alex5 timer siden

    I think it would have cost around 650$ USD

  • Alex


    5 timer siden

    That would be the average price for that metal per pound

  • TheBoltMaster
    TheBoltMaster5 timer siden

    COMMTEST: The cube was $2500 USD

  • Extreme Gaming
    Extreme Gaming5 timer siden

    2,428 dollary doos

  • Jus
    Jus5 timer siden

    Did DemolitionRanch send that cube over.

  • Shmeme ‘S
    Shmeme ‘S5 timer siden

    4k dollars for that cube

  • Boyahode
    Boyahode5 timer siden

    you guys should dye the color of the water, i think that'll give it a cool effect! just a thought though

  • TubbiestSquash
    TubbiestSquash5 timer siden


  • Shinobi
    Shinobi5 timer siden

    Commtest: the cube 2,500 dollars

  • Dillon Gamble
    Dillon Gamble5 timer siden

    I am going to guess 2,499.00 dollars for the cube???

  • Dillon Gamble

    Dillon Gamble

    5 timer siden


  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez5 timer siden

    11:38 stop ruining the footage fly

  • Zackary Schmidt
    Zackary Schmidt5 timer siden

    I can't wait to see what it does

  • Zackary Schmidt
    Zackary Schmidt5 timer siden

    I've seen this cube before..

  • Zane Moorhead
    Zane Moorhead5 timer siden

    The cude was 1,450 dollars @How Ridiculous

  • Tori Budach
    Tori Budach5 timer siden

    For the commtest i think $2,500

  • CABLE 715
    CABLE 7155 timer siden

    Derek with the "there's a big what about greenie in there" soundin like Hulk talkin about you know what.

  • nicholas berari
    nicholas berari5 timer siden

    tungsten cude cost $2,500

  • nicholas berari
    nicholas berari6 timer siden

    tungsten vs giant axe

  • G Petro
    G Petro6 timer siden

    kiwico is owned by proctor and gambel

  • T Astro
    T Astro6 timer siden

    $3211.00 for the cube

  • Brian Keener
    Brian Keener6 timer siden

    Cube cost $2,500 American Dollars Link below if you want one

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith6 timer siden


  • Tom Capon
    Tom Capon6 timer siden

    Any idea what the cube's velocity on impact was? Love how the sides of the fish tank shattered from the shockwave before the cube even hit the bottom!

    CJSOCMD6 timer siden

    I'm going to guess it costs around $3400 AUD or roughly $2500 USD.

  • Jedidiah 710
    Jedidiah 7106 timer siden

    Who’s here from demolition ranch?!

  • joe mitchell
    joe mitchell6 timer siden

    Make a solid LINEX ball starting from a golf ball. See how big you can make it. Then drop it from the tower.

  • Yanex
    Yanex6 timer siden

    Make a tungstan hulk fist

  • Yonah Amos
    Yonah Amos6 timer siden

    The cube cost 2500 US dollars.

  • Josh Price
    Josh Price6 timer siden

    Name for cube : Blocky Balboa

  • James Williamson
    James Williamson6 timer siden

    Demo ranch and HR drop a video with in a few days of each other with a cube that looks awfully similar... Loved them both

  • MossGod
    MossGod6 timer siden

    230 dollars?

  • AutoBez 313
    AutoBez 3136 timer siden

    Great content I subscribed ASAP # 🚗 🚘

  • Ethan Doxey
    Ethan Doxey6 timer siden


  • B Berg
    B Berg6 timer siden

    Make a tungsten dart!

  • kane_plays_apex legends
    kane_plays_apex legends7 timer siden

    is that in gingin wa gravity center because ive been there before

  • Henry
    Henry7 timer siden

    Just give me the time stamp

  • mArKy G. fLoWeRs
    mArKy G. fLoWeRs7 timer siden

    The cube was about $2,499.00!

  • Bob's Wrigles
    Bob's Wrigles7 timer siden

    At 4:13, 5:30, 10:34 and 13:31, I notice the boys are using a woolies "bag for good" cotton shopping bag(rated at ??) to hoist the cube back up top. Safety first guys 3 thumbs up BTW for those of you who may not know what a "woolies bag for good" is, it is a bag woolworths will replace it it breaks or rips for whatever reason(including lifting 19 KG cubes of Tungsten up 45 metres repeatedly?)

  • brandon grizzard
    brandon grizzard7 timer siden

    I clicked this video just to tell you thatvit doesnt take 14.55 to show a metal weighted cube crack concrete...oh yea .....bitch

  • Two Weeks Notice
    Two Weeks Notice7 timer siden

    kiwi guys messing around dropping things: woo hoo😁 Asteroid impact and ballistic research scientists:👀

  • Kelly Collier
    Kelly Collier7 timer siden

    I'm loving the various collaborative efforts from the various NOlocal folks. Mark Rober and you guys with the tramp was fantastic. I'm guessing you and DemoRanch can do better.

  • Devin Holland
    Devin Holland7 timer siden

    Yall picked up Trent Palmer's theme, new collab?

  • Machete Vs
    Machete Vs7 timer siden

    What is it like up there when there’s a storm?

  • Sam Elder
    Sam Elder7 timer siden

    What is this video I didn’t hear a single enthusiast scream

  • Filippo Tognola
    Filippo Tognola7 timer siden

    The Slow Mo Guys + How Ridiculous = perfect video

  • Anthony Cella
    Anthony Cella7 timer siden

    Anyone know the name of the song @5:02?

  • John Paul
    John Paul7 timer siden


  • Ren Obsidanz
    Ren Obsidanz7 timer siden

    Comtest: 2,499 USD

  • Pedro Bermudes
    Pedro Bermudes7 timer siden

    it costs $6.667,81

  • VSBLaw Comics
    VSBLaw Comics8 timer siden

    You should do a episode of dropping tools maybe just to show people how important it is to be safe and wear your there hardhats and safety equipment at work.

  • Graeme Lastname
    Graeme Lastname8 timer siden

    How'd you get the glass outa the sand?

  • kwanele khomo
    kwanele khomo8 timer siden

    Next time you use the pipe drop by a lazer pointer for accuracy

  • Primal_fear 58
    Primal_fear 588 timer siden


  • Max Hoffman
    Max Hoffman8 timer siden

    500 us $

  • King Batman
    King Batman8 timer siden

    2499 usd without tax

  • Legendary assasin
    Legendary assasin8 timer siden

    4:00: nikenana

  • Matthew Utz
    Matthew Utz8 timer siden


  • Filthy Shrek
    Filthy Shrek8 timer siden

    i know it's expensive, but it would be nice to see some footage from phantom camera some future video

  • Taine A-H
    Taine A-H8 timer siden

    Would be a great video idea to drop the tungsten cube onto some steel plating Of different thicknesses. Will be cool to see square holes through solid steel! Anyone agree?

  • BroBoo Gaming
    BroBoo Gaming9 timer siden

    I just found out that my year 7 hass teacher went to church with u :oo

  • Jarod Scara
    Jarod Scara9 timer siden

    Do a Tungsten cube vs another tungsten cube

  • Mat Locke
    Mat Locke9 timer siden


  • louai 3368
    louai 33689 timer siden

    can you make a giant dart from tungsten and drop it on stuff

  • Colin Grant
    Colin Grant9 timer siden

  • Ashley Dellinger
    Ashley Dellinger9 timer siden

    2499.00 bucks

  • brandon howes
    brandon howes9 timer siden

    I guess it cost $444?

  • alex clarke
    alex clarke9 timer siden

    I’d like to see that block dropped from a helicopter and hit the bank safe at terminal velocity.

  • Clay Pot
    Clay Pot10 timer siden

    Damn this video could have been 2 minutes tops. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Wyatt Slavin
    Wyatt Slavin10 timer siden

    Why did you title this video on Snapchat “200 lbs metal cube” when it is only 42 lbs metal cube? 🤔