xQc vs. Rubius - Most Watched Chess Match EVER


PogChamps is BACK! Today we had xQc vs Rubius, an insane matchup. The event is featuring MrBeast, Pokimane, Rainn Wilson, Neeko, xQc, Rubius, Ludwig, and many others.
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0:00 Intro
0:42 GAME 1
10:44 GAME 2
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    THAC0MANIC6 dager siden

    how is this the most watch? to me i thought QXC getting mated by Mr Throbbing in 7 moves after Hikaru was couching and raising his boy only to get spanked and humiliated on chess / youtube sensation. or you talking about just chess.com?

  • ElyanYT


    6 timer siden


  • Leo Fisher

    Leo Fisher

    3 dager siden

    Trying it out right now. Seems good so far :)

  • Benjamin Danny

    Benjamin Danny

    3 dager siden

    i dont know if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)

  • Denis Jon

    Denis Jon

    4 dager siden

    Also at a point both xQc and Rubius had over 100k viewers, chess had 140k viewers on Twitch, 30k on NOlocal, and that's not including the other chess streamers commentating the match.

  • Edgaras Klevinskis

    Edgaras Klevinskis

    5 dager siden

    QXC Pepelaugh

  • Manoeuvre1x
    Manoeuvre1x4 timer siden

    When you don't know who thegrefg is xd

  • CheeseSteak Head
    CheeseSteak Head15 timer siden

    99% of chess.com players are cheaters 1% or time burners in the admin‘s are a bunch of douche bags

  • Shush Shush
    Shush Shush2 dager siden

    pog is such a gay word. All you no lifes are all virgins. Go outside and do a job you skinny ass kids

  • Macke Fah
    Macke Fah2 dager siden

    17.25 why dosnt white play Queen B8?

  • Mirko T.M
    Mirko T.M2 dager siden

    Pokimane vs XQc

  • Ian Just Ian
    Ian Just Ian2 dager siden

    17:38 queen to b8 mate or am I stupid?

  • Vasiliy Angapov
    Vasiliy Angapov3 dager siden

    After rook blunder at 9:13 I felt sad for Levi having to comment that blunder tournament.

  • Avn Fella
    Avn Fella3 dager siden

    The most watched spanish speaking twitch streamer isnt rubius, is Auronplay

  • Christopher Hardie
    Christopher Hardie3 dager siden

    I'm confused by this community. With regards to chess I was of the understanding that it doesn't matter if your a GM or a brick, if you win you win. How does someone who plays better than their oppenent lead to grief/shitty comments? It appears that the "fans" can be very elitist and disregard the good moves played by a perceived beginner as they don't have the IM or GM labels. This seems very odd as the aforementioned IM's and GM's didn't have said labels until they earned them. Why not just enjoy the fact that a 'beginner' is making moves that the computer/IM/GM agrees with? Jealously?

  • Seth Adkins
    Seth Adkins4 dager siden

    I love how you explain the moves like a college professor

    ItsSHAGGY4 dager siden

    These breakdowns are really well put and the commentary is so entertaining. "It's time for checkers" goddamn son XD

  • Simon Dewitt
    Simon Dewitt4 dager siden

    Most watched live game probably, but how often has the Paul Morphy Opera game been replayed in lessons throughout the years? Or technically the stupid Harry Potter chess game where Ron the jerk doesn't pick the safer pieces for his friends to replace.

  • Spxdel
    Spxdel4 dager siden

    Xqc really isn’t a good chess player it’s kinda annoying how he comes in and starts streaming straight away but at the same time I guess it gets more people interested in the game so it really is a good thing

  • Miles Rae
    Miles Rae5 dager siden

    love the otro!! thanks for standing up for us amateur players

  • Disillusioned Dedication
    Disillusioned Dedication5 dager siden

    at 5:48 dont u just take queen? or is there an IM strat here i dont know?

  • Idham Sabki Aaron
    Idham Sabki Aaron5 dager siden

    I always do scandinavian unless i'm playing with my dad who is like a grandmaster.

  • MrZakrencony
    MrZakrencony5 dager siden

    wait WHAT, people don't like this content? but it's absolutely amazing!

  • Karl Cossaboon
    Karl Cossaboon5 dager siden

    to all those who threatened to unsubscribe go we wont miss you thank you for saying this lmao This man is the literal definition of a absolute savage

  • Cooper Lindsay
    Cooper Lindsay5 dager siden

    The tangy slash excitingly enjoy because start postmeiotically squeeze times a zealous advice. elderly, abundant internet

  • Steven Loomis
    Steven Loomis6 dager siden

    Fun games.

  • SuperTrailerz
    SuperTrailerz6 dager siden

    The most-watched chess game ever is XQC losing in 6 moves :)

  • wabdih
    wabdih6 dager siden

    I am 1000 and I probably would miss that rook move

  • tea
    tea6 dager siden

    xQc vs xQc but shit

  • Wellington Rodrigues
    Wellington Rodrigues6 dager siden

    I've been learning chess for about 2 months now and I don't know If my "vision" of the game is still too limited but I found that match really awesome

  • Sam Beatty
    Sam Beatty6 dager siden

    8:30-8:38 lmao

  • Antonio Brito
    Antonio Brito7 dager siden

    Am I the only one who see checkmate at 17:18 with queen to B8?

  • DarthScott2007


    5 dager siden

    I don't understand how NOBODY saw that

  • DarthScott2007


    5 dager siden

    I see it too!

  • Lizzy the leopard
    Lizzy the leopard7 dager siden

    People say chess is ‘nerdy’ but they are just scared for having to think for once

  • sralsacul3
    sralsacul37 dager siden

    Why didn't you talk about Checkmate in the second game? Rubius could have gone Queen to B8 and it would have been checkmate or am I missing something? : ) (Min: 17:44)

  • DarthScott2007


    5 dager siden

    I see it too!

  • Nigga Gae
    Nigga Gae7 dager siden


  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez7 dager siden

    “If you can’t win that it’s time for checkers” I’m ctfu😭😭

  • Ad Day
    Ad Day7 dager siden

    Chess.com sucks. I don't know why you promote that garbage.

  • Alene Scoblete
    Alene Scoblete7 dager siden

    Gotham, you are awesome and I’m elated that you so clearly just stood up to those naysayers who had threatened to unsubscribe. Bravo!

  • Max Starcevich
    Max Starcevich7 dager siden

    Bro I'm 970 ELO and I don't think rd8 is that hard to find

  • Wahaj Qureshi
    Wahaj Qureshi7 dager siden

    17:30 isn't Qb8 mate for white or am i missing something here?

  • DarthScott2007


    5 dager siden


  • Samridh Sharma

    Samridh Sharma

    6 dager siden

    Yea it is... Did Levy miss that?

  • Nouryoku


    7 dager siden

    Exactly right??

  • Micah Lawrence
    Micah Lawrence7 dager siden

    You can just say Rubius. You don't have to do a Ruffles commercial. Very good video.

  • King Krispy
    King Krispy8 dager siden

    “If you can’t win this it’s time for checkers” LOL

  • Renato Dutra
    Renato Dutra8 dager siden

    It's amazing watching people grow interest in chess and getting better at it. Xqc lost in 6 moves like a true novice and got interested, put an effort into it. Now look at how far he came, it was a great game from him and from Rubio. Another great point is how moch people this guys brought ito the community. People who where watching them play other games are now watching chess and liking it. How is this bad by any means?

  • Alice Simpson
    Alice Simpson8 dager siden

    thank you for another quality video Gotham, always awesome to see your analysis of the games. your vids alongside watching other creators enjoying chess through pogchamps have inspired me to try and learn chess and I'm having so much fun :)

  • A. P. V.
    A. P. V.8 dager siden

    Games remind me a bit of Stockfish on low levels -- plays perfect strategic moves, punishes you, protects every single pawn and then goes "oh, I'm level 3? Well, here then, you can take this free rook."

  • Dusan Maletic
    Dusan Maletic8 dager siden

    Can someone explain to me why on 17:40 Rubius can't go QB8 and mate? She's protected by the Rook and King has nowhere to go, can't take the Queen, am I missing something here or?

  • DarthScott2007


    5 dager siden


  • Sam Kamphof
    Sam Kamphof8 dager siden

    8:27 f6 just wins the bishop, no need to trade down

  • winterboy9
    winterboy98 dager siden

    xqc is beyond grandmaster level, dont forget that he played chess while dealing with notifications only having 1.30 time and still managed to win. 6Head

  • Gabriel Carrasco
    Gabriel Carrasco8 dager siden

    "If he does that, I do this"

  • EAM25
    EAM258 dager siden


  • Badsniperarmy
    Badsniperarmy8 dager siden

    It’s the rook and apartment complex that made me like the vid

  • William Keeley
    William Keeley8 dager siden


  • romans shoe
    romans shoe8 dager siden

    3:22 Nxe5 is winning right?

  • Deli & Skele
    Deli & Skele8 dager siden

    I subscribed just for the haters who unsubscribed.

  • Alexis Snyder
    Alexis Snyder8 dager siden

    All fun aside it's sad that the most viewed game ever requires you to then painstakingly analyze missing a basic checkmate in great detail.

  • Armando Estrada
    Armando Estrada8 dager siden

    hes not the biggest hispanic twith streamer. there are about 6 other hispanic streamers above him

  • Nick Lone
    Nick Lone8 dager siden

    Nice video and all but grandstanding In the name of defending pokimane? Really?

  • skittles
    skittles8 dager siden

    him vs moistcr1tikal was my favourite match

  • joo
    joo8 dager siden

    Are you Harry Potter?

  • joo


    8 dager siden

    Harry Potter of chess

  • Jordan Warde
    Jordan Warde8 dager siden

    Mad to hear hate comments when chess is doing so well, I haven't played since high school but started watching yourself and Hikaru not long before pogchamps 1 just out of curiosity

  • Marky Larky
    Marky Larky8 dager siden

    "If you can't win this it's time for checkers"

  • Benetzit
    Benetzit8 dager siden

    at 17:20 I don't get it can't Rubius just go Qxb8 and just mate? Am I missing something? Please someone explain.

  • Casey Charbonneau
    Casey Charbonneau8 dager siden

    Keep up the great work! Got my whole house back into chess!

  • Albert Gonzalez
    Albert Gonzalez8 dager siden

    Thanks for the content, keep doing it!

  • Anthony Harburn
    Anthony Harburn8 dager siden

    Well said Levy... you should have ended with the Tylor Swift song... The hater's guna hate hate hate... I shake it off... I shake it off...

  • Lockdown DB
    Lockdown DB8 dager siden

    Hater: hating on Pogchamps and new players Levy: blinks for once then finds the only move to keep my respect for him by telling them to leave and he doesn't care about them What a Grischuk move😎

  • cristobal madrid poblete
    cristobal madrid poblete8 dager siden

    aaaaaaaaah que cool ver a Rubius en gotham chess!

  • Lockdown DB
    Lockdown DB8 dager siden

    It's nice to see how well these streamers learn the game and watch progression.

  • Vatsal_ Negi
    Vatsal_ Negi9 dager siden

    how tf they r rated more than me i feel like the biggest failure

  • Gabriel Pereira
    Gabriel Pereira9 dager siden

    Threatening you to unsub from your channel? Man, this video just made me subscribe to it! Keep it up

  • Roberto Rustarazo Gonzalez
    Roberto Rustarazo Gonzalez9 dager siden

    Why not Queen B8 straight away on 17:26?

  • Ian Streator
    Ian Streator9 dager siden

    Freedom of speech! Much respect Levi.. shine their negative light back on them, they can unsubscribe they’re not taking anything we value with them.

  • Dah_Jsus
    Dah_Jsus9 dager siden

    XQC vs himself

  • WwikxX
    WwikxX9 dager siden

    You might have said goodbye to some subscribers but you sure gained a lot of new ones. Great video 👍🙌

  • 10th letter
    10th letter9 dager siden

    8:24 "if you cant win this it is time for checkers" Me scraping a win after up a rook, knights, a bishop, and a pawn: *checkers time*

  • geoingo
    geoingo9 dager siden

    "if you can't win this it's time for checkers" I died

  • Connie Prude
    Connie Prude9 dager siden

    The icy plate especially excite because jail conjecturally jail an a zonked deadline. fantastic, tender tense tortellini

  • Kornobi Starcatcher
    Kornobi Starcatcher9 dager siden

    Great video. Your content is enjoyable to all ages, rare on this platform. Your outro was spot on. Cheers.

  • Zzz Lll
    Zzz Lll9 dager siden

    gotham cheese

  • adeternitamn
    adeternitamn9 dager siden

    It is actually insane how humanities standards are regressing with each passing year. We have gone from publicly analysing world champion games to making coffee house level chess seem as if its some kind of a turning point in history. I did not say anything before, and I would not have said anything now either Levy( had it not been for your closing remarks). But ffs dont say you who dont like this are on the WrOnG sIdE oF hIsToRy. You have every right to try and make money out of content, and you have every right to make whatever content makes you feel good about yourself. I got no problem at all with all of this. Zero ! Just dont try and make sth so banal ,and utterly devoid of any sort of significance, into more than it is just cause it is convenient. Besides, online Chess becoming "popular" means absolutely nothing at all for the game of chess. And just some food for thought Levy, cause I like your content. Not all progress is necessarily good and just cause you can do sth it doesn't necessarily mean you should. Dont hate you and wont unsub ( this is a threat btw lol) but one of those dislikes is mine purely because of the last few seconds and not the overall content.

  • zok


    8 dager siden

    @adeternitamn i can understand where you're coming from

  • adeternitamn


    8 dager siden

    @zok Entertaining is purely subjective, but I get what you mean. My only issue is with blanket statements like "the wrong side of history" etc etc. I ofc do not in any way condone any form of pressure towards content creators. If someone doesnt like sth they can just watch sth else, in this day and age.

  • zok


    8 dager siden

    people want to watch entertaining chess. Nobody wants to watch super gm games because they're too meta and have way too many ideas that 99.9% of the chess pop won't understand

  • arrsea
    arrsea9 dager siden

    xqc the nastiest incel ive ever seen

  • Blunt
    Blunt9 dager siden

    Really impressed with XQC's improvement. Really smart moves made across these two matches, even when in losing position. Super impressive how quickly he's getting good at chess.

  • Parascythe Plays
    Parascythe Plays9 dager siden

    hold up isn't queen b8 checkmate?! at 17:28

  • Dominic Lorenz
    Dominic Lorenz9 dager siden

    Well said Levy at the end. You will get 1m subscribers in no time.

  • Exalin
    Exalin9 dager siden

    god ur such a good coach i love how you talk about moves! can u make a coaching fans stream or smth

  • Seifert Iris
    Seifert Iris9 dager siden

    The productive picture ipsilaterally preach because bell immunophenotypically exist lest a sudden canvas. clumsy, violent organisation

  • nsk gg
    nsk gg9 dager siden

    I can not belive thats a tournament they r suck

  • Matt
    Matt9 dager siden

    they are quite proficient in their play

  • Adrian
    Adrian9 dager siden

    Criaturitas del señor

  • EMBPercussion
    EMBPercussion9 dager siden

    I love your videoooooooos

  • Emilio Díaz
    Emilio Díaz9 dager siden

    My maaan I love your videos! Keep it up :)

  • Jimmy Koh
    Jimmy Koh9 dager siden

    Personally, I find this type of video instructional, by pointing out the mistakes we all learn from it. I juz dun understand why ppl threaten to unsubscribe, it makes no sense of it.

  • woozy
    woozy9 dager siden

    You make these games sound like a sports event. I really enjoy your commentary.

  • woozy
    woozy9 dager siden

    It was the battle of the Pepegas, of course it was the most watched chess match lol

  • vpn rockies
    vpn rockies9 dager siden

    I’m getting simp vibes from you

    HENZ DOKKA9 dager siden

    El goblino vs El rubius

  • Juan Avalos
    Juan Avalos9 dager siden

    I am by no means a grandmaster but I loved how you took a 1000 rated game and showed us so many ideas within the position how to attack what to do just amazing content

  • Not so Hotshy
    Not so Hotshy9 dager siden

    I almost want to make a dickish comment just to get pinned. Hey Gotham.. you smell bad.

  • Sexy Llama
    Sexy Llama9 dager siden

    " rrrrrrubius" GothamChess-2021

  • Jose Reinoso
    Jose Reinoso9 dager siden

    Great message at the end... Love your recaps, keep making them.

  • MrNwn007
    MrNwn0079 dager siden

    16:48 wof wof xD

  • jamo90
    jamo909 dager siden

    Im rosen crying at the almost Stafford

  • TheSterbend666
    TheSterbend6669 dager siden

    love your videos i play chess for now 6 months and you help me out a lot much love

  • Matthew Freitag
    Matthew Freitag9 dager siden

    At 8:29, I think f6 is an imporvement over simplifying.

  • Tyler Barrier
    Tyler Barrier9 dager siden

    I love these videos. The analysis of a game is always my favorite part.