Worlds Strongest 18 Year Old vs FaZe Clan - Strength Test

Worlds Strongest 18 Year Old vs FaZe Clan - Strength Test ft @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Teeqo
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  • Hishaam Ahmed
    Hishaam AhmedTime siden

    Teeko is a beast

  • Legit Name
    Legit Name13 timer siden

    Why do y’all even have a gym

  • Anbarasan 46
    Anbarasan 46Dag siden

    Bro he is cool

  • Anvil LIVE
    Anvil LIVEDag siden

    Do the body shot change

  • TechnoHammer
    TechnoHammer3 dager siden

    "This kid is 18 years old" LMFAO

  • TechnoHammer
    TechnoHammer3 dager siden

    You know that the "Worlds strongest 18 year old" takes HGH to help with his growth right? Therefore he is not natural and has a huge advantage over the faze clan, DISQUALIFIED.

  • Bud


    2 dager siden

    What are you a doctor, yeah no so shut up

  • Yannick Ahlers
    Yannick Ahlers4 dager siden

    alex is doing 3 reps of legs and the camera says 5

  • Chris Guevara
    Chris Guevara4 dager siden

    10:12 mans nikan dead said 5 when alex was on the 3rd press im weakkkk

  • Chris Guevara
    Chris Guevara4 dager siden

    Yee 500 press yee okkk buddy shits fake no way

  • Fabian HD
    Fabian HD5 dager siden

    Anyone else stressed when they did leg press 😂 straight knees 💀💀

  • James Martinez
    James Martinez6 dager siden

    At 1:47 his form was nice 👍🏼

  • Viktor Hubáček
    Viktor Hubáček6 dager siden

    hh not STRONGEST 18. maybe shreddest but not strongest

  • George Ey
    George Ey7 dager siden

    What height of this kid? I think 5'3?

  • Bud


    2 dager siden

    Yep he's 5'3

  • luis cavazos
    luis cavazos7 dager siden

    1.-Push ups: yeah I doubt any of them did more than 30 maybe Tristinyn did more, but he does bodybuilding, not calisthenics so nowhere 100 I can guarantee it, and the one doing military push ups made it harder on himself. 2.-Wall sit: that is more of an endurance test than a strength one and faze adapt was using his hands for support. 3.- Cheat bicep curls: wtf why tf would someone think cheat curling is a form of strength¿?, now we are going to see 16 year olds cheat curling heavy weights and tearing their biceps thinking they are strong. 4.-Plank: again, endurance instead of strength. 5.- Leg press: most of them did half reps or used their arms for extra strength, and also locked their knees, Trystan seeing that and not saying anything makes me think that he secretly hates them as that may cause an accident. However, I didn’t expect this people to know much about fitness as their careers are based in video games, but if you have a home gym you should use it. Or donate it to somewhere they could do more with it.

  • Alisha Leonard
    Alisha Leonard7 dager siden

    Look at that kid hes 18 and look at him

  • Michelle Konwick
    Michelle Konwick8 dager siden

    Do you know going all the way

  • Yung Citrus
    Yung Citrus8 dager siden

    Not to mention horrible form

  • Yung Citrus
    Yung Citrus8 dager siden

    That’s cheating No hands on leggies for leg press

  • Pedro Chavez
    Pedro Chavez8 dager siden

    Jarvis is a puss he has to bend thos knees 9:30

    KALEB AMANUEL8 dager siden

    Camara man sounds like Ben alazar

  • Elijah Segovia
    Elijah Segovia9 dager siden

    Whoever that kid is he barely was even moving the leg bench like he sucks

  • عقيل الفتلاوي
    عقيل الفتلاوي9 dager siden

    اعتقد ماكو عربي اهنا 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joe O'Malley
    Joe O'Malley9 dager siden

    Why does Jarvis allwase wear slides

  • Fazil Manaf
    Fazil Manaf10 dager siden

    I actually thought he'll be 16 for 3 more years

  • Rylan Coates
    Rylan Coates10 dager siden

    Jarvis totally didn’t do full reps on the leg press. Didn’t even do it right

  • Aaron goodrich
    Aaron goodrich10 dager siden

    Tiko’s push up form was way better

  • Ken Anderson
    Ken Anderson10 dager siden

    how do you make over 6 figures, go to the gym, but don't look like you lift at all?

  • Mouhamed salah chourfi
    Mouhamed salah chourfi10 dager siden

    Ho decided the world strong 18 year old ? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Liam Markham
    Liam Markham11 dager siden

    Bruh he ain’t the worlds strongest 18 year old😂😂

  • Ride the Gamer
    Ride the Gamer11 dager siden


  • Magdalena Okwiet
    Magdalena Okwiet11 dager siden

    The kid looks like 12 years old

  • Senycal Vibeszy
    Senycal Vibeszy11 dager siden

    Ur busted

  • Harish Joshi
    Harish Joshi11 dager siden

    believe me i can push up 70

  • Jaden Sallinger
    Jaden Sallinger12 dager siden

    Don’t lock your knees on the leg press you could fuck your self up

  • 06 Fishing
    06 Fishing12 dager siden

    be honest we all know the cameraman won

    TAKEN RAPZ12 dager siden

    Jarvis on the wall sits look like he’s just sitting on a chair

  • Taft Ram
    Taft Ram13 dager siden

    Damn Tristyn hella short ngl

  • Bud


    2 dager siden

    A lot of faze members are jarvis , teeqo and that other guy

  • Kayla Boutin
    Kayla Boutin13 dager siden

    He should join faze and help them to get as ripped as he is

  • Dark Shadow Gacha
    Dark Shadow Gacha14 dager siden

    Ngl these type of vids help me get ready for my up coming fitness gram at school

  • KzI_Herminox
    KzI_Herminox15 dager siden

    Lol non of them would do 40 or 50 lmao love fakes

  • Aidan O'Rourke
    Aidan O'Rourke15 dager siden

    I can easily hit 40 push-ups and I’m 13

  • MinecraftbrosLTU jan
    MinecraftbrosLTU jan16 dager siden

    Adapts face is pink but his body is white 10:10

  • Mason Gouin
    Mason Gouin16 dager siden

    Literally says 50 on the dumbbell in the thumbnail, you ain’t fooling no one

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe16 dager siden

    Everyone was cheating LOL

  • Pranav Joshi
    Pranav Joshi16 dager siden

    This is such an insult to the fitness industry bruh like they did not do that many push ups in a row. That’s obvious. Instead of curling the dumbbell they cleaned it. They were locking their legs when doing the leg press. I’m surprised none of them blew their knees out. Stick to gaming guys y’all r a joke. Ur channels are tailored to 6 year old kids who don’t know wtf their looking at.

  • Psycho
    Psycho17 dager siden

    Adapt look in his shirt and tells next is 65 are the notes there

  • james lowe
    james lowe17 dager siden

    jarvis "do you know a leg press?"

  • Krane
    Krane17 dager siden

    I think CL just turned 19?

  • Mr X
    Mr X18 dager siden

    Y do people dislike

  • Ethan's music and off-roading
    Ethan's music and off-roading18 dager siden

    Let me just say... I'm 14 and could beat these dudes. And I'm fat. I mean come on i do 650x30 on the leg press. Come on guys

  • Ethan
    Ethan18 dager siden

    mans is peeled af and strong af, but not the world strongest

  • Fiitz
    Fiitz19 dager siden

    i’m just gonna ignore the form, but i will recognize how lee literally destroyed his chances at being any taller than a midget by taking steroids because now his body doesn’t produce natural growth hormones because of the roids. i’d rather be 6ft and skinny than 5ft and jacked. sucks to ruin the rest of your life just for a couple years of fun

  • Bud


    2 dager siden

    He's 5'3

  • Jaxon VanBibber
    Jaxon VanBibber20 dager siden

    I'm 13 and I can do ten reps of 235

  • Jordan Procell
    Jordan Procell20 dager siden

    Viewers Discretion Advised: this whole video was made for views

  • Beazzyy.
    Beazzyy.20 dager siden

    Challenge 2 i was 9minutes once

  • Musa Jameel
    Musa Jameel22 dager siden

    I just subscribed

  • dabby Kat
    dabby Kat22 dager siden

    Faze adapt needs a spray tan 😂

  • Sam Hofmans
    Sam Hofmans22 dager siden

    Hahahha jarvis, 7 half reps😂😂

  • Ejakh Mohammed
    Ejakh Mohammed22 dager siden

    Faze adapt the circle head

  • Marking the page
    Marking the page23 dager siden

    U can tell they are faking it ive seen the other gym videos and teeqo and faze adapt eould do so good but now they suck???

  • Darren Dinh
    Darren Dinh24 dager siden

    8:33 that left knee scared me

  • SmokyQs (M40A3)
    SmokyQs (M40A3)25 dager siden

    Tristan lee, my names Tristan lee.

  • Chowder7
    Chowder725 dager siden

    First and last time watching vids of these kids lol. Black kid did like 1/4 reps and white kid with brown hair used his fucking arms on the leg press? Wtf?

  • Matthew Huffman
    Matthew Huffman26 dager siden

    he is really is busted

  • Sitkid
    Sitkid27 dager siden

    You really should rename this video call it guys who don't workout vs a kid on steroids you'll never guess what happens lol.

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera28 dager siden

    The body builder wasn’t going all the way up for his push-ups therefore they were not valid

  • Iceyy
    Iceyy28 dager siden

    Tristyn in his mind: their form is horrible...

  • Antoine Tardif
    Antoine Tardif28 dager siden

    Maxing out a dumbbell curl is the dumbest shit I have ever seen. It was a compilation of the worst possible form.

  • iris clem
    iris clem29 dager siden

    Shitty reps.. "wow" "wow" lmao yall are some clowns

  • Wai Ma
    Wai Ma29 dager siden

    He’s definitely not the strongest 18 yo out there lol

  • Piggy the man King world
    Piggy the man King worldMåned siden

    50 pound: Me carrying 50 pound: Feel like I’m carrying 300 pound How many pound this comments get 👇🏻

  • ParrotGaming21 Wat

    ParrotGaming21 Wat

    21 dag siden

    This nigga

  • Piggy the man King world

    Piggy the man King world

    Måned siden


  • Θανάσης Μπουνος
    Θανάσης ΜπουνοςMåned siden

    I've done 101 push ups and I could do more

  • bananaman 15
    bananaman 15Måned siden

    I think is fake there is no way he did 100 in one and the others guys did soo many

  • Yan Ming Wu
    Yan Ming WuMåned siden


  • Sledgemiha _
    Sledgemiha _Måned siden

    Bruh tristyn lee is like probably one of the weakest 18 year old bodybuilders and they still are horrible, makes me wanna puke

  • BGaff
    BGaffMåned siden

    Hope being 5’1 the rest of your life was worth stunting ur growth lol

  • William Strömblad
    William StrömbladMåned siden

    8:33 The lockout 😳

  • Abraham Marquez
    Abraham MarquezMåned siden

    Teeqo did the most and had the best form

  • Connor Pennington
    Connor PenningtonMåned siden


  • Carly Edwards ✓
    Carly Edwards ✓Måned siden

    Why did all of them have a jump edit for the push-ups

  • Carly Edwards ✓
    Carly Edwards ✓Måned siden

    This kid is the Asian Arnold Lol

  • Ziyale Norris
    Ziyale NorrisMåned siden

    He isnt not the strongest 18 year old in the world he is fit but not the strongest

  • Reyes Jon
    Reyes JonMåned siden

    Bro when they did the leg presses it looked like they were locking their knees 😭

  • Forthy
    ForthyMåned siden

    Jarvis's leg press was like quater reps

  • Demon Dream
    Demon DreamMåned siden

    4:38 I notice teeqo too much 😜😍

  • Jacob
    JacobMåned siden

    150 adapt" thats 8 times his body weight" bro what

  • Skillz 1453
    Skillz 1453Måned siden

    Where's faze rug?

  • EA Why
    EA WhyMåned siden

    That can go so wrong

  • EA Why
    EA WhyMåned siden

    Please don’t lock ur knees when u do leg press

  • JustJae
    JustJaeMåned siden

    “Strength Test” Most of the exercises are endurance

  • Arsa
    ArsaMåned siden

    Nex time don't call trstyn

  • KingSiz124
    KingSiz124Måned siden

    Tico was the only one with good form

  • Oliver Kjær
    Oliver KjærMåned siden

    alex is cheating in leg press lol, he uses his hands LMAO

  • Solvyc
    SolvycMåned siden

    They each did less then 40 and faking numbers.... FaZe don’t change

  • Dokusei
    DokuseiMåned siden

    Terrible form on the pushups but ok

  • OD Logic
    OD LogicMåned siden

    Bro the crazy thing is he’s doing this and he’s 5’3

  • Druskiiiii
    DruskiiiiiMåned siden

    Next : Worlds fattest vs faze clan

  • Gerardo González
    Gerardo GonzálezMåned siden

    Where is censor

  • Clipxz FN
    Clipxz FNMåned siden

    Why are you using steroids at the age of 18

  • Skoomaddict


    Måned siden

    @Clipxz FN subbed to u

  • Skoomaddict


    Måned siden

    @Clipxz FN ok

  • Clipxz FN

    Clipxz FN

    Måned siden

    @Skoomaddict yeah I subbed to you

  • Skoomaddict


    Måned siden

    @Clipxz FN support?

  • Clipxz FN

    Clipxz FN

    Måned siden

    @Skoomaddict I know right Wanna support each other

  • Fortbloxcraft
    FortbloxcraftMåned siden

    Imagine buying weights to your personal gym that u cant even lift