World's First Purpose Built Snow Bike (That You Can Actually Buy) Full Send!


The title says it all! This is the first production snow bike that you can actually buy! The Ruffian 190R is a pit bike sized snow bike with amazing handling. It is light and being purpose build has the weight directly above the track for great traction and performance. This snow bike is amazing and today we put it to the test! Full send in just in our nature.
0:00 Intro
0:50 unboxing + setup
1:15 first test drive
3:00 walk around + review.
10:38 will we make it home?
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  • loadthebowl
    loadthebowlDag siden

    Next video show us how you do an oil change on it

  • R YT
    R YTDag siden

    Not hating but the exhaust looks like the human scentepeid

  • oilio
    oilio3 dager siden

    Google search. Hamster tank motorcycle. Grind hard can do it better

  • Spider Tickles
    Spider Tickles4 dager siden

    That muffler sticking out the side waiting to get bent is a bit of an afterthought🤷‍♂️

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson5 dager siden

    Neato. But isn't the point of a snowbike is that it's a bike? Like you can switch it back and forth lol

  • 4 2
    4 28 dager siden

    what about the boivins snow hawks??

  • blkmustang007
    blkmustang0078 dager siden

    does that thing have a cat ? what is that lil resonator looking part on the exhaust ?

  • crfsikness
    crfsikness9 dager siden

    Over 6k$ holy! Could build your own tracked sendie for that price!

  • Stephen Nyberg
    Stephen Nyberg10 dager siden

    I've been thinking about making an affordable DIY snowbike/snowmobile project, using as many easy to obtain materials as possible and fully recording a tutorial so other people can make them. this is about what I would make, although it would be a lot more basic.

  • BRS RC
    BRS RC11 dager siden

    Too good!

  • Maxence St-Pierre
    Maxence St-Pierre11 dager siden

    How many it cost

  • Pete Quinones
    Pete Quinones11 dager siden

    Make it 2 stroke with at least 200cc and I'd buy one.

  • Peter westman
    Peter westman12 dager siden

  • Brian Horton
    Brian Horton12 dager siden

    SnowHawk was actually the first production built snowbike

  • ChristianX Z owner
    ChristianX Z owner14 dager siden

    Stick a 250 in that

  • ChristianX Z owner
    ChristianX Z owner14 dager siden

    Studded track n bigger motor

  • Matt Park
    Matt Park14 dager siden

    Fun stuff boys

  • Jason Fisher
    Jason Fisher16 dager siden

    Damn that thing is cool and I really want one now.

  • E
    E16 dager siden

    Can you supercharge it?

  • DownLow Performance Inc
    DownLow Performance Inc17 dager siden

    Looks like cheep Chinese dkrt bike with an even cheaper snow bike kit.

  • Tom Lambert
    Tom Lambert17 dager siden

    It should be 2 stroke!

  • orbacron
    orbacron18 dager siden

    That's amazing package considering how long the fat cat has been out of production

  • Paul C.
    Paul C.19 dager siden

    looks fun as hell but please keep it away from european mountains

  • Bike guy Cody
    Bike guy Cody20 dager siden

    It looks like you could build that faster than taking a normal dirtbike and transforming it into that

  • D R
    D R20 dager siden

    Snowbikes hurt my brain. They just dont look like they should be able to stay upright but they do anyway.

  • KC 135
    KC 13521 dag siden

    Ive been putting off watching this video knowing that I’ll have to have one, and now I have to have one lol

  • Pablo Garcia
    Pablo Garcia22 dager siden

    The Ruffian vs GHP Mini Ruffian

  • William Fabiano
    William Fabiano22 dager siden

    Sno-Rabbit made a basic version of that powered by a 2-stroke 5hp air-cooled engine made by Chrysler. I owned one in 1986.

  • Nicolas Josset
    Nicolas Josset23 dager siden

    2 stroke conversion incoming ?

  • adixon pl
    adixon pl23 dager siden

    When be rotary trike?

  • Don Hogan
    Don Hogan23 dager siden

    ROFL you guys crack me up. I want to ride with y'all so bad. Which says....something about me for sure.

  • Luke Keller
    Luke Keller23 dager siden

    The worlds first snow bike is actually from A&D Boivin Snow Hawk. It goes back more than 15 years.

    MILLERTIME BUILDS23 dager siden

    Or you could just buy a Skidoo Snow Hawk that they made starting in 2002. That was the first ever “snow bike”

  • cam 248
    cam 24823 dager siden

    No the first was the snowhawk it was like a snow bike with alot more power all the way up to a 800cc 2 stroke check them out there bad ass and I would love to see a build or restore kind of video with u guys and one

  • Gregg O
    Gregg O24 dager siden

    KTM stands for "Keep The Money" coming!

  • Gregg O
    Gregg O24 dager siden

    I want! Accept I want mine to have a R1 1000cc motor and 6 inch grabbers on the track because suicide with a razor blade has become old school.

  • Aaron Jaki
    Aaron Jaki25 dager siden

    Check out Jaki Bros 🤟

  • Titan slayer 909
    Titan slayer 90925 dager siden

    now i want to see you try to turn the ruffien in to a dirt bike

  • Jadon Kirk
    Jadon Kirk25 dager siden

    Please 450 swap it

  • William Rathman
    William Rathman25 dager siden

    Will we be seeing the firetruck soon🤔

  • Aaron Doty
    Aaron Doty26 dager siden

    When will this get the full GHP treatment? I feel like it would rip with a 2 stroke!

  • Being Happy
    Being Happy26 dager siden

    Needs a two person seat

  • Anthony Sole
    Anthony Sole26 dager siden

    But how much is one? Website is not helpful.

  • Jesse Whitford
    Jesse Whitford26 dager siden

    Venom 125cc Mini Jeep Deluxe | Willys Edition you guy need too get one to mod the shit out of

  • Austin Vogel
    Austin Vogel26 dager siden

    How much do one of those cost?

  • Cameron j Marsh
    Cameron j Marsh26 dager siden

    That drone save though

  • Albin Strömberg
    Albin Strömberg26 dager siden

    Looks awsome! Do they ship to Sweden? ;)

  • Skiridr22
    Skiridr2226 dager siden

    Of course he jumped it 🤣

  • Émile Rivest
    Émile Rivest26 dager siden

    Hey guys! you should check out the Yeti SnowMX as it is a purpose built snow bike too! It's actually owned by Camso who you have a kit from! Cheers!

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm26 dager siden


  • Jon Bui
    Jon Bui26 dager siden

    what do they sell for ? I looked on their site . It say`s sold out until summer. I guess you could actually buy one if they had any in stock.

  • lakelandpowerwashing
    lakelandpowerwashing26 dager siden

    Whats the price on the Ruffian? Website doesnt show.

  • master Bryan
    master Bryan26 dager siden

    Too bad they're sold out

  • Semparo
    Semparo26 dager siden

    Never knew snow bikes were a thing till now... At first I thought it was kinda pointless with snowmobiles out there, but now I can see the appeal. Those things are so much more nimble than a big ol clunky snowmobile!

  • Teddy Flood
    Teddy Flood26 dager siden

    I don't think it can be called a bike.

  • Nathan Duval
    Nathan Duval27 dager siden


  • Duane Weldon
    Duane Weldon27 dager siden

    i went to their website and something must be wrong. Surely the bike isn't $300 plus shipping of 160lbs. They couldn't buy the parts to make one for $300. Shipping $400 for a total of $700?

  • M K2
    M K227 dager siden

    this thing is more than snowmoblie

  • JF Parent
    JF Parent27 dager siden

    It’s the first only if you don’t consider the Snow Hawk that was made in Québec and available commercially more than 15 years ago!

  • Ray Dreamer
    Ray Dreamer27 dager siden

    Stranded in the Philippines now but I know I could have fun with this snow bike back in Canada if I can ever get back to Canada....

  • JayDee Bishop
    JayDee Bishop27 dager siden

    "the first production snow bike that you can actually buy" I don't think it's thru. I remember riding a dedicated snow bike at least 10 years ago called "the Snow Hawk" manufactured in Quebec Canada. And we bought two of those at the time. But hey! Only the legal language is deceptive. Not the legal statement... :D

  • Dave T
    Dave T27 dager siden

    The simple fact that it had enough torque to tow a much larger bike is worth a thumbs up for this little thing. Well done.

  • Michael Farmer
    Michael Farmer27 dager siden

    Man I love this channel! Makes my morning trying to make out what y’all were saying while riding, 😂 sounded like a happy review. No idea what was actually said. 😁 have a great day guys! 👍💪❤️🇺🇸

  • jerry henderson
    jerry henderson27 dager siden

    I hope they gave you the bike , because that was better than any advertisement they could have done themselves .

    ADAM WAITE27 dager siden

    Only one question remains, how much do they cost? There's no pricing on their website so maybe you guys can fill us in? Even if it's just a general idea, given how government lockdowns are screwing everything up.

  • bananas401k
    bananas401k27 dager siden

    Hows it do on sand? Might be good here in Arizona

  • tyler seymour
    tyler seymour27 dager siden

    700 bucks for the cvt version. not sure the price on the 190r. this thing is awesome and i think ill have a couple before next winter

  • MATTLEism
    MATTLEism27 dager siden

    You gotta get the evo kit so you can demo the 450 in one. This company is only an hour and 15 minutes from me. May have to take a gander.

  • Colbey J
    Colbey J27 dager siden

    Put a huge motor in it

  • Newby FPV
    Newby FPV27 dager siden

    The flying video is improving rapidly! Goes great with the rest of your content. Great stuff fellas.

  • DieCastoms
    DieCastoms27 dager siden

    I know it is not the point of your videos, but .. the drone footage plays a really important part in your presence on NOlocal. Please do a special episode, at some point, featuring the drone and it's pilot.

  • Chubbs Stuttgen
    Chubbs Stuttgen27 dager siden

    Did anyone find a price on it?

  • n0ukf
    n0ukf28 dager siden

    "First purpose built snow bike"? I thought I saw one (not a conversion, maybe smaller) from Honda decades ago.

  • n0ukf


    28 dager siden

    Maybe it was the Chrysler Sno-Runner, but I was sure I remembered a Honda close to the same size.

  • All Time Productions
    All Time Productions28 dager siden

    Perfect for a Communist Chinese sympathizer

  • v Flinck
    v Flinck28 dager siden

    I see it has one of those super standard pit bike engines....soooo... 212cc daytona swap?

  • Jason Fenderson
    Jason Fenderson28 dager siden

    I looked it up and a 140 cc was 4,000$ that’s a little much for what the bike is I think

  • Jason Fenderson
    Jason Fenderson28 dager siden

    It’s a pit snow bike!! That’s so cool

  • Built Minis
    Built Minis28 dager siden

    It looks like a 50. Might have to try this with my 178 stroker klx110 or maybe one of the other small bikes i have

  • Chad Calamari
    Chad Calamari28 dager siden

    Very cool! but , I believe Chrysler built the first ones 40ish years ago...

  • Arlo Fraser
    Arlo Fraser28 dager siden

    a 12min ad kewl

  • james13914
    james1391428 dager siden

    Hmm putting it to the test before you guys use it for something completely different and that it should never do with it or put it on something els 🤣 love you guys

  • plainpaul
    plainpaul28 dager siden

    Sno Rabbit was the first production-built snow bike. Just saying.

  • Brody Biluk
    Brody Biluk28 dager siden

    That thing is sweet how much was it

  • Novur
    Novur28 dager siden

    Snow Grom 😲

  • Jd Shaw
    Jd Shaw28 dager siden

    Looks like a fun little snowbike, but not sure I'd buy one beings that I'm 6'3"!

  • Random Garage
    Random Garage28 dager siden

    Sorry guys but the arctic cat SVX 450 was the first purpose built snowbike that you could actually buy. That was like 5 years ago. Granted, it was simply a marriage of a Camso kit on a Sherco bike, but it was sold as OEM arctic cat, ready to ride on the snow.

  • Random Garage

    Random Garage

    27 dager siden

    @robfn that's a toss-up. It's really more like a basic snowmobile with a single, large front ski. A matter of opinion and details, and a subject of possible argument.

  • robfn


    27 dager siden

    2007 snowhawk 800 h.o.

  • Deland Brooks
    Deland Brooks28 dager siden

    How long can Ethan keep from swapping on a 650+cc or will he just go straight to a Hellcat take out?

  • DaveBuilds
    DaveBuilds28 dager siden

    Put a 450 in it

  • dominic coscarelli
    dominic coscarelli28 dager siden

    Sweet machine.

  • Steven A Branstetter Jr
    Steven A Branstetter Jr28 dager siden

    cant wait for xgames freestyle and snow motoX

  • burntorangeak
    burntorangeak28 dager siden

    Smells like free bike ad.

  • rusty shaklford
    rusty shaklford28 dager siden

    How much do the cost

  • Schmity FPV
    Schmity FPV28 dager siden

    Love the fpv drone shots and the partial crash into snow. 🤘🏽

  • Extreme__clap
    Extreme__clap28 dager siden

    And now you make it in to a dird bike?

  • Trout Productions
    Trout Productions28 dager siden

    Arcticcat made one factory built

  • Caden Lancaster
    Caden Lancaster28 dager siden

    soooooooo engine swap?

  • Gabe G
    Gabe G28 dager siden

    Looks like something you would get on amazon

  • John
    John28 dager siden

    So cool

  • John Staley
    John Staley28 dager siden

    Perhaps you should do research before making statements about the first. While in reality it was really more a snow moped in 1979 Chrysler sold the Snowrunner.

  • daniel berrett
    daniel berrett29 dager siden

    Enough torque/power to pull a snowboarder? Looks like a yes Pulling the dead one. Long term health of engine from pulling is a good question though.