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  • Mais Où
    Mais Où6 timer siden

    He's like Andy Kauffman

  • I3erzerker
    I3erzerker6 timer siden

    "Up ya get" killed me hahaha

  • Seanbjork69
    Seanbjork698 timer siden

    When I don’t piss myself laughing to this there’s no point

  • I leave mean comments
    I leave mean comments9 timer siden

    No Kev?

  • Chris Beer
    Chris Beer10 timer siden

    I love all these people saying "poor Warwick." It's a freaking gag, for Christ's sake.

  • MaJestiC
    MaJestiC11 timer siden

    Ricky ruins all the shots, I swear

  • Poppins
    Poppins14 timer siden

    Kev, the man, the sloth, the legend

  • Nicole Frances Rae
    Nicole Frances Rae15 timer siden

    Alice Cooper - Big Apple Dreamin’

  • Dan Taylor
    Dan Taylor19 timer siden

    ok this is about the 20th time I watched this and everytime it makes me laugh my bollocks off even more:)

  • FarewellFix
    FarewellFix21 time siden

    This use to be in full back in the day, can’t find it anymore. Makes me sad

  • Alex Camacho
    Alex Camacho21 time siden

    The best show on Netflix.

  • I'm not Gayyy
    I'm not GayyyDag siden


  • Louis Tracy
    Louis TracyDag siden

    Even if I'd just got off work, I'd change my shirt.

  • Callum Hornigold
    Callum HornigoldDag siden

    18:07 Sounds like Alan Rickman 😂

  • John torres
    John torresDag siden

    9:56 sounds like a trimmer xD

  • Zedaso
    ZedasoDag siden

    Absolute gold.

  • BTW my penis is small But anyway
    BTW my penis is small But anyway2 dager siden

    I love Rickys laugh it’s so infectious

  • Warren Smith
    Warren Smith2 dager siden

    😂😂😂 ive just got a 6 pack right near the end of lockdown

  • S B
    S B2 dager siden

    Wtf I thought it's a take. Makes sense though, didn't expect it to be a take

  • A C
    A C2 dager siden

    Right then guys, what's your angle going to be on this NOlocal video then eh?

  • Stephen Hubber
    Stephen Hubber2 dager siden


  • Waniel Cronks
    Waniel Cronks2 dager siden

    The Psychiatrist is one of the most disgusting and says the most shocking things. IT’S HILARIOUS! 😂😂😂

  • Waniel Cronks
    Waniel Cronks2 dager siden


  • i4mRy4n 2020
    i4mRy4n 20202 dager siden

    Christ that’s hilarious 😂

  • Wait What?
    Wait What?2 dager siden

    RG is my favorite. I love his laugh - not the belly laugh- the laugh he tries to stifle. And when his stifled laugh escapes as a snort. I became a fan when I heard his speech at the golden globes. He’s his own person, not a shallow Hollywood sheep, and will say what he thinks without concern for repercussions. Hollywood could learn a thing or two from him. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear all celebrities simply speaking their minds? Instead of being or pretending to be leftwing freaks. Thanks for being real, Ricky!

  • Aar On Coasters
    Aar On Coasters2 dager siden

    Ricky is the main cause for crew Overtime.

  • Gazmus
    Gazmus2 dager siden

    Doc Brown!!!

  • Ryan Corn
    Ryan Corn2 dager siden

    Basically I cram it up there flacid

  • coffeeguy 66
    coffeeguy 662 dager siden

    "I've seen you looking at me!...Ricky laughing in the background is hilarious !

  • Adam Pennington
    Adam Pennington3 dager siden

    I think I would have probably swung on Ricky for that fart.

  • I got dark aether
    I got dark aether3 dager siden

    I remember my brother used to sing this back in the day I miss 2013 and 2014 but I guess this year isn’t that bad right?

  • Local Shopkeeper
    Local Shopkeeper3 dager siden

    Jheez Rickey looks skinny here

  • paul P
    paul P3 dager siden

    Is that elephant slippers story true?

  • S B
    S B3 dager siden

    good one

  • asdreww
    asdreww3 dager siden

    They're not light.

  • Liam Hainsworth
    Liam Hainsworth3 dager siden

    Ricky’s laugh though 🤣🤣😂

  • Tony England
    Tony England3 dager siden

    How did they ever complete that cake scene

  • Shy shy Bebe
    Shy shy Bebe3 dager siden

    I thought it was a strange chicken

  • Eddy ZzZ
    Eddy ZzZ3 dager siden

    Is that David Bowie Doing reggae??😎

  • Nicola van Rhyn
    Nicola van Rhyn3 dager siden

    Teaching English as a foreign language needs this kind of addition to the class.

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall3 dager siden

    I live like this and my wifes still alive.

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall3 dager siden

    Song about equality yet Ricky has a problem seeing gay people kiss... look at that face! 0:59

  • I got dark aether
    I got dark aether2 dager siden

    @Lee Fall I meant let Ricky be homophobic if he wants to

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall2 dager siden

    @I got dark aether I'm not stopping him....

  • I got dark aether
    I got dark aether3 dager siden

    So let him do what he wants

  • J Murphy
    J Murphy3 dager siden

    They are absolute power ballads with just awful lyrics haha

  • J Murphy
    J Murphy3 dager siden

    Lmao why has this popped up now? Because every street is being forced into equality street these days woop woop

  • steve tobin
    steve tobin3 dager siden

    Dreadful second series.

  • majsketchup
    majsketchup3 dager siden

    thank you I'm now fluent in mancunian

  • Koil Zimbabwe
    Koil Zimbabwe3 dager siden

    Karl is the best

  • Koil Zimbabwe
    Koil Zimbabwe3 dager siden

    Where’s Karl pilkington ?

  • _Emmaxx9
    _Emmaxx93 dager siden

    This show is my life

  • gervaisy
    gervaisy4 dager siden

    Harold Shitmum was a particular highlight

  • Everything Soup
    Everything Soup4 dager siden

    That cake scene made me feel physically sick

  • IndigenousFairy3
    IndigenousFairy34 dager siden

    I can't believe I just found this. It's like Christmas

  • No No No No
    No No No No4 dager siden

    Ricky: “my baby’s gone” My head: “she’s dead

  • DeathEgg666
    DeathEgg6664 dager siden

    You're a runt boy!

  • Jim Cobain
    Jim Cobain4 dager siden

    Iv just moved to Slough, i Came from the other direction ...... Hillingdon

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee4 dager siden

    I love Karl's classic sneakers

  • Sir Moan A lot
    Sir Moan A lot4 dager siden

    What is Ricky wearing?! 🤣

    FREDDIE BEANS4 dager siden

    2:00 lmqo

  • LCI Gamer
    LCI Gamer4 dager siden

    When Ricky said “t-bag okay” we all knew he meant the type of t-bag. But Karl was definitely thinking. “Yeah t-bag to make the tea. You need a t-bag for tea”.

  • OT S
    OT S4 dager siden

    warwick is shit

    FREDDIE BEANS4 dager siden

    I been feeling so low today and this has honestly cheered me up

  • InterStellaFella -
    InterStellaFella -4 dager siden

    I thought this was a current release ??? James Corden looks soooo young

  • H Z O
    H Z O4 dager siden

    The way he says “eeeeeeh” everytime he starts talking

  • Kaisersozze
    Kaisersozze4 dager siden

    14:32 woman in the back sitting down is not impressed.

  • Bradley C
    Bradley C4 dager siden

    Lol shhh shhhh shhhh shhh shhhhh 3:49

  • Ryan Townsend
    Ryan Townsend5 dager siden

    Love how they pretended this was live .... lmao ... "ricky are you there?" - "thanks ryan."

  • ce sneaks
    ce sneaks5 dager siden

    The spooky hyena genetically box because patricia developmentally open opposite a unkempt tennis. pastoral, wiry cicada

  • Evan Taylor
    Evan Taylor5 dager siden

    “Where are you from?” “......I don’t speak English”

  • Smitty 110
    Smitty 1105 dager siden

    No wonder we have to wait so long for season 3, I mean how do you get any work done with Ricky laughing in the back round all the time.

  • Ms. Laterholmes
    Ms. Laterholmes5 dager siden

    I mean seriously who owned sky back in the day ? Rupert Murdoch...

  • Ms. Laterholmes
    Ms. Laterholmes5 dager siden

    I got to say he’s got a point. Love you round headed buffoon!!!

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones5 dager siden

    Ricky's laugh scares the life out of my cats

  • Mitch Hookem
    Mitch Hookem5 dager siden

    Andy Burrows. One of the best drummers of the 2000’s

  • Baqer Alghatam
    Baqer Alghatam5 dager siden

    Fucken hell this shit cracked me up..

  • Wolfram Stahl
    Wolfram Stahl5 dager siden

    Oh wow. I don't know if I've seen Karl Pilkington genuinely laughing before. It's wonderful.

  • Marc Lawson
    Marc Lawson5 dager siden

    Stomping the carbon footprint for laughs in a private jet...good times.

  • Hiep Duong
    Hiep Duong5 dager siden

    Karl: Chinese, Japanese they know fish really well hahahaha

  • Connor Elder
    Connor Elder5 dager siden

    He went home to get it

  • jim
    jim5 dager siden

    "the woorld..."

  • Jimmy L Vintage Playback Hifi
    Jimmy L Vintage Playback Hifi5 dager siden

    UK Universities has sudden drop in overseas applications.