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  • Noah
    Noah43 minutter siden

    "English people smell of milk." - Karl Pilkington

  • KingoftheFountain
    KingoftheFountain3 timer siden

    When Karl mimed the tea you could tell that’s a guy that’s drank some fuckin tea in his life.

  • King Kong
    King Kong3 timer siden

    Just friends.... LOL

  • Silversteele
    Silversteele4 timer siden

    Honestly this is the funniest fuckin shit Ive ever seen even to this day! Its a shame not more people know who Karl Pilkington is. This is just absolutely priceless material.

  • Robert Czebotar
    Robert Czebotar4 timer siden

    I'm overwelmed 😂😂😂

  • Xbulelo - Profound Punk
    Xbulelo - Profound Punk5 timer siden

    This is ridiculously funny. Seeing or hearing others laugh always makes me laugh.

  • Nolan Philpott
    Nolan Philpott6 timer siden

    You can Ricky cracking in the gmail shot 😂

  • Blue
    Blue7 timer siden

    Ricky has such an infectious laugh. So sad this didn't get a full series.

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief9 timer siden

    Greatest Christmas song ever!

  • nuff sed
    nuff sed10 timer siden

    Love the fact Karl thinks "testi" is singular for testicles. Any normal person knows the word testicle...but not karl, with Karl it's a "testi".

  • Assyrian Guy
    Assyrian Guy11 timer siden

    Shhh derek asleep 1:01

  • Red Black
    Red Black12 timer siden

    Funniest bloopers Ricky has done, or been involved in. .Kicking that pink ball in Gareth’s face (The Office) .Karl Laughing over being told Kev was gonna see how Christian that women was with her knees upside her head. (Derek) .Ricky on stage dressed as a genie saying gay innuendos (Extras). Actually there’s so many more I can’t keep up with! 😂😂😂😂

  • AJ LovesMoz
    AJ LovesMoz14 timer siden

    I can only take so much of his laugh. And that duck noise. Ugh

  • HummDrumm
    HummDrumm15 timer siden

    I keep waiting for Ricky to say, " So Karl! Little baldey headed manc twaaatt.. You got Monkey news??"

  • Evan Maines
    Evan Maines16 timer siden

    That part about doing too much “Chang” DESTROYS ME. Lol.

    ASSMAN18 timer siden

    Giddy up! What a fantastic guitar lesson and tutorial. Thank you David Brent for all your great lessons and videos.

  • Evan Maines
    Evan Maines22 timer siden

    Watching the bloopers: 😂😂😂 Watching the show: 😢😢😢😔😔😔

  • Rasmus Liestøl
    Rasmus Liestøl23 timer siden

    Please make a series out of this.

  • Blud Stanes
    Blud StanesDag siden

    2:58 you know the dog did that on purpose

  • igano
    iganoDag siden

    "This bit fucked off, this bit stayed." lmao

  • Tab Adab
    Tab AdabDag siden

    Walder Frey and company over here wildin.

  • Addick Kev
    Addick KevDag siden


  • Your Fav GP
    Your Fav GPDag siden

    rickys ass is alot bigger these days

  • Richie
    RichieDag siden

    Valerie is a great actress.

  • Hadvarr
    HadvarrDag siden

    If you dont like it, dont watch it.

  • Flux Hype
    Flux HypeDag siden

    9:55-10:25 lmao

  • slow mo
    slow moDag siden

    Is there a lesson 2? Please be a lesson 2.

  • slow mo
    slow moDag siden

    Funniest 18 minutes ever. Boys are legends

  • Alistair Holt
    Alistair HoltDag siden

    Look at it. Look at the fish.

  • JoneS SenoJ
    JoneS SenoJDag siden

    Diseased Badger 😄👍👍👍

  • Alex Evans
    Alex EvansDag siden

    5:32 I love how determined Karl is... "Yes, they are!"

  • Alex Evans
    Alex EvansDag siden

    10:02 Karl nails it here ngl. I bet even Ricky was surprised!

  • Clark Kent
    Clark KentDag siden

    I'm still waiting for episode 2

    LOUIS -YT2 dager siden


    LOUIS -YT2 dager siden


    LOUIS -YT2 dager siden


    LOUIS -YT2 dager siden


    LOUIS -YT2 dager siden


  • Alex Meechan
    Alex Meechan2 dager siden

    This show is so depressing it’s almost surreal

  • Anygodwilldo
    Anygodwilldo2 dager siden

    You might have to feed the worst ones through a straw

  • Cab 1111
    Cab 11112 dager siden

    Typical Brent , supposedly a guitar tutorial but really an excuse to show off !

  • Too Much Gaming
    Too Much Gaming2 dager siden

    What teabags have you goT?

  • Becks V
    Becks V3 dager siden

    Never saw this bit on netflix.. I luv Derek ❤️

  • Rohpachi Zaraki
    Rohpachi Zaraki3 dager siden


  • j dd
    j dd3 dager siden

    We need more karl content ricky? Please😂😂😂

  • GraveLullaby
    GraveLullaby3 dager siden


  • SuperLisalis
    SuperLisalis3 dager siden

    Hilarious. Keep them coming PLEASE. MORE MORE MORE.

  • Antony Antoniou
    Antony Antoniou3 dager siden

    Cheers me up every time i see this.

  • Rebecca Trenorden
    Rebecca Trenorden3 dager siden

    I saw this years ago when it first came out. Rikki, you really are a dag! I've seen lots of Karl's more resent works. I wonder if Karl would be this gullible today. If you had only just discovered him, I suggest that the answer would be YES! However, having his ideas challenged for more than a decade, I suspect Rikki, you wouldn't be able to draw him into these situations anymore.

  • Informed Choice
    Informed Choice3 dager siden

    Jesus, Paul Kay has created one of the most obnoxious characters ever! Terrible :)

  • drumgold23
    drumgold233 dager siden

    Mawkish pish

  • Second Facade
    Second Facade3 dager siden

    6:30 what kind of bird is this?

  • Aaron Turner
    Aaron Turner3 dager siden

    love how the thumbnail just sums up karls attitude always

  • Paraschiv Adrian
    Paraschiv Adrian4 dager siden

    i just got it why he squeezes the head it s an orange

  • Andy Mooney
    Andy Mooney4 dager siden

    Its funny how everyone says how sweet Derek is but u got Kevin saying throw spunk at the wall some will stick 🤔

  • Xaviwr Hernandez
    Xaviwr Hernandez4 dager siden

    Only ppl that can actually make me laugh

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner4 dager siden

    How David comes up with that stuff on the spot. Genius and mad.

  • X S
    X S4 dager siden

    Are you having a laugh? Is he having a laugh?

  • I'm Jack
    I'm Jack4 dager siden

    10 minutes *1 0 M I N U T E S*

  • Wales2NJMUFC
    Wales2NJMUFC4 dager siden

    Stop putting the fucking bins out on a Tuesday!!!

  • Fenris B
    Fenris B4 dager siden

    I relate so much to Carl, that i wish i had a friend like Ricky. Always trying to involve you, even though youd never ask, he busts his balls a LOT but its obvious he cares about the fellow, and thats fucking rad. Id hand over money to get rick Karl and Steve back together for just a season, the world needs it lol.

  • tm339
    tm3394 dager siden

    Word On A Wing by Bowie

  • shane o neill
    shane o neill5 dager siden

    Love that haha one word two meanings haha and he's English haha "where" "wear" one word two meanings hahaha

  • Glenys Houghton Douglas
    Glenys Houghton Douglas5 dager siden

    Hilarious every time I look at it!

  • Hadvarr
    Hadvarr5 dager siden

    Robin's last deadly serious this is so sad Robin is one half of the best guests ever on deadly serious

  • Daniel Johns
    Daniel Johns5 dager siden

    His eyebrows at 6:14 when he asks if they have Tai Foo

  • petre yankovski
    petre yankovski5 dager siden

    Whenever I need more milk I just say Typhoo

  • Ann xx
    Ann xx5 dager siden

    Half of the time it’s people not even in the scenes that wreck it with laughing. ie always Ricky Gervais 🤣

  • Fernando Taborda
    Fernando Taborda5 dager siden

    God i love you Ricky

  • Jackson Akins
    Jackson Akins5 dager siden

    jamaican mahn...

  • robgreen1818
    robgreen18185 dager siden

    Karl is an excellent actor and he has no idea!

  • Finlay Lyon
    Finlay Lyon5 dager siden

    Walks into shop: This Stink like shit, you shit? Got any bald fucking Bread And Milk?

  • Wolf Common
    Wolf Common5 dager siden

    Equality street lives matter 🤜🏾🤛🏻

  • Alex Powers
    Alex Powers5 dager siden

    Ricky should be president of the world

  • flame&asuie 2119
    flame&asuie 21195 dager siden

    11:18 the look on Karl's face when he said "Right..." is too funny 😄

  • Croagh
    Croagh5 dager siden

    I taught for 1 term in Whitley Wood in 1998 as a newly qualified teacher. It was ... magical 😏

  • Prince Mzungwana
    Prince Mzungwana5 dager siden

    13:16 is Gold

  • Gary Singh
    Gary Singh6 dager siden

    “She’s gone”..

  • Emer O'Broin
    Emer O'Broin6 dager siden

    So much talk about knobs when you said my new novel I heard nob-el...

  • Raik Strunz
    Raik Strunz6 dager siden

    What the fuck is wrong with you people...