Blame it on Baby

Blame it on Baby



Meet n Greet

Meet n Greet


  • Some bloke with a xxxtentacion profile pic
    Some bloke with a xxxtentacion profile pic8 timer siden

    bru why wikipedia say you dead

  • A Simple Doge
    A Simple Doge8 timer siden

    3:20 That’s some insane kb

  • Matreex
    Matreex8 timer siden

    0:41 Oooo is better than whole lil mosey life

  • Reinaldo Braga
    Reinaldo Braga8 timer siden

    This bass is digital dash?!

  • Daughter of the KING
    Daughter of the KING8 timer siden

    God warns us everyday to turn to Him. He gives us chance after chance after chance. Don’t forsake Him now. If you forsake Him, He will forsake you on the day of judgment. Turn to Jesus. He loves you, and wants to save you. Things that He said will happen, are starting to happen. There are wars and rumors of wars, family is turning against family, the country is divided, people’s love is growing cold, everyone is lovers of themselves, there are pestilences and many evils. God will come to judge. Be right with Him when He comes back. When He comes back there will be no more chances. Please, listen! I love and care about you deeply! Turn to Jesus while you still can! He is the ONLY WAY TO SALVATION!

  • Chris brown Son
    Chris brown Son8 timer siden


  • Dytalion Degraffenreid
    Dytalion Degraffenreid8 timer siden

    Without this song I wouldn't be able to shit in peice

  • Sergio
    Sergio8 timer siden

    Crazy cause his new bitch really a masterpiece 😝

  • Chris brown Son
    Chris brown Son8 timer siden


  • Bruno
    Bruno8 timer siden

    you look like dababy

  • brian bayona
    brian bayona8 timer siden


  • Chukydawg
    Chukydawg8 timer siden


  • Asad Cheema
    Asad Cheema8 timer siden


  • Nikola Sumanovac
    Nikola Sumanovac8 timer siden

    Faze H1GHSKY1 copied this and made the TFue disstrack

  • Camaron Palmer-Benson
    Camaron Palmer-Benson8 timer siden

    He said it match with the Cuban😭😭😭

  • Cristian antonio Valenzuela poblete
    Cristian antonio Valenzuela poblete8 timer siden

    Pov:viniste de tik tok

  • lucas wtvr
    lucas wtvr8 timer siden

    i came for the memes

  • Marisa Velasco
    Marisa Velasco8 timer siden


  • K.S the great
    K.S the great8 timer siden

    This is weak as fuck......... u dig.....

  • silly idrissa
    silly idrissa8 timer siden

    Bro it’s the guy from fortnite.

  • Itsiwhatitsi
    Itsiwhatitsi9 timer siden

    Dope song and beat

  • Previllage
    Previllage9 timer siden

    we gotta see dababy VS bluface

  • Previllage
    Previllage9 timer siden

    Someone whispering in the crowd i could do better dababy after the show *BAM*

  • That dude Carlos Thomas
    That dude Carlos Thomas9 timer siden

    Yo @dababy my friend my a song for you g it’s called I’m not the baby it’s not a diss

  • X Kappe Vevo
    X Kappe Vevo9 timer siden

    master p dope you the killer main

  • aola wili
    aola wili9 timer siden

    Crazy what a Dominican woman can do lmao

  • Jonathon Mayfield
    Jonathon Mayfield9 timer siden

    This freestyle need like 4 features

  • S3B45714N0910
    S3B45714N09109 timer siden

    Why does stunna ALWAYS Shout in dababys videos?

  • Namat Dubey
    Namat Dubey9 timer siden

    🔥🔥🔥dababy showing why he is one of the best rappers.

  • Cavaletti Bnu
    Cavaletti Bnu9 timer siden

    who is the music producer?

  • 2K ALL DAY 23
    2K ALL DAY 239 timer siden

    Friday Scene head ass 😂😂😂😂

  • Ronaldo Martinez
    Ronaldo Martinez9 timer siden

    i'd pay to see this in theaters

  • 3rdworld Beats
    3rdworld Beats9 timer siden

    he know how to tell a story

  • Emma Fisher
    Emma Fisher9 timer siden


  • Johnny West
    Johnny West9 timer siden

    Yo anyone livin in charlotte watchin this?

  • Ziggibonez Stole
    Ziggibonez Stole9 timer siden

    The jabbawokez!!!!!!!!lets goo bitches

  • biscxit
    biscxit9 timer siden

    bro I'm listening this while I'm high af, I think I'm gone

  • Brandi Shaffer
    Brandi Shaffer9 timer siden

    Baby is the goat!! Long live G!! ❤

  • Rogers Transport
    Rogers Transport9 timer siden

    Aliens rocking this in the spaceship wearing rolexes

  • CartiParrott
    CartiParrott9 timer siden

    Billion dollar baby artists ranked 1 DaBaby 2 stunna 4 Vegas 3 kayykilo 4 rich dunk 5 wisdom Da kid also cool but he a producer

  • Isidro Cuevas
    Isidro Cuevas9 timer siden

    Dice q la tuya por si acaso

  • Myles J
    Myles J9 timer siden

    This fye ash

  • aola wili
    aola wili9 timer siden

    Use me as a “here before TikTok” button 🔘

  • Eda Esmer
    Eda Esmer9 timer siden

    A MOMENT OF SILENCE WHO SAW THEIR FATHERS huh you sexist dumbass it’s embarrassing too I don’t wanna see my brother or father in this shitty video

  • Lonnell King
    Lonnell King9 timer siden

    Children : crying Girls : lip - syncing Boys : dancing Legends : scrolling through comments

  • Velicem Razi
    Velicem Razi9 timer siden


  • Emperor Rohan
    Emperor Rohan9 timer siden

    this is my favourite dababy song it just hits differently

  • Luke Bryant
    Luke Bryant10 timer siden


  • Ratchet Rell
    Ratchet Rell10 timer siden


  • Dessii.3 Moves
    Dessii.3 Moves10 timer siden

    here before tiktok ruin this😭

  • Chantal Dlice
    Chantal Dlice10 timer siden

    i tried to hate the song but i couldnt lol if you say you do then your ears got wax man

  • K Got It
    K Got It10 timer siden

    "Them choppas clap like aye bay bay" 😭 throwback fr

  • Jeremiah Ransom
    Jeremiah Ransom10 timer siden

    Yo you to Samira official one omg ima fan 🤩🤩🤩

  • HFx_Kevin
    HFx_Kevin10 timer siden

    this guy posting this song on his ig sorry so much

  • Animation VIBE
    Animation VIBE10 timer siden

    dababy should be an actor srsly

  • Travelwithchris
    Travelwithchris10 timer siden

    This the anthem for 2021!

  • Julie Vance
    Julie Vance10 timer siden

    Just imagine he drop off the mail to your house and give you a mil

  • Jeremiah Ransom
    Jeremiah Ransom10 timer siden

    Omg that was great like the hood

  • cheezefire23
    cheezefire2310 timer siden

    Zero Trigger Discipline damnn

    DEMETRIUS JONES10 timer siden

    Aye yooo it’s 2021 this still my shit never gets old

  • Ty stur
    Ty stur10 timer siden

    Yesss... #704 #QueenCity... We're taking over... #Masterpiece

  • Lozketflowz • 8 years ago
    Lozketflowz • 8 years ago10 timer siden


  • Skylar Braaten
    Skylar Braaten10 timer siden


  • Flex Negus
    Flex Negus10 timer siden


  • Osayande Promise
    Osayande Promise10 timer siden

    Copied both beat and video concept who does that??

  • Angel Mascato
    Angel Mascato10 timer siden

    “Crazy man” .....legendary

  • Hetro Sp3ktro
    Hetro Sp3ktro10 timer siden

    1:00 Is that Stunna4Vegas in the vid?

    JAMS OF THE DAD10 timer siden

    the Bible says a thousand years is but a day to God. By that standard, Christ rose from the grave a couple days ago. Christ will be here soon, repent and believe or perish.

  • Tropix
    Tropix10 timer siden

    Daily check in: 1 2

  • Bump_ jc
    Bump_ jc10 timer siden

    Fun fact he’s a daddy now

  • Dark Warrior
    Dark Warrior10 timer siden

    1:18 NOOOOOOO the Js why you did them like that :C

  • Kurdish Bro
    Kurdish Bro10 timer siden


  • Christian Bell Barrett
    Christian Bell Barrett10 timer siden

    this dude funny asl

  • Jeyhun Anaroghlu
    Jeyhun Anaroghlu10 timer siden

    Rip dababy sudreddit

  • Jeyhun Anaroghlu
    Jeyhun Anaroghlu10 timer siden

    Druh how u get in Minecraft

  • Anthony Magallon
    Anthony Magallon10 timer siden

    Hmmmm who really is the GOAT ???

  • Higor Gustavo F.
    Higor Gustavo F.10 timer siden

    Tô jogando mais que o mbappé 🇧🇷🔥❤

  • Gloria Castillo
    Gloria Castillo10 timer siden


  • Donald Pace
    Donald Pace10 timer siden

    Trash trash

  • TasteTheAids
    TasteTheAids9 timer siden

    @Harlan Bongard i wanna see you try to play a real game🤔

  • Harlan Bongard
    Harlan Bongard10 timer siden

    i wanna see u try to make a better song🤔

  • *VioletsinBloom *
    *VioletsinBloom *10 timer siden

    Millenials got real 90s pictures not filter ones like the lame gen z's

  • Carli Antonelli
    Carli Antonelli10 timer siden

    damm this needa be a movie for real pls do a movie