Would Erling Haaland be a better signing than Lionel Messi for Manchester City? | ESPN FC


ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab & Juls show) react to Pep Guardiola signing a two-year extension at Manchester City. Marcotti and Laurens both believe Sergio Aguero’s future at the club will play a huge part in Guardiola’s plans for the next two years. Man City were beaten 2-0 by Jose Mourinho's Tottenham Hotspur, in which Aguero was an unused substitute, with Pep deciding to start Brazilian Gabriel Jesus instead. Laurens believes Aguero would prolong his stay in Manchester if best friend Lionel Messi (Barcelona) signed for the club. However, he adds that Borussia Dortmund's Erling Haaland may be a better long term signing for City.
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  • EpicGenX
    EpicGenX28 dager siden

    Can I get a round of applause for that oil 💰 money tho...

  • Old School
    Old School29 dager siden

    Haaland is the future top scorer in europe for a decade if he played in same league as Mbappe he would score 60 goals a season, in England he scores 30 goals a season and in Italy he could get 25-30 a year, but he will end up a Real Madrid and score 50 goals a season for a decade. Messi is not Messi anymore he is still great but not the best. If Messi is free get him but if you spend money you need a long term investment.

  • Arthur Mel
    Arthur MelMåned siden

    Haaland is the best possible option right now for any team.


    After seeing the match against Osasuna,I realized that at this age also,Håland is nothing compared to messi

  • Mochammad Rashad Al Kholiq
    Mochammad Rashad Al KholiqMåned siden

    yesyesyes pleasepleaseplease haaland come to city🙏💙

  • Wild Lobo
    Wild LoboMåned siden

    I’m Messi fan. Messi isn’t top scorer no more. I admit that. But Messi has become the player maker and gives so many assistance. Messi and Haaland playing together will destroy teams.

  • Ajit Babu
    Ajit BabuMåned siden

    I mean, if Messi is for free, why not sign him? He is anyway gonna improve the team, either with goals or even without. Don't talk about wages. He simply generates more money in sponsorship than his wages(remember how Juventus made more than 100m)

  • Stepupin
    StepupinMåned siden

    I don't see how Haaland fits Guardiolas football. Messi fits it perfectly and he is also good friend with Pep. That being said.. you would be an idiot to not sign Haaland for 80 mill. Its a nobrainer.. every club will be interested but its up to Haaland where he goes

  • Night Mare
    Night MareMåned siden

    Think of the shirt sales from Messi? at least 150mill

  • Haagen
    HaagenMåned siden

    Messi and Aguero have proven to be decent at best at Argentina. Great analysts we have here, it's clear Haaland would be a much better signing for any team. Short or Long term.

  • Paulin Kantue
    Paulin KantueMåned siden

    Again the "click bait" title is misleading. The conversation was never about Messi vs Haaland. ESPN FC we like watching your commentaries, don't make us regret it.

  • Markus Knutsen
    Markus KnutsenMåned siden

    "city fans"? City has fans?

  • Mark Power
    Mark PowerMåned siden

    Messi has nowhere to go...he will just play for barca and bow out with them..........

  • Slander Way77
    Slander Way77Måned siden

    Sorry but I don’t think haaland and mbappe are able to do thinks that Messi and Cr7 did in their prime

  • CAAB
    CAABMåned siden

    I believe the discussion is flawed, it isnt Messis entire career vs Haalands entire career... It’s: who would be the better signing RIGHT NOW

  • Sky
    SkyMåned siden

    He better stay in Dortmund

  • Joel Viju
    Joel VijuMåned siden

    Haaland would be a great choice for the long term...both for the club and the player...

  • acl
    aclMåned siden

    This isn't even a debate. Harland is the best striker in the world. Messi is a has been. If city sign Haaland they will have bought themselves a premier League title and possibly a champions league title.

  • Riccardo Botrugnoo
    Riccardo BotrugnooMåned siden

    If City sign Haaland they would be unplayable...that man doesn’t miss a chance...I can see that happening though

  • seamus kelly
    seamus kellyMåned siden

    Harry kane anyone???????

  • Manny Alvarez
    Manny AlvarezMåned siden

    Yes because of age

  • not orib
    not oribMåned siden

    Haalands rap career is alone better than both Messi and Ronaldo's whole career combined

  • cooperstevens2
    cooperstevens2Måned siden

    Two words: DUH, Haaland

  • Nirvation 11
    Nirvation 11Måned siden

    If you sign Haland, you get a striker. If you sign Messi, you get a striker, winger and a playmaker.. Be smart and make wise choices

  • Please Listen

    Please Listen

    Måned siden

    Haha..it's funny how Messi fans described Messi as all good in everything. Funny.

  • GodplaysDice
    GodplaysDiceMåned siden

    Of course. Messi is old and almost finished. Haaland is rising and young.

  • Robert Huffmann
    Robert HuffmannMåned siden

    Haaland plays in a farmers league. Would still be a good signing for City though.

  • Kalen misia Misia
    Kalen misia MisiaMåned siden

    Haaland is just money waste he can't score if he can't get assist his goals always tap in or 1v1 against goalkeepers.

  • Kingston21
    Kingston21Måned siden

    Haaland wouldnt go to City, he was born in Leeds, is a Leeds fan, and wants to play for Leeds, so theres no way he'll sign for a rival club

  • XXX_Sön_Gõkú_BK247
    XXX_Sön_Gõkú_BK247Måned siden

    If they were to buy one (if they had an option) Haaland would be the right choice. He is younger and deadly. Messi is amazing, the best in my opinion, but he is also 33 years old.

  • ThinkDifferent
    ThinkDifferentMåned siden

    Well....Messi would be free and Haaland would cost atleast 150mill

  • Papa Denj
    Papa DenjMåned siden

    Bold of you to assume haaland is going to leave dortmund

  • Sky


    Måned siden


  • Uyema
    UyemaMåned siden

    If City want to win now, they need Messi. Pep is only at City for two years, KDB is 29, in the middle of his prime and so are many of their players. Haaland definitely has incredible potential but where will the rest of the team be by the time Haaland becomes the player City need? That being said, I rather take Messi in a finals game over Haaland, given Messi is undefeated in UCL finals.

  • jor sam

    jor sam

    Måned siden

    MC like Barca is worst with Messi

  • Martin Cordero Cuellar
    Martin Cordero CuellarMåned siden

    Nah he will go to Bayern

  • pi 5
    pi 5Måned siden

    just makes me sad everytime i see messi because he has achieved a lot man, let that lad enjoy his saga in joy just a humble request to all

  • Fut Man
    Fut ManMåned siden

    This tells how underrated Messi's finishing is



    Måned siden

    @Megat Afiq Also Messi has dropped in form, how often do you see messi scoring other than the penalties? Exactly, matter of fact Haaland scored 2 on their last UCL game and scored 4 goals just the match before that.

  • Megat Afiq

    Megat Afiq

    Måned siden

    The man got 6 ballon d or. How can he underrated? People just speaks fact. Haaland is better deal in long term. Dude just 20 years old

  • Tobias B.
    Tobias B.Måned siden

    Guys Haaland will never even reach half the level of Messi when speaking about overall footballing qualitiies.

  • Propaganda F
    Propaganda FMåned siden

    Yes 100% 10 messi over 1 haaland any day

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor duMåned siden

    816th comment

  • Valentino Cogelja
    Valentino CogeljaMåned siden

    Lewandowski to City..game over

  • Mark N
    Mark NMåned siden

    I'm a city fan, I don't want Messi

  • High Five Entertainment
    High Five EntertainmentMåned siden

    Fun fact City 2015-16 season before Pep arrived Played 38, Lost 10, Drew 9, Scored 71, Conceded 41, Table position 4th " don't come here saying City were in a great position before pep came" its a joke

  • RW Coffie
    RW CoffieMåned siden

    Haaland would fit better in Liverpool 🔥

  • Muhammad Mujahid
    Muhammad MujahidMåned siden

    Messi is GOAT and these types of stupid football fans says Haaland(a kid who first time scores in major league like cl or bl cannot never ever reach) never ever reach level Of Messi

  • Lee Illman
    Lee IllmanMåned siden


  • Patrick Kaberamanzi
    Patrick KaberamanziMåned siden

    If they sign messi! Then that’s the end of his career!!

  • Test Testt
    Test TesttMåned siden

    Messi will be going for 'free' to City. No mega million transfer fee. The only payment would be the yearly-contracts which the sale of Messi shirt will eclipse. Get both Messi and Haalaand and City wins the Champions League first season together.

  • FUT Tracker
    FUT TrackerMåned siden

    You say that now....

  • Joyan
    JoyanMåned siden

    Why would he go to a plastic club. Should wait until Bayern comers for him

  • Georgi Ilkov
    Georgi IlkovMåned siden

    No because Messi will bring money with advertising

    SIDAFMåned siden

    They shouldn’t sign haaland...It’s too early for him, plus he’s doing extremely well where he is..they should probably sign him in 2022 or 2023 or something

  • Shaun Levin
    Shaun LevinMåned siden

    Honestly, I doubt that Messi could play in the Prem anymore. He is an incredible player, but he does not have his speed anymore. He might be able to play as a CAM, but City has the best CAM in the world (coming from a Liverpool fan). He would not have the speed to play a winger. I think Haaland is a much better fit for the Prem. He also has lots of potential.

  • PanekaFC
    PanekaFCMåned siden

    Haaland doing better things than Ronaldo and Messi.

  • Framingham Lax
    Framingham LaxMåned siden

    It’s city they’ll just buy both

  • TheBillABCTV
    TheBillABCTVMåned siden

    Sign both Messi and Haaland for City.

  • BR AVO
    BR AVOMåned siden

    we won 2 primers league who gives af bringing da goat Is bringing a champions league fuk a premier league

  • Narayan Pandey
    Narayan PandeyMåned siden

    Giroud can be the temporary solution for city

  • Cobra Coven
    Cobra CovenMåned siden

    100% a better signing, why is this even a question

  • thrus shy
    thrus shyMåned siden

    Messi will cry in EPL Don't come here saying he destroyed PL teams That was in past assholes I'm talking about present

  • golden Frieza
    golden FriezaMåned siden

    Yes haaland cuz I want Messi to stay

  • Ann Phoenix
    Ann PhoenixMåned siden

    Definitely think halaand wd be a better signing

  • Troy Blackman
    Troy BlackmanMåned siden

    Of course Haaland is a better signing. Switch the ages of these two and that will change again.

  • Marc Van der Bilt
    Marc Van der BiltMåned siden

    of course he would be a better signing

  • Prosper Omiponle
    Prosper OmiponleMåned siden

    Harland would be a better long term choice but as a Chelsea fan, he shouldn’t go there, just so he won’t damage our nets😂



    Måned siden

    I don't think anyone wants him in the premier league unless he plays for their team, he can stay in the bundesliga setting records I do not want to see him against my team that would be scary 😂😂

  • Kayleigh Birchall
    Kayleigh BirchallMåned siden

    Richarlison is better than Gabriel Jesus.

  • Canned Coochie
    Canned CoochieMåned siden

    For his price and what hes worth haaland takes the yes

  • Freeband Jam
    Freeband JamMåned siden

    need the name on that nike eagle hoodie toooo clean

  • Anonymous


    Måned siden

    Just google nike eagle hoodie 🤷‍♂️

  • calvin ambersley
    calvin ambersleyMåned siden

    No both are very overrated... time will show it the blind fans... none is that great

    RAVI SINGHMåned siden

    Messi gives you a multi dimensions to your team he could be the best signing for any team..

  • Awkaad Se Bhaar #ASB
    Awkaad Se Bhaar #ASBMåned siden

    The fact that you are asking this question it means you guys are the most delusional people in the history of the world

  • Steeve Cantave
    Steeve CantaveMåned siden

    That's a laughable question. Messi is no longer a great player among the greatest of players. That's basically what he was for 10+ seasons. Currently, he's just a great player who, like normal great players, can look out of sorts when surrounded by less than stellar talent. Haaland will never approach Messi's level--he's just a goalscorer who can be taken out of games if his supply line gets shut down--but he'll be a top five player for the next ten seasons. Even at 28, I said I would take Messi over any other player regardless of age because no player would be better than him in the following five years. We're at the end of those five years, and I think the times of Messi getting preferential treatment is over.

  • 4gility
    4gilityMåned siden

    In terms of playing the game, no one beats Messi. But, Messi only has 1-2 good years of football, and Haaland is gonna win Ballon Dors, golden shoes, etc. So Haaland is no doubt a better option

  • Ivica Sapina
    Ivica SapinaMåned siden

    Those two are so stupid ...

  • farshan at
    farshan atMåned siden

    I don't think there will be much of an impact in the performance of city if Messi joins. Messi clearly getting slower and slower and now it's hard for him to dribble multiple players, plus Messi can't press the opponents, he likes to walk a lot without the ball in a game.

  • Alice L
    Alice LMåned siden

    Frankly speaking, Erling Haaland is better because he is younger and also the future player. Besides, Messi commands an extremely high wage. Therefore, it is better to have Erling Haaland and also to save cost.

  • Farhan Ahmed
    Farhan AhmedMåned siden

    Buying Messi is nonsense....

  • E.K.E YT
    E.K.E YTMåned siden

    Haaland will fit into any of the top team currently in Europe.....if you agree then you know what to do. 👇

  • seyned89
    seyned89Måned siden

    Just some respect on Messi’s name

  • Amazonbargains
    AmazonbargainsMåned siden

    Please I hope they don’t sign Haland lol just cuz I ain’t a city fan

  • Deinde Johnson
    Deinde JohnsonMåned siden

    Messi is not physically built to play at the age of 35+ like Ronaldo.. Hence why there is sharp decline in Messi's goals and assist.. Halaand is a much wiser option as Man City do not need any more midfielders.

  • Neuro Philosophers
    Neuro PhilosophersMåned siden

    Halaand is the best signing any team could make even more so than Mbappe people don’t realize the value of having the future best striker in the world

  • Benard Boateng
    Benard BoatengMåned siden

    They don't need neither they need a different striker

  • UnbiasedOpinion
    UnbiasedOpinionMåned siden

    Absolutely 100%!!!!!! Messi is about to be 34 yrs old and isn’t a necessity at all on the wing as there are plenty top solid wingers on the planet plus we have enough already. Replacing Aguero is the main priority and Haaland whoever signs him baring injuries will provide u with 10 yrs of phenomenal service! This question is actually really dumb n offensive smh

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby YodaMåned siden

    Haaland is 20 and right now he looks like the best prospect anyone could sign. Messi is still Messi but he is 14 years older.

  • Nigelo Titus
    Nigelo TitusMåned siden

    They're are struggling now, because they're are not taking their chances and they got punished. They have to take their chances .

  • Nigelo Titus
    Nigelo TitusMåned siden

    Manchester city should buy both of them, they will win the champions league 2021-2022.

  • Ali Babar
    Ali BabarMåned siden

    So Gabriel Marcotti is being stupid here about Sergio Aguero.

  • ken juan
    ken juanMåned siden

    If Zlatan couldn't cut it under Pep, I doubt Haaland would but we'll see if this happens.

  • Lion 12
    Lion 12Måned siden

    I’d prefer Barcelona Sign him.

  • Jamaican Youth
    Jamaican YouthMåned siden

    Messi allows city to make more money than Haaland will make them in two years or less with Jersey sales etc .

  • Olivier David
    Olivier DavidMåned siden

    Absolutely! Messi has been finished for 3 years. He needs the whole team to work for him and he only scores every 20 chances. Most overrated player in history!

  • Curtis Allen
    Curtis AllenMåned siden

    This headline killed it Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • MS
    MSMåned siden

    Haaland for sure. Messi is 34 next summer. Haaland has a long future ahead.

  • Max Diop
    Max DiopMåned siden

    Pep guadiola don't want hallaf

  • muleya mwiinga
    muleya mwiingaMåned siden

    Spend £1,3M a week minus bonuses.... When you just escaped FFP... And you have already have a team that only has 2 defenders... Good luck with that...

  • Kurt Sylvester
    Kurt SylvesterMåned siden


  • lorne malvo
    lorne malvoMåned siden

    Messi is a disappointment. He can never be the GOAT. He can not be a topic of discussion in that debate.

  • King of the Bridge
    King of the BridgeMåned siden

    Messi for free is no brainer just pay the guys wages, bargain. Spend the money on Haaland and City will be able to compete with Liverpool again.

  • Captain Smoke
    Captain SmokeMåned siden

    When did Pep ever had a tall striker? Yeah Ibra and we know how that turned out. Haaland goes to Real when he's done at Dortmund, we all know that.

  • Captain Smoke

    Captain Smoke

    Måned siden

    @Delboy0 I can see only one club with this kind of reputation in England and that's ManU. And they're garbage. So Real it will be. They always find a way to get the players they want. No one ever said "No" to Real.

  • Delboy0


    Måned siden

    Haaland’s dad said he is son dreams to play in the Premier League and his agent said his next move will be the Premier League. Real Madrid are not the attraction they used to be. Now they can’t double the wages of players they attract less world class players

  • Mike LFC
    Mike LFCMåned siden


  • The Ultrawide Guy
    The Ultrawide GuyMåned siden