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FaZe Adapt

My name is Alex I'm 22 Years old and I like to play video games...and do other fun stuff

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  • Braeden F
    Braeden F16 timer siden

    Watching in 2021. And now I'm sad

  • Makenna Falke
    Makenna Falke18 timer siden

    Is it just me who’s favorite member is Alex

  • Makenna Falke
    Makenna Falke18 timer siden

    Or maybe rug

  • Caleb Moses
    Caleb Moses18 timer siden

    Why is this on my recommended rn? Its 20201💀

  • Poo Bear
    Poo Bear18 timer siden

    I got the check mark

  • Abby Cow
    Abby Cow19 timer siden


  • Ondoh Lmao
    Ondoh Lmao20 timer siden

    i miss these videos of yours back in the day. you changed my life. the nostalgia is kicking my ass rn

  • Princess Pooja
    Princess Pooja20 timer siden

    Faze Tommy, Rug, Banks, Teeqo, Fraizer, Jarvis, Adapt, Apex, Nikan, and the others I watch every day just off recently. But, I've been watching Rug for quite some time now.

  • Reece Marks
    Reece Marks20 timer siden

    Hey I go there

  • Lt.
    Lt.21 time siden

    I used to watch the gameplay I wish I really listened to the lyrics 4 years later now I’m thst 19 year old (the end song)😔

  • mick
    mick21 time siden

    Speed cola

  • Ammozz
    Ammozz21 time siden

    adapt is the type of guy who puts a mask on his computer so it doesnt get a virus

  • Kendall Lofton
    Kendall Lofton22 timer siden

    That’s a post score adpt

  • surfnboy fan
    surfnboy fan23 timer siden

    ┳┻┳┻╭━━━━╮╱▔▔▔╲ ┻┳┻┳┃╯╯╭━┫▏╰╰╰▕ ┳┻┳┻┃╯╯┃▔╰┓▔▂▔▕╮ ┻┳┻┳╰╮╯┃┈╰┫╰━╯┏╯ ┳┻┳┻┏╯╯┃╭━╯┳━┳╯ ┻┳┻┳╰━┳╯▔╲╱▔╭╮▔╲ ┳┻┳┻┳┻┃┈╲┈╲╱╭╯╮▕ ┻┳┻┳┻┳┃┈▕╲▂╱┈╭╯

  • surfnboy fan
    surfnboy fan23 timer siden

    You can get mad that he likes someone now if it was your gf then u would have the right to be mad

  • Robert Leachgutierrez
    Robert Leachgutierrez23 timer siden

    your high

  • Sharon Hughes
    Sharon HughesDag siden

    Guys I might be joining faze clan My name is faZe Stanlee I’m 10 no one from faze clan has not seen me yet but I’m very good at fortnite and my username is TestyNutria4914

  • malachy plays
    malachy playsDag siden

    He said mw2 then play iw4x

  • Sayanthan
    SayanthanDag siden

    I don’t get America music. Is he rapping? Or is it something else...

  • Linette Tasma
    Linette TasmaDag siden

    Do anybody know about Rotogenflux Methods? Does it really work? I hear many people their IQ score increased over 17 points with this iq course.

  • Its. Flips
    Its. FlipsDag siden

    Life was better when this was fresh

  • Mason
    MasonDag siden

    to this day this video is fucking hilarious

  • raptor _livinglarge
    raptor _livinglargeDag siden

    Look at him now he rich hahaa😂

  • Saint5Alex
    Saint5AlexDag siden

    bruh is P I L L O W not PELLOW get it right idiot

  • DrewFromPluto
    DrewFromPlutoDag siden

    My childhood

  • Drenchlol
    DrenchlolDag siden

    Adapt is the type of niqqa to open a bag of chips with “Skissorz”

  • Rafia Khan
    Rafia KhanDag siden

    Adapt the type of guy to loose his phone in the dark then use his phone flashlight to find it

  • Cameron Branford
    Cameron BranfordDag siden

    Come to south Africa lol there are 15 year old afrikaans guys that are stronger than all of you lol.

  • Mitchell Burrus
    Mitchell BurrusDag siden

    Alex bartholomue

  • Linus Gout
    Linus GoutDag siden

    Adapt the type of guy to Say he’s going to give food to homeless people and gives food to Faze Banks

  • Путин
    ПутинDag siden


    JAEL ANUEL AA JAEL JAEL SánchezDag siden


  • Ibtisam Ali
    Ibtisam AliDag siden

    When you say I like a basketball Did you just show a football picture😂😂

  • LilBabyMaddi
    LilBabyMaddiDag siden

    Adapt:Im a fucking hero ahhhh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LilBabyMaddi
    LilBabyMaddiDag siden

    The end🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bro #1
    bro #1Dag siden

    He died LOL

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos GarciaDag siden

    Still BUMPS in 2021

    GAMINGwithDANNYDag siden

    Romvn we need back

  • Ride the Gamer
    Ride the GamerDag siden


  • Princess Pooja
    Princess PoojaDag siden

    Haha! Im watching this in 2021.

  • Killer Agates
    Killer AgatesDag siden

    Also faze adapt are you still in faze clan? The internet says you are not in faze clan

  • Killer Agates
    Killer AgatesDag siden

    Can you shoutout me

  • Killer Agates
    Killer AgatesDag siden

    You hit 1 million subscribers on June 16 2015

  • Killer Agates
    Killer AgatesDag siden

    You hit 1million on june 16 2015 we’re is my shoutout

  • CIA Squad
    CIA SquadDag siden

    Faze adapt u suck faze rug is way more better

  • Ben Cuevas
    Ben CuevasDag siden

    See what he said I died laughing when he said I love basketball and showed a picture of soccer

  • Hibaq Isse
    Hibaq IsseDag siden

    I will give your mine v bucks

  • Hibaq Isse
    Hibaq IsseDag siden

    faze adpt you are sning faze numbers

  • Joe Lumpkinsx.
    Joe Lumpkinsx.Dag siden

    Glitter face awesome prank Jarvis

  • Allen Waffles
    Allen WafflesDag siden

    teeqo hasn’t changed a bit

  • NVA3D
    NVA3DDag siden

    Who's here in 2021

  • exotic-player9
    exotic-player9Dag siden

    Long live the Legend of the WRLD 😭

  • Redd Milo
    Redd MiloDag siden

    There’s no way this is real 😂

  • Miles Dahlquist
    Miles DahlquistDag siden

    He’s drunk

  • Garret Fox
    Garret FoxDag siden

    I’m watching this 5 years later

  • lets create
    lets createDag siden

    The days before rain got into drugs

  • Zeerayy
    ZeerayyDag siden

    corona says no

  • Bissmoo
    BissmooDag siden

    First time I ever heard of faze was like... early 2011, but the first video I saw was an mw2 montage and i just, fuuuuck man, those were the god damn days

  • Team OTM
    Team OTMDag siden

    Who’s watching this in 2021 and his new song just released rip juice miss you so much

  • Gubble flip
    Gubble flipDag siden

    He said n word

  • ZMG S4MUR41
    ZMG S4MUR41Dag siden

    Adapt the guy to SNEEZE whilst his eyes are open

  • Lane Smith
    Lane SmithDag siden

    lmao juice wrld got 360 no scoped by a bottle of percs

  • bumhsh games
    bumhsh games2 dager siden

    It seems we have something in common.

  • Jake Jubenville
    Jake Jubenville2 dager siden

    Can’t believe it’s been a year without him he’s my favorite rapper too it’s so sad

  • merve1755
    merve17552 dager siden


  • Gorbz123
    Gorbz1232 dager siden

    Old nikcan bruh

  • Aden Anderson
    Aden Anderson2 dager siden

    We need to fix this Jarvis needs to chill

  • Deegan Brigmon_
    Deegan Brigmon_2 dager siden

    Only gamers will understand

    GRILLEDPEARS2 dager siden

    Now we know where all the toilet paper went

  • Zen
    Zen2 dager siden

    1:08 is that pew die pie 🥧 with the pink hesd phone jk lol

  • Vēdāñt Agarwal
    Vēdāñt Agarwal2 dager siden

    Thanks for showing the main part of the video in the 1st minute 😂

  • Miles Epic
    Miles Epic2 dager siden

    Adapt the type of guy to leave FaZe because they don’t give him g fuel

  • DJJ
    DJJ2 dager siden

    2021 anyone?

  • jokerofgames frfr
    jokerofgames frfr2 dager siden

    2021 999

  • Good Boy
    Good Boy2 dager siden

    Wtf I didn’t know banks made Soar

  • James West
    James West2 dager siden

    1:05 house centipede above adapts head

  • Concept
    Concept2 dager siden

    Banks don’t even know fucking worthless

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez2 dager siden

    Adapt the type of guy to forget he is a boy

  • D 5
    D 52 dager siden

    Ole Alex just out here fuck boi'n it up!!!!

  • Caj Jones
    Caj Jones2 dager siden

    cool video

  • Michelle Wood
    Michelle Wood2 dager siden

    Damn rug do be cursin