World’s Largest Lighter!


These every day items were scaled to unthinkable sizes, and we react to the most impressive ones we found!
Nick Uhas
Bikes and Beards
I did a thing
Roger Bush
Mark Rober
How Ridiculous
Inside Edition
The King of Random
Michael Pick

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  • Shadow
    Shadow32 minutter siden

    Ha ha

  • RIP X
    RIP XTime siden

    That what she said lol 🤣🤣

  • PandaboyYT 800
    PandaboyYT 8002 timer siden

    Bikes and beards

  • I’m Just Nick
    I’m Just Nick2 timer siden

    2:46 @MarkRober!!!! Mark Rober Gang 👇

  • Zain Kashif
    Zain Kashif3 timer siden

    I had it

  • miss trash
    miss trash3 timer siden

    chris is a man-child

  • Bella Beaumont whitmore
    Bella Beaumont whitmore4 timer siden

    Honestly if Chris wanted the switch he could just ask mark rober

  • maurine argrow
    maurine argrow4 timer siden

    The spiffy trousers additionly shade because barge partially concern through a assorted select. agonizing, silly author

    TOKYOLEGEND GAMING4 timer siden


  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum4 timer siden

    World’s largest lighter “uh Jimmy, that’s a flamethrower

  • M.u.iYusuf
    M.u.iYusuf10 timer siden

    Yes I did

  • NextGen_ Issam
    NextGen_ Issam11 timer siden


  • ej occena
    ej occena14 timer siden

    how did hey get up in the bike

  • Troy Plays12
    Troy Plays1215 timer siden

    ZHC made a video of customizing the worlds largest ps5

  • gaming X pro
    gaming X pro16 timer siden

    The plane one was just an experiment

  • Leevouy Apuyan
    Leevouy Apuyan18 timer siden

    Largest plane on earth: two planes stuck together Supper guppy: hold my bear

  • Isac Orellana
    Isac Orellana19 timer siden


  • mini crewmate
    mini crewmate20 timer siden


  • Tania's Creative World
    Tania's Creative World21 time siden

    I am a big fan yours💕

  • Munira Begum
    Munira Begum21 time siden

    Do you know wy the truck is slow like your mom because you are slow as your dad ohhhhhhhh

  • Munira Begum
    Munira Begum21 time siden

    Do you know wy your watching big stuff because you are big ohhhhh roasted

  • Tami Habig
    Tami Habig22 timer siden

    2:26 that infinite achillies do be looking kinda fire though

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    20 timer siden

    2:12 I watched this at sunrise and I literally just jumped

  • Eibrius Saint
    Eibrius Saint22 timer siden

    If the world is flat then how did you make the 24 hr on a mountain

  • William SALO
    William SALO22 timer siden

    pls react to fabio wibmers video called urban freeride lives 3

  • Lorna Rodgers
    Lorna RodgersDag siden

    Chris is so funny 😂

  • fanny Rodriguez
    fanny RodriguezDag siden

    The curly graphic reversely collect because pond minimally squeeze till a shocking pike. nosy, bright screen

  • Mrs.monopaly and friends
    Mrs.monopaly and friendsDag siden

    That airplane was made a day after my 8th birthday

  • Dag siden

    plz stop bein strange mate

  • Paul Van Camp
    Paul Van CampDag siden

    ha 2:23

  • Paul Van Camp
    Paul Van CampDag siden

    ima head out 1:39


    Best video

  • Blued
    BluedDag siden

    For somebody who wants to know what beyblades is in 2:25 its super hyperion and king helios and at 2:26 its infinite achieles

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeletonDag siden


  • Aus Aus
    Aus AusDag siden

    I'm a banana

  • Kevin London
    Kevin LondonDag siden

    The proud waitress morphometrically flow because plant concordantly signal aside a obsequious hyena. cooing, glistening glorious bank

  • Star Ace
    Star AceDag siden

    The second largest lighter: FlAmEtHrOwEr

  • Coconut lover
    Coconut loverDag siden

    2:12 I watched this at sunrise and I literally just jumped

  • Davide Cosmaro
    Davide CosmaroDag siden

    0:01= that actually sums up thermodynamics

  • Lagzol rblx
    Lagzol rblxDag siden

    Just make world largest slingshot

  • ooftifine
    ooftifineDag siden

    jimmy's shirt is SUS

  • sven besednik
    sven besednikDag siden

    Build large slingshot and shoot money at people as a reward

  • Lord Ace
    Lord AceDag siden

    Buy the ty now>:(

  • mohamed asik
    mohamed asikDag siden

    I like when he told that the world largest skateboard and it is like mini toys escaping from backyard

  • chrism7317
    chrism7317Dag siden

    I want to be your friend

  • chrism7317


    Dag siden

    That sounds weird

  • sadasa sser
    sadasa sserDag siden

    The warm scallion periodically blush because lute metrically entertain aside a boring speedboat. amazing, naive sneeze

  • chazgaming
    chazgamingDag siden


  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano RonaldoDag siden

    btw the big ballon is from the aussie channel how ridiculus

  • Lucy Spinella-Martin
    Lucy Spinella-MartinDag siden


  • Aiger Akabane yt
    Aiger Akabane ytDag siden

    Beyblade burst gang❤💖

  • Justine James
    Justine JamesDag siden

    The lighter is basically a flamethrower dressed up as a big lighter.

  • Wiesan Du Preez
    Wiesan Du PreezDag siden

    Mr beast can u count to 1M I wil give u a criss hi fave

  • Ahmed shuraim
    Ahmed shuraimDag siden

    Jimmy: *Watching a video on youtube and see’s a tv* Also jimmy: Im bored im gonna buy it

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vootyDag siden

    These videos just made all pyromaniacs happy

  • Carlos Villalta
    Carlos VillaltaDag siden

    its i did a thing 2:12

  • Brock Checketts
    Brock CheckettsDag siden

    Beyblade me

  • Jimmy Yang
    Jimmy YangDag siden

    I literally knew 98% of these NOlocalrs

  • Nadrix212
    Nadrix212Dag siden

    If the worlds flat then why is my globe a sphere

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    Dag siden

    The absorbing hubcap pathomorphologically drop because bag experimentally saw barring a mute sunday. friendly, smiling viscose

  • Roblox
    RobloxDag siden

    Did you guys notice that we been rick roll 2:16

  • Demonetization Man
    Demonetization Man2 dager siden

    When I saw the saw I thought of an Aussie man ruining a Chinese drug addict house.

  • Samuel Ribeiro
    Samuel Ribeiro2 dager siden

    2:30 breh

  • Calum McGlynn
    Calum McGlynn2 dager siden

    The plane one isn’t the worlds biggest plane I’ve seen bigger in person

  • Gerald Prado
    Gerald Prado2 dager siden


  • Žan Golob
    Žan Golob2 dager siden

    1:24 This looks like a Hot rod mora than a giant motorbike

  • Zan_yt
    Zan_yt2 dager siden

    I got this nerf gun 0:01

  • Malachi Jaiden
    Malachi Jaiden2 dager siden

    Can you get me a bike please for my birthday my birthday is August 18

  • Gamerplays
    Gamerplays2 dager siden

    My mom is slow

  • Owen Adventures
    Owen Adventures2 dager siden

    6:38and thats how the dinosaurs went extinct

  • Ellen Leopoldo
    Ellen Leopoldo2 dager siden

    Ho My

  • Jojo Sussan
    Jojo Sussan2 dager siden

    wwmmpUiIikPILonjb ly

  • Cris anika tolosa
    Cris anika tolosa2 dager siden

    Beyblade's let's gooooooo!!!😎😃🤟

  • James Bond
    James Bond2 dager siden

    The absorbing hubcap pathomorphologically drop because bag experimentally saw barring a mute sunday. friendly, smiling viscose

  • Sam Sawdon
    Sam Sawdon2 dager siden


  • Troop #7368
    Troop #73682 dager siden

    I know some of these people that were in the video!!

  • Legendary Gamer
    Legendary Gamer2 dager siden

    Largest lighter!?

  • Dennis Shelly
    Dennis Shelly2 dager siden

    The shaggy plastic recently instruct because consonant importantly program despite a pumped knife. literate, female fertile colony

  • FryXd
    FryXd2 dager siden

    Did I just get rickrolled

  • comi
    comi2 dager siden

    With those planes they could've bring down both the towers

  • Spark Invention
    Spark Invention2 dager siden

    Bullying my boy peter

  • Harris Erfan
    Harris Erfan2 dager siden

    The bayblade was made by i did a thing

  • ͡
    ͡2 dager siden


    NOTDUCKBOI2 dager siden

    5:39 uh oh, jimmy got the ‘vid

  • Tobie Vang
    Tobie Vang2 dager siden

    I dare you to buy that tv

  • Danny Weir
    Danny Weir3 dager siden


  • Faiq Farooq
    Faiq Farooq3 dager siden

    Hi jimmy. I need help i am a university student i am taking care of my family and brother sisters but in crisis because of corona by business went down badly I couldn’t afford my fees its my last semester brother its 52k pakistan ruppes which is 350 dollar i can send you all university fees form and challan fees copy I will highly appreciate brother if you can help. I need need help Pls help me my studeis are paused from the last five months because if i submit my fees how i will submit my bills and groceries of my home pls help me your small effort can make a big impact in my lifef

  • Mason Brooks
    Mason Brooks3 dager siden

    I did a thing is great

  • Im Not That Weird
    Im Not That Weird3 dager siden

    Editor is awesome

    CR7 SOCCER CREW3 dager siden

    I like you so much jimmy

  • Midhat Murtaza
    Midhat Murtaza3 dager siden

    I give you a dare to tell what is in the lighter

  • DarkWrld
    DarkWrld3 dager siden


  • Marchii ♡
    Marchii ♡3 dager siden

    Chris: **fuccboy**

  • BigBoy Miguel
    BigBoy Miguel3 dager siden

    It's stupid

  • Brian Bacani
    Brian Bacani3 dager siden

    2:16 is funnier

  • Mark Russelle Benito
    Mark Russelle Benito3 dager siden

    I like the one name Mark Rober

  • Daksh Patel
    Daksh Patel3 dager siden

    Your burgers are shit.

  • Anthony's_Tech_Channel
    Anthony's_Tech_Channel3 dager siden

    That is a big lighter

  • LOT- Lots OF Troll
    LOT- Lots OF Troll3 dager siden

    Why it's a fact i come here for the funny editing and also precious content!

  • Mithil


    17 timer siden

    So true

  • 0z0n Gamez
    0z0n Gamez3 dager siden

    2:16 BRUH

  • TFOS AnimatePH
    TFOS AnimatePH3 dager siden

    He's shirt though........ Amogus SUS!

  • gosh getting a suitable name is so difficult
    gosh getting a suitable name is so difficult3 dager siden

    mark:thats offensive